Layla Mattress

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  • Copper infused memory foam
  • Sleeps cool
  • Soft plush feel
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  • The Layla Memory Foam Mattress is known for its fantastic motion transfer on both sides, which makes it a worthy investment for couples and co-sleepers.
  • With premium materials and dense support core, this Layla mattress should last for a good seven to eight years.
  • Being an all-foam mattress, this one does a fair job but doesn’t excel in terms of providing edge support. On the soft side, it does sink more than what’s expected when you sit near the perimeter. That said, the firm side doesn’t sink much but doesn’t feel too secure either. So, if you are looking for incredible edge support from your mattress, look elsewhere.
  • The Layla Memory Foam Mattress is virtually silent, just like most of the all-foam mattresses out there.
  • Layla gives an entirely non-prorated lifetime warranty for this mattress.
  • The company provides a 120-night sleep trial with a two-week break-in period.

Comparison of brands

Layla Mattress
  • Price 9
  • Comfort 8
  • Body support 9
  • Customer support 9
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  • Price 10
  • Comfort 10
  • Body support 9
  • Customer support 10
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Our Review

By MattressVerdict Team

Mattress Construction

  • The Layla Memory Foam Mattress has a 10” thickness. Here’s a quick look into the layers of this signature product from the brand.

  • Cover – The Layla Mattress comes with polyester-blend covering on both sides. The removable cover has a stitched hexagon design and features a ThermoGEL cooling agent for a night of sweat-free sleep.
  • Comfort Layers – The soft side of the mattress has a 3-inch comfort layer of copper-gel memory foam. While copper ensures antimicrobial odor control, overall, this layer helps in delivering rapid cooling and flexible support for deep compression areas. The medium side comes with a 1-inch comfort layer for that firmer and much more supportive feel.
  • Transitional Layer – The soft side also comes with a 2-inch layer of Max Airflow Support Foam. Besides offering exceptional cooling, this layer also boasts of Surface Modification Technology and Zoned SMT for greater support.
  • Support Layer – With a 4-inch Support Core Foam, this layer ensures high durability with excellent motion transfer control and a little bounce.
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The Layla Mattress

Sleeping Positions

If you are looking for a versatile mattress that can suit a variety of sleep positions, the Layla mattress is a great buy. Here’s how its unique construction benefits different sleeping positions:

Stomach Sleepers – Those who prefer to sleep on their stomach will find the “firm” side of the Layla mattress good enough to support their hips and keep the spine aligned. However, lighter stomach sleepers may prefer the “soft” side for its support with comfort.

Back Sleepers – Back sleepers who seek more comfort from a firmer bed will find the “firm” side of the Layla mattress comforting. And those who like a softer bed will feel comfortable on its “soft” side, which will support the lower back well while aligning the spine properly.

Side Sleepers – The Layla’s “soft” side offers excellent pressure relief and cradling to the shoulders, which makes it a perfect fit for side sleepers

Firmness Review

The soft side of this mattress provides a medium-soft feel, and the firm side offers just that: a much firmer feel than the former.

Value for the Money

With copper infused memory foam, the Layla mattress provides right support and comfort you need for a good night’s sleep. A high-value purchase, for sure, it’s a good pick for most of the sleepers looking for an all-foam mattress.


The Layla Memory Foam Mattress has been around for a while now. But the enthusiasm for its flippable firmness is still there. With one side that provides a softer feel and the other side that offers a firmer feel, it gives the best of both worlds to its users.

Pros & Cons

  • Sleeps cool
  • Fits most sleeping positions
  • Different firmness in one mattress
  • Doesn't have a bouncy feel
  • Isn't suitable for heavy people

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