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Casper Mattress Review

Updated June 2024
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  • With memory foam in its comfort layer, the Casper Original provides very good motion isolation. You can move around on the mattress without worrying about disturbing your sleep partner.
  • As the Casper is made using premium materials and features strong core support, it is expected to last for a good seven to eight years. The company suggests rotating the mattress every three to six months to avoid the formation of body impressions.
  • Like other all-foam beds, there is a bit of a sinkage, but the Casper still does relatively better than its counterparts in terms of edge support.
  • It’s expected of an all-foam mattress to be silent, and Casper is no exception. Along with superior isolation, its noise-free design makes it perfect for couples and co-sleepers.
  • The Casper Original comes with a 10-year limited warranty. Shorter than many other options out there.
  • Casper offers a 100-night sleep trial with no break-in period. Again, similar to the warranty period, this is also shorter than what competitors offer.

Firmness & Feel

If you’re on the hunt for a good, highly-rated mattress, you’ve likely heard of Casper. This mattress is a medium-firm firm bed. It has three zones that provide targeted support that will help ensure correct spinal alignment. 

Casper reviews report that Casper feels incredibly soft to the touch. It is extremely cushioned and has that “sinking” feeling as you rest your hand on it. However, this mattress completely transforms as you lay on it. The zones provide ample support. As you first lay down, your lower back will be lifted and contoured by the firm foam in the middle zone. There’s a softer foam at the shoulders, which will assist in relieving pressure. 


Casper performs well across the board! Reviews of the Casper mattress rank this bed highly for sex, edge support, cooling, pressure relief, and motion isolation. Finding a mattress that does it all can be difficult, which is likely why Casper is so popular. 

Casper balances both responsiveness and motion isolation, which is a difficult task. Despite this benefit, it still manages to isolate motion. Its ability to minimize disturbances through the night makes the Casper a great bed for those who sleep with a restless partner or pets. 

Casper features an open-cell Airscape foam that maintains breathability and maximizes airflow. All-foam mattresses often retain heat, which can be uncomfortable for those who overheat at night. Thankfully, Casper has introduced technology that will keep the body cool even on the hottest summer nights. 

Lastly, Casper has above-average edge support. Superior edge support means that every inch of the bed can be used, and it elongates lifespan as there will be less sagging over time. The edges of the Casper mattress are properly reinforced, keeping it extremely comfortable even as you toss and turn. 

Construction & Design

Casper is a three-layer mattress that is designed to provide cushioning, support, and breathability. The first layer consists of foam designed with a unique perforated technology called AirScape. AirScape will help maximize airflow throughout the entire mattress. 

Underneath the AirScape foam is zoned support that is designed to provide the necessary support that each area of your body requires. The foam is softer under the shoulders and firmer for the lower back and hips. This is ergonomically designed to allow shoulders to sink comfortably into the mattress while the firmer foam provides spinal alignment for the hips and back. 

Lastly, Casper features a durable base that keeps the entire mattress stable. This thick base will prevent sagging and sinking, so you can say goodbye to aches and pains. 

Casper also comes with a knitted polyester blend cover. This cover feels soft to the touch and is stretchy for easy removal. 

Sleeping Positions

The ability to provide comfort for all sleeping positions is extremely impressive. Unlike competitors, Casper can provide the support and contouring necessary for side, stomach, and back sleepers. The zoned support feature does an excellent job of giving the firmness that stomach and back sleepers need while assisting in spinal alignment and cushioning that side sleepers prefer. Casper mattresses are also great for those who overheat in their sleep and those who share their bed with a partner. These mattresses excel with motion isolation and cooling, making them a good option for most people. 

Value for your Money

The Casper is a good mattress for most sleepers and excels in almost all performance areas. However, this mattress falls on the pricier end of the spectrum. Though this mattress is comfortable and supportive, the materials and the guarantee make this option a poor value for money. If you value non-toxic or eco-friendly materials, sustainable and environmentally-conscious brands cost around the same as Casper. 


Casper offers a trial period of 100 nights and a 10-year limited warranty. Both the trial and the warranty fall short of the competitors. Reviews of Casper explain that returns can be complicated. 


Our Mattress Verdict

The Casper Original is a solid product that offers fantastic support and cooling. Being a good choice for all types of sleepers, it has gained massive popularity in the industry just after launch. The price tag remained cheaper than retail alternatives but more expensive than brands offering products with similar quality.

  • Good for many types of sleepers
  • Provides snug body-contouring and proper support
  • Good for lighter weight sleepers
  • Expensive for what you're getting in return
  • Doesn’t offer a lot of bounce

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