Choosing the Best Bedding for Your Airbnb [Upgrade Comfort]

Make your Airbnb stand out with exceptional bedding. Explore our top picks for sheets, duvets, blankets and pillows that combine comfort with elegance.

Dr. Ifran Saddique

In the bustling world of Airbnb hosting, the devil is in the details, especially when it comes to ensuring your guests enjoy a restful and rejuvenating sleep. Let’s set the stage: after a long day of travel, your guests slide between crisp, luxurious sheets and think, "This is heaven." That’s the moment you aim for when you pick out your Airbnb bedding. It’s not just about your rental’s aesthetic allure; it’s about making your space a home away from home.

So, if you’re wondering where to get the best quilts or bedding for your Airbnb vacation rental, look no further than this guide. Let's get into the nitty-gritty of making your property the one guests rave about by starting with the foundation of a great night's sleep: choosing the best bedding for your Airbnb.

Key Takeaways

  • Investing in quality bedding is essential for guest satisfaction and positive reviews. High-quality, comfortable bedding can significantly enhance the guest experience, making it a crucial investment for any Airbnb host.
  • The choice of materials, thread count, and bedding type matters. From luxurious Egyptian cotton to eco-friendly bamboo, the material and make of your bedding can affect both comfort and durability.
  • Maintenance and ease of care are key considerations. Opting for bedding that is durable and easy to care for can save time and money in the long run without compromising guest comfort.
  • Aesthetic appeal should not be overlooked. The style and color of your bedding can influence your Airbnb's overall look and feel, contributing to its marketability and appeal to potential guests.

Choosing the Best Airbnb Bedding - Things to Consider

“What are the best sheets to get for my Airbnb?” we hear you ask. When you're decking out your Airbnb or rental with bedding, there's more to it than just snagging a set that catches your eye. It's all about nailing that cozy, "please stay forever" vibe while picking something that won't give up the ghost after a few washes. With a sea of choices out there, honing in on the big hitters like cotton, linen, polyester/microfiber, bamboo, and Tencel can save you a headache. Let's break down the must-knows for each, from how they'll feel to your guests to how much TLC they'll need to stay fresh.


  • High-quality talks big with cotton. It's got a rep for being tough, cushy and letting the skin breathe. The high-end stuff, think Egyptian or Pima, is all about those long fibers that give it that extra oomph and luxury feel.
  • Comfort-wise, cotton's a champ across seasons, offering snuggle-worthy warmth in the cold and a cool caress in the heat. Plus, it gets softer with every wash.
  • On the maintenance front, cotton's a breeze. It can take the heat in the wash, kicking stains to the curb and keeping things hygienic. Just a heads up, it might need a quick once-over with an iron to stay sharp.
  • High thread count is often associated with higher quality in the best cotton Airbnb bed sheets. A count of 200-800 is common, with luxury varieties going up to 1000 or more. Remember, the weave and fiber quality also play crucial roles in the fabric's feel and durability.


  • Quality-wise, linen's a heavyweight champ, thanks to its flax plant roots, outmuscling cotton in the longevity department.
  • Comfort comes from its natural knack for breathability and moisture management, getting even cozier with each wash.
  • Maintenance-wise, it's straightforward but hates staying wrinkle-free, so a little ironing might be in order for that polished look. Plus, it's a tough cookie against fading and pilling.
  • Linen's luxury isn’t typically measured by thread count but by weight (grams per square meter, GSM). High-quality linen ranges from 120-150 GSM, offering that perfect blend of durability and softness.


  • Quality shines with their fade and shrink resistance. Microfiber, especially, feels surprisingly soft for a synthetic buddy.
  • Comfort might not be their natural forte, but they've got the soft and cozy game down pat.
  • Maintenance is a dream, shaking off stains and requiring minimal care, making them great for the wash-and-go crowd. They dry in a snap and hardly ever need ironing.
  • For polyester/microfiber, thread count isn’t a standard quality measure as it is with natural fibers. Instead, the density of the microfibers offers a soft, durable fabric, often comparable to a high thread count in cotton.


  • Quality stands out with bamboo's silky, strong fibers that can go toe-to-toe with the finest cotton.
  • Comfort is top-notch, thanks to its breathability and moisture-wicking prowess, ideal for those balmy nights.
  • Maintenance is easy-peasy, though it's wise to dodge high heat in the wash. It's also got this cool antibacterial vibe, keeping things fresh longer.
  • Bamboo sheets typically feature a thread count range similar to cotton, around 250-350, but the material’s unique properties allow for exceptional softness and durability even at lower thread counts.

Tencel (Lyocell)

  • Quality is all about eco-friendly luxury, with a smooth, glossy finish that rivals silk.
  • Tencel is a great option when choosing the best Airbnb bedding, as its comfort is off the charts. It’s soft, breathable, and a boon for sensitive skin.
  • Maintenance is no sweat but treat it gently to keep it in tip-top shape. It dries quickly and barely wrinkles.
  • Tencel sheets often have a thread count in the 300-600 range, providing a luxuriously soft feel. Like bamboo, Tencel’s comfort and quality are also attributed to the fiber’s inherent properties, not just the thread count.

Picking the right bedding for your Airbnb boils down to balancing quality, comfort, and easy care. Make the right pick, and your guests won't just be happy campers—they'll be your biggest fans, making your spot a hit for all the right reasons.

For hosts looking to dive deeper into the specifics of fabric choices, why not explore our guide on thread count vs. GSM to ensure your bedding looks inviting and feels heavenly, setting your Airbnb apart from the rest?

What Are the 10 Best Bedding Sets for Your Airbnb?

Looking to give your Airbnb guests that five-star sleep experience? You're in luck because we've got the scoop on the top bedding sets that are sure to impress. From luxurious cotton to cozy fleece, we’ll ensure you’re clued up on choosing the best linens, duvet covers, blankets and bedsheets for your Airbnb. Let's explore what makes each option a winner and help you grab the best bedding for your short-term rental property.

1. California Design Den 100% Cotton Sheets

Ah, the classic choice. These sheets are like that dependable friend who's always comfy to be around. They're made from the kind of cotton that whispers luxury, and they hug mattresses just right, thanks to their generous pockets. But, like any good thing, they demand some care – a quick iron might be needed to keep them looking their Sunday best. And, if you get a bit toasty at night, they might make you wish for more breathability. Make sure you’re aware of the best mattresses for your Airbnb to get that perfect match.

2. Mellanni Sheet Set

These sheets promise to treat your guests to softness so indulgent they might just skip their morning plans to linger in bed. Mellanni’s set is about bringing that 'sleeping on a cloud' feeling, with their microfiber fabric being as easy to care for as it is on the skin. They’ll feel like they’re sinking into the pillow without a worry in the world. Be sure to have the best pillow for your Airbnb ready. Just a heads up, though – they're a bit thin, and their wrinkle-free claim might be more of a hopeful promise than a guarantee.

3. CGK Unlimited Budget Sheets

On a shoestring budget but still want to spoil your guests? CGK Unlimited’s sheets are your ace in the hole. They're surprisingly soft for their price point and do a fine job keeping things cool and comfortable. Just remember, while they won't make your wallet cry, they might not have the same 'wow' factor as their pricier counterparts.

4. Bedsure 100% Viscose Bamboo Sheet Set

These sheets are the breezy summer dress of bedding – light, airy, and just perfect for those warmer nights. Made from bamboo, they're as kind to the planet as they are to your guests' sleep. They do ask for some pampering in the wash to keep them feeling lush, but it’s a small price to pay for comfort that feels like a gentle hug.

5. LuxClub 6-Piece Sheet Set

Ever dreamt of bedding that combines the best of both worlds? LuxClub's set might just be it. Soft as a puppy’s ear and hypoallergenic, these sheets are a treat for the skin and the soul. Though some folks have mentioned the fitted sheet could do with a bit more grip, and sizes can be a hit or miss – like ordering clothes online, you’ll never know the fit until you try.

6. Lush Decor Daybed Set

Lush Decor offers two paths for those looking to add a dash of personality to their space: the elegance of frills or the comfort of stripes. It's the decor equivalent of choosing between a classic black dress or a comfy, chic jumper. Both sets promise softness and breathability, but remember, elegance (or the frills) might need a gentle hand in the wash.

7. Mari Ann Charmeuse Silk Comforter Set

Imagine enveloping your guests in the tender embrace of silk – Charmeuse silk comforters are exactly that embrace. Ideal for those seeking to offer a slice of opulence, these comforters are as gentle on the skin as a soft whisper. They come with a golden price tag and a care tag that asks for a bit of extra love, but for luxury that makes your guests feel like royalty, it’s a worthy indulgence.

8. Amazon Basics Sherpa Fleece Bedding Set

Picture the warmest, most comforting hug – that's Sherpa fleece bedding for you. Perfect for snuggling on those nippy nights, this bedding is like a warm cup of cocoa for the soul. Yet, for all its coziness, it's a tad less breathable and might have your hotter sleepers looking for a cool escape. And, like your favorite winter jumper, it might pill over time, but it’s nothing a little care can’t handle.

9. Peacock Alley Matelassé Coverlet Set

These sets are for those who love adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to their spaces. With a texture that’s both intricate and inviting, they’re the kind of bedding that makes your guests go, "Wow, fancy!" Just keep in mind that while they're perfect for dressing up a room, they might not be the coziest option for the dead of winter.

10. Lush Decor Farmhouse Stripe Cotton Daybed Cover 6-Piece Set

Bringing homey charm and a dash of nostalgia, this set is all about creating a warm, inviting space. It’s like wearing your favorite soft cotton shirt that gets better with every wash. But, just like that shirt, it might need a bit of ironing to keep it looking crisp and fresh. And, with a mix of cotton and polyester, it’s got a bit of a dual personality – mostly cotton's breathability with a touch of polyester's practicality.

How Much Do You Need to Spend on Bedding for Airbnb?

Picking the right bedding for your Airbnb shouldn't mean spending a fortune or just grabbing the cheapest option. Think of it as finding the perfect middle ground where quality meets affordability, something in the sweet spot of $100 to $300. This range is your ticket to bedding that not only survives the constant guest turnover but also wraps your guests in the kind of comfort they'll rave about. It's about making a smart investment that pays off with happy guests and stellar reviews, ensuring your Airbnb shines.

Tips on Picking the Best Type of Bedding for an Airbnb

Choosing the best bedding for Airbnb requires balancing luxury feel and practicality. Opt for materials that are soft, durable, and easy to maintain. And remember not to cheap out when it comes to other important elements like mattress protectors and toppers. In fact, why not get yourself up to speed with the best mattress topper for Airbnb right now? 

Neutral colors and simple designs can appeal to a wider range of guests while minimizing the visibility of stains. Always have multiple sets of bedding and pillow protectors to swap or replace between guest bookings. Don’t forget to tie it all in with a complementing bed frame. Elegant bedding paired with the best bed frame for your Airbnb should be the foundation of your success.

Pro tip: Not sure which mattress fits your Airbnb best? Our Mattress Verdict quiz is sure to set you on the right path.

Final Thoughts

From luxurious sheets that invite a good night's sleep to duvets that hug your guests into dreamland, the right bedding transforms a basic bed into a cloud of comfort. A little bit of upfront investment (and Airbnb bedding advice) can go a long way for your business. Make sure you’re offering the best mattress protector for your Airbnb to extend your bed’s lifespan as well as having the comfiest bedding available. Whether you're a seasoned host looking to upgrade your offerings or a newcomer eager to make a great first impression, understanding how to choose the best bedding is key to setting your rental apart and ensuring every guest wakes up on the right side of the bed, every day of their stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sets of bedding should you have for Airbnb?

When it comes to how many sets of bedding you should have for your Airbnb, a good rule of thumb is to keep at least three sets per bed. This allows you to have one set on the bed, one in the laundry, and one ready to go. It's all about minimizing downtime between guests and ensuring you're always prepared for those quick turnovers or unexpected spills.

Should Airbnb bedding be white?

Some of the best beds for an Airbnb are known to use white and neutral colors, so it can be a smart move. White is synonymous with cleanliness and freshness, offering that luxurious hotel vibe many travelers adore. Plus, it's easier to bleach out any stains, keeping your linens looking as pristine as the best. However, it's not a hard rule; tasteful, light colors can create a welcoming and clean appearance, so don’t be afraid to show your creative side.

Do you wash bedding before leaving Airbnb?

As a guest, you're typically not expected to wash the bedding before leaving an Airbnb. Hosts usually take care of the laundry as part of their cleaning routine to prepare for the next guests. That said, it's always appreciated when guests leave the place tidy, maybe stripping the bed or piling used linens in one area.

How often should you change sheets on Airbnb?

The sheets on your Airbnb should be changed and thoroughly cleaned between every guest's stay, without exception. For long-term guests, consider offering fresh sheets at least once a week or providing extra sets for convenience. This practice ensures a hygienic and comfortable environment, reinforcing your commitment to guest satisfaction.

Where is the best place to buy bedding for Airbnb?

If you’re wondering where to buy bedding for your Airbnb, it depends on your needs and budget. Online retailers like Amazon and Wayfair offer a wide range of options with convenient delivery. For high-quality, durable options, consider specialty stores like Brooklinen or Parachute. Wholesale clubs can also be great for snagging deals on comfortable, durable bedding, perfect for the high turnover of rental properties.

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