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  • Multiple pillow options
  • Bamboo blend cover
  • Adjustable firmness
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By MattressVerdict Team

Most people know Nolah from their mattresses. Nolah is undoubtedly one of the most versatile American brands with everything from all-foam to hybrid and organic materials. But besides mattresses, Nolah also has an array of other essential bedroom accessories, including the two pillows we're comparing in this post. 

Nolah Airfoam Pillow Review 


The Nolah Airfoam is a queen-size pillow measuring 17 "x23". It has a loft of around 6" when fully inflated, but it smooshes down to around 2" depending on your weight. 

Materials and Design 

Before digging into the materials, let's first note that the Nolah Airfoam pillow is designed with cooling features from the inside out. This is particularly important for individuals who sleep hot at night. 

Cover- the Nolah Airfoam pillow's cover is made of 100% cotton infused with Outlast Phase-Changing material. You're probably aware of the cooling properties of cotton, but what is Outlast? Well, Outlast is a technology originally designed by NASA. When infused into other fabrics, it helps absorb, store and release body heat to ensure that the pillow surface doesn't get too hot or too cold. 

The Nolah Airfoam pillow cover can be unzipped and removed. Unfortunately, it's not machine washable, so adding another pillowcase will be great. 

Filling- inside this pillow is a flat, solid block of Airfoam- the same material used for the original Nolah mattress, but softer. This foam has a medium-soft feel and packs the cradling comfort of memory foam and the responsiveness of latex. This foam also has aeration holes and a border cut out, both promoting airflow. 

Who Should Buy the Nolah Airfoam Pillow?

Considering its thickness, density and responsiveness, we think the Nolah Airform is targeted for side sleepers, back sleepers and combo sleepers. Its taller loft and cradling properties will provide the desired pressure relief and support to promote proper head, neck and spine alignment. 

Nolah Airfiber Pillow Review 


The Nolah Airfiber pillow is 20" by 30", making it notably larger than the Airfoam. Like the Airfoam, the Airfiber is 6" thick but comes down to around an inch in height when sleeping on it. 

Materials and Design 

Cover- the Nolah Airfiber pillow has the same cover that Nolah uses for the Airfoam model. The cover is made from 300-thread premium cotton infused with Space Certified Phase Change Material to create a temperature-neutral sleeping surface. Like the Airfoam model, the Nolah Airfiber pillow's cover is zipped and can be removed, but it's not machine washable. 

Filling- the Nolah Airfiber is filled with a down-alternative fill made from ultra-thin, high-resilience polyester fiber. This soft proprietary fill feels super fluffy and contours to the shape of your head and neck for optimal spinal alignment before springing back into shape once pressure is removed. Designed to be an alternative for down feathers, this filling really has a cloud-like feel. 

Who Should Buy the Nolah Airfiber Pillow?

Nolah says that the Airfiber is an all-position pillow considering its lofty build that balances support and plush. However, considering its malleability and squishable nature, stomach sleepers will enjoy the Nolah Airfiber the most.

Verdict: Nolah Airfoam vs. Airfiber 

Nolah Airfoam and Airfiber pillows score high marks in terms of construction, temperature neutrality and quality of materials. 

But while both are all position pillows, each model has distinct characteristics that make it more suitable for particular sleeping positions. 

To cut to the chase, Airfoam will make an excellent choice for side and back sleepers, while Airfiber is a good pillow for stomach sleepers. 

Regarding breathability, we have to accept that the Airfiber has plenty of airflow thanks to its Airfiber fill. So, if you're comparing the two models based on breathability alone, you will most likely go with the Airfiber. However, if support is of the essence, particularly for side sleepers, the Nolah Airfoam pillow will be the ideal pick. 

Nolah offers free delivery with both pillows. Whichever model you choose, you'll also get a 120-night trial period to decide whether you picked the perfect pillow for your sleep. Nolah recommends sleeping on the pillow for at least 30 days before making the decision. After this, your purchase is backed up by a 2-year warranty.

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