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  • 5-zoned support to give targeted lumbar and spinal alignment
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  • Ergonomic support and motion-isolating foam

Emma CliMax Mattress Canada Review

Updated May 2024
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Dr. Ifran Saddique
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Caitlin Goodwin, Nurse Practitioner
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  • The CliMax Hybrid features a duo of memory foam and pocketed springs for breathability and extra support
  • 5-zoned support that helps align head, shoulders, back, hips and legs
  • On a 10-point firmness scale, most people will find it to be medium firm (6)
  • Made with breathable, ventilated cooling within the foam as well as the cover
  • Great edge support making it especially fit for the heavy-weight sleepers
  • Risk-free due to 365-night sleep trial as well as very fast delivery (2-5 days) and free shipping & returns

Firmness & Feel

The Emma mattress falls at about a 6 on the firmness scale. That is almost completely in the middle of the universal 1-10 scale. Emma mattress reviews state that this bed is extremely soft. You will feel as though you are sinking into the bed and the mattress will contour around your body. 

Generally speaking, light people and average weight people fare the best for this mattress. Heavy sleepers may find this mattress is too soft for their comfort. There  may not be enough support for those who suffer from severe aches and pains. However, the mattress feels soft and welcoming based on Emma bed reviews. 


Overall, the Emma mattress performs quite well according to Emma mattress reviews 2022. It’s clear that this mattress has earned its high rating and happy customers. This mattress successfully isolates motion and cools the body as you sleep. 

This bed features a breathable cover and Airgocell polyfoam that keeps you cool. Memory foam has built a reputation of being quite hot to sleep. Thankfully, the Emma mattress challenges its competitors with its open-cell structure. 

Emma reviews also state that this bed is a good option for dog lovers and those who share a mattress with their partner. Feeling disturbances are minimal, even when you have a pet that is getting shifty in their sleep. If you’re a light sleeper that wakes up easily, the Emma might be a good option for you. 

The Emma mattress is marketed and highly rated for its use for sex. This mattress has a decent amount of bounce and will respond well to body movements. Because of that, Emma reviews recommend it if that’s high on your priority list. 

One area where this mattress doesn’t rate well is in edge support. The edges of the Emma can begin to collapse under your body weight. If this is something that concerns you, then you may want to consider other options. 

Construction & Design

The Emma mattress is engineered by sleep experts. There are five convenient layers that will make your mattress a welcoming place to sleep. 

This mattress includes an UltraDry original cover that regulates temperature and wicks moisture. The mattress can be easily removed and washed in your washing machine. This keeps your sleep very hygienic and clean. 

  • The first layer of memory foam is made from Airgocell. It absorbs body heat and maximizes air flow. This will help to keep you comfortable at night, even if you’re typically a hot sleeper. 
  • The next layer of memory foam is called the Halo memory foam, which is made to isolate motion. It ensures correct spinal alignment and helps to relieve pressure on shoulders, hips, and back. 
  • The third layer of foam is the Emma HRX Supreme foam. This stands for High Resiliency Extra. It distributes body weight evenly and ensures stability and durability within the mattress. 
  • Lastly, the mattress is reinforced with edge support. However, reviews on Emma mattress suggest that this performance factor isn’t as good as other competitors. 

Sleeping Positions

Choosing a mattress based on your sleeping style is important. Emma Climax reviews suggest that this mattress falls below average on the firmness scale. Typically speaking, back and stomach sleepers need some more support. This can make the Emma fall short in providing adequate stability for those who don’t sleep on their side. 

However, for side sleepers, this bed is an excellent choice. It provides the contouring your joints need for a good night’s sleep. Emma Climax reviews suggest that you’ll feel comfortable, yet supported. 

The Emma Climax is a great option for those who share a bed with a partner or pets, as the motion transfer is minimized. It is also a great mattress for lightweight sleepers. 

Value for your Money

The Emma can range anywhere between $995 and $1945. It is available to a California king. Thankfully, there are many different coupons and discounts that Emma hosts. This makes the mattress an extremely budget-friendly and affordable option. For example, some of their discounts can allow you to purchase the California king for only $845. 


The Emma Climax offers an impressive 365-night trial for you to try out your mattress. If you aren’t completely satisfied, you can send it back. This trial period allows you to ensure that the investment is worthwhile and that the bed works for your specific needs. Reviews on Emma mattress suggest that dealing with their customer service team is efficient and quick. 

Emma also offers a 10-year warranty. If there are any manufacturer defects or if the mattress stops performing, you can call their head office for a refund. 

Our Mattress Verdict

If you prefer a softer mattress and are looking to spend less than other mattress brands, the Emma Climax is a great option. It features impressive technology, a good price point, and good motion isolation.

  • Motion isolating
  • Cooling
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Softer than other mattresses

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