Best Mattress Picks for Your Airbnb [Host Essentials]

Transform and elevate your Airbnb bedrooms with the best mattresses. Learn what to look for in quality, comfort, and guest appeal in our expert guide.

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When setting up your Airbnb, the mattress isn't just another item on the checklist—it's your guarantee of guest satisfaction. Let's dive into the world of mattresses, tailored not just for any bedroom but for the discerning eye of Airbnb hosts. With the help of this guide on the best mattress picks for your Airbnb, you'll get to welcome weary travelers to your rental, offering them not just a place to rest their heads but an invitation to a night of luxurious sleep. The right mattress doesn't just say "welcome" – it whispers, "relax, you're in for a treat.

Remember, investing in your guests' comfort and your rental's appeal will ultimately reflect on your business's success.

Key Takeaways

  • Prioritizing durability and comfort will ensure guest satisfaction and mattress longevity.
  • Considering mattresses that balance support and plushness ensures you cater to a wide range of preferences.
  • Choosing mattresses with easy-to-clean materials and mattress protectors for hygiene and maintenance is key to success.
  • Don't skimp on quality; a good mattress is an investment in your Airbnb's reputation.
  • Memory foam, hybrid mattresses, and those with pressure-relieving features are excellent choices and a fast track to great reviews.

Choosing the Best Airbnb Mattress - Things to Consider

Choosing the ideal mattress for your Airbnb isn't just a matter of comfort—it's about providing an exceptional stay that your guests will rave about. But before you part with your hard-earned cash, let's break down the key considerations to ensure your investment pays off in guest satisfaction and positive reviews.

Of course, selecting the best Airbnb mattress for your rental property is crucial to ensuring your guests enjoy a comfortable stay, but remember, the bed itself is just as important. Prepare yourselves with our top picks for the best beds for your Airbnb. Now, let’s take a closer look at three popular mattress types and what you need to consider for each.

Memory Foam Mattresses: The Dreamy Embrace


These mattresses are like fine wine; they get better with time and don’t sag or lose their shape, thanks to the absence of springs and coils.

Comfort and Maintenance

Memory foam is designed to adapt to the unique shape of each person's body, providing a more comfortable and restful sleep. For greater neck comfort and support, have a glance at some of the best pillows for your Airbnb, making sure your guests are happy from head to toe.

Price and Affordability

 From budget-friendly to luxury picks, memory foam mattresses cater to all, making them a hit among Airbnb hosts.

Innerspring Mattresses: The Classic Comfort


Built to last, these rely on their coil count for longevity, but watch out; they might need a bit more TLC to prevent sagging.

Comfort and Maintenance

They lean towards the firmer side, offering that “sleeping on top of the mattress” feel. A breeze to clean, they’re practically maintenance-free with the right protector.

Price and Affordability

Offering a bang for your buck, these mattresses are friendly on the wallet without skimping on the sleep quality.

Hybrid Mattresses: The Best of Both Worlds


These sturdy sleep havens blend foam’s comfort with innerspring support, ready to face the Airbnb hustle without batting an eyelid.

Comfort and Maintenance 

They’re the diplomats of mattresses, pleasing almost every type of sleeper and keeping cool all night long. Spills? Stains? No problem.

Price and Affordability

While they might ask for a bit more upfront, their lasting durability and universal comfort make them a wise investment for any savvy Airbnb host.

A well-chosen mattress speaks volumes of your attention to detail and commitment to providing an exceptional stay. Consider adding an extra touch of cleanliness and finesse by choosing the best mattress topper for your Airbnb.

Ready to turn your Airbnb into a five-star sleep haven? Dive into our curated selection of top-notch mattresses and discover the bed your guests have been dreaming of. Because in the world of hosting, the mattress you choose might just be what sets you apart and keeps guests coming back for more.

What Are the 10 Best Mattresses for Your Airbnb?

The WinkBed: Your Personal Sleep Butler

Think of The WinkBed as the consummate host, ready to cater to the whims of its guests. Whether they're fans of a plush pillow top or prefer the firm support that tells their back, "I've got you," this mattress adjusts. Its sturdiness is its virtue, though its heft might have you calling for backup when it's time to flip or move it.

Saatva Classic: The Regal Sleeper

Saatva Classic is like the grand dame of mattresses, offering a sleep experience that's nothing short of royal. Its dual-layered coils ensure that every inch of your guests' backs are supported, while its variety in firmness levels is like choosing between silk and velvet. Just be mindful that its luxurious bounce could turn bedtime into an unintended trampoline session for light sleepers.

Brooklyn Sedona Elite: Eco-Luxury Dream

For the eco-conscious host, Brooklyn Sedona Elite combines luxury with responsibility. Its cooling features and contouring comfort promise a restorative rest. However, it's wise to note that while saving the planet, it might not be the hero for every sleeper, particularly those who prefer a firmer bed to support their dreams.

Nolah Signature 12”: The Cloud Embracer

Nolah Signature 12” is as close as you can get to sleeping on cloud nine. Its plushness cradles sleepers into slumber paradise, with cooling technology ensuring they don't overheat. It's a dream for side sleepers but might leave those looking for a firmer feeling slightly disappointed.

Birch Luxe Natural: The Organic Haven

For those who dream green, Birch Luxe Natural offers a sleep sanctuary that's both luxurious and organic. It's a haven of cool, moisture-wicking bliss. Yet, its premium nature is reflected in its price, reminding you that good things—and sustainable sleep—often come at a cost.

Bear Elite Hybrid: The Cool Oasis

Hot sleepers, rejoice! The Bear Elite Hybrid is your nighttime oasis, balancing support with the kind of comfort that keeps you cool. It's versatile, accommodating a spectrum of sleep positions. Budget-conscious hosts, however, might need to weigh its cool benefits against its warmer price point.

Sweet Night Twilight Hybrid Mattress: The People Pleaser

Aiming to please, the SweetNight Twilight mattress is a hybrid model that's firmer than average, making it a good match for stomach sleepers and those who prefer a firmer feel. However, choosing the best mattress for guests who are picky sleepers is challenging as it might be too firm for side sleepers and those who like a plush mattress. It's designed to offer support and responsiveness thanks to its combination of high-density foams and steel-tempered coils. This mattress is highlighted for its value, providing a comfortable sleep without a hefty price tag.

Nectar Mattress: The Forever Friend

The next contender of one of the best mattresses for your Airbnb and rental properties, the Nectar mattress, with its thick layer of gel memory foam, is highlighted for creating a supportive yet pressure-relieving sleeping experience. It's particularly appreciated for its contouring feel, appealing to those who enjoy deep sinkage. This mattress is rated as medium-soft, making it ideal for side sleepers and those with joint or hip pain, offering a comfortable blend of support and plushness.

Tuft & Needle: The Budget-Conscious Buddy

Tuft & Needle balances quality and affordability, proving you don't have to break the bank for good sleep. It's a no-frills friend that gets the job done, providing comfort without the luxury price tag.

Casper Sleep Element: The Premium Pick

Casper Sleep Element is for hosts who want to offer a slice of luxury. It's a name that spells quality, promising guests a deep and delightful sleep. Just remember, luxury comes with a price, and Casper is no exception.

How Much Do You Need to Spend on a Mattress for Airbnb?

Choosing how much to spend on the right mattress for your Airbnb shouldn't have you emptying your pockets, nor should it be a decision you make on a whim. Aim for a middle ground where cost meets quality—typically, you're looking at spending between $500 and $1200. This range ensures you're investing in a durable mattress for the Airbnb hustle that boasts the comfort your guests dream about without the luxury tag price. It's the sweet spot that promises your guests a blissful night's sleep and safeguards your wallet.

Consider this an investment in your Airbnb's future. Opting for a mattress within this price bracket gets you the best of both worlds: a quality that withstands frequent guest turnover and the kind of comfort that racks up those five-star reviews. After all, a well-rested guest is a happy guest, and happy guests are the heart of a thriving Airbnb. Go for value, and you'll find that perfect mattress that keeps your guests coming back for more cozy stays.

Tips on Picking the Best Type of Mattress for an Airbnb

Choosing the perfect mattress for your Airbnb or rental property feels a bit like playing matchmaker. You're looking to pair up countless guests with their dream sleep experience. And just like in love, there's no one-size-fits-all. Here are some heartfelt tips to help you find 'the one' that'll make your guests fall head over heels (or should we say, head onto pillows?).

  • First, consider the Goldilocks principle: aim for that 'just right' feel. You want a mattress that hits the sweet spot between firm and soft. This way, whether your guests prefer sleeping on their back, side, or stomach, they wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free, ready to give you those glowing reviews.
  • Next, think about durability. Your Airbnb mattress is going to see a lot of action. It's not just about the initial comfort but how it holds up over time. Look for mattresses known for their longevity that can stand up to the test of guest after guest. Remember, a saggy mattress is a surefire way to a saggy rating.
  • Hygiene is non-negotiable. Opt for mattresses with removable and washable covers, or invest in a top-notch mattress protector. This makes cleaning between guests a breeze and keeps your mattress looking and smelling as fresh as day one, so make sure you choose the best mattress protector for your Airbnb.
  • Lastly, don't forget the power of reviews and recommendations. Just like you'd hope your guests do for your Airbnb, mattresses come with their own reviews. Transform your rental into a retreat with five-star reviews by combining your mattress with the best bedding for your Airbnb. And if you're feeling lost in the sea of options, why not take the Mattress Verdict Quiz

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best type of guest mattress for your Airbnb, vacation, and short-term rentals is like curating an experience. It's about more than just sleep; it's about the ambiance and the care you put into each detail, including the foundation on which it all rests. A great mattress paired with the best bed frame for your Airbnb speaks volumes of care, comfort and the promise of sweet dreams, ensuring your guests' last thought before they drift off is how soon they can book their next stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my Airbnb mattress clean?

Oh, the eternal quest for a spotless mattress! The secret weapon? A top-notch mattress protector. It's like a superhero cape for your bed, warding off spills, stains, and the sneaky allergens that love to settle in. Plus, it turns cleaning day from a dreaded chore into a piece of cake.

How important is a mattress for Airbnb?

Let's put it this way: the mattress in your Airbnb is like the main character in a blockbuster movie. Get it right, and you're on your way to rave reviews and guests who leave feeling like they've just had the best sleep of their lives. Underestimate its power, and you might find your reviews are more 'meh' than 'wow.' A blissful night's sleep is priceless for guest satisfaction.

How often do you clean the mattress at an Airbnb?

Besides having that trusty mattress protector on duty, giving your mattress a deep clean between guests or at least once a month is your ticket to maintaining that fresh, "come hither and relax" vibe. It's all about keeping things inviting and hygienic, after all.

What happens if you damage an Airbnb mattress?

Life happens, and so does the occasional oops moment. Normal wear is one thing, but if a guest stages a remake of "The Great Spill," you might need to dip into the security deposit or consider shopping for a new sleep sanctuary sooner than you thought.

How often do you need to replace a mattress on Airbnb?

With some TLC and a vigilant eye for any signs of wear and tear, a high-quality mattress can be your Airbnb's unsung hero for up to a decade. It's all about keeping it in tip-top shape and giving your guests the cloud-nine experience they deserve.

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