Casper Original Mattress

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  • 3 support zones
  • Breathable foam at the top
  • Available in all foam or hybrid
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  • With memory foam in its comfort layer, the Casper Original provides very good motion isolation. You can move around on the mattress without worrying about disturbing your sleep partner.
  • As the Casper is made using premium materials and features strong core support, it is expected to last for a good seven to eight years. The company suggests rotating the mattress every three to six months to avoid the formation of body impressions.
  • Like other all-foam beds, there is a bit of a sinkage, but the Casper still does relatively better than its counterparts in terms of edge support.
  • It’s expected of an all-foam mattress to be silent, and Casper is no exception. Along with superior isolation, its noise-free design makes it perfect for couples and co-sleepers.
  • The Casper Original comes with a 10-year limited warranty. Shorter than many other options out there.
  • Casper offers a 100-night sleep trial with no break-in period. Again, similar to the warranty period, this is also shorter than what competitors offer.

Comparison of brands

Casper Original Mattress
  • Price 8
  • Comfort 9
  • Body support 8
  • Customer support 9
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  • Price 10
  • Comfort 10
  • Body support 9
  • Customer support 10
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Our Review

By MattressVerdict Team

Mattress Construction

  • The Casper comes with an 11-inch thickness and deep layers of foam for firm support and cushioning. Here’s a quick look at what makes the Casper original a hit amongst its users:

  • Cover – Casper’s thin and stretchy cover is made of over 57 recycled bottles and is breathable enough to keep you cool as you sleep.
  • Comfort Layer – The top layer of Casper Original is made of proprietary Airscape perforated breathable foam. Apart from improving the airflow and circulation to deliver a cooling effect to the sleepers, it also provides decent pressure relief.
  • Support Layer – With Zoned Support as its focus, the Casper comes with a support layer of memory foam with three ergonomic zones that target different parts of the body. Softer foam is used under the shoulders to provide additional relief to the upper body. Firmer foam is used under the hips, waist, and lower back for better spinal alignment.
  • Base Layer – The base is made of heavy-duty polyurethane foam, which prevents sinking and sagging and offers enough support to the entire body weight.
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Nectar Mattress

The Casper Original Mattress

Sleeping Positions

Your sleep gets affected by the position you sleep in, and so does the performance of your chosen mattress. Here’s how the Casper Original performs based on different sleeping positions:

Stomach Sleepers – Sleeping on the stomach calls for good support and firmness, and with its solid make, the Casper Original is a good option for stomach sleepers.

Back Sleepers – If you sleep on your back and need lumbar support that offers optimal comfort, you would love sleeping on the Casper, thanks to its transitional layer of zoned support that keeps your spine well-aligned.

Side Sleepers – Side sleepers seek good pressure relief from their bed, and Casper’s comfort layers provide this along with deep contouring. The zoned layer also helps in preventing the hips of side sleepers from sinking too deep into the bed, promoting proper spinal alignment, which makes it a good fit for them.

Firmness Review

With its signature Zoned Support, the Casper Original gives a medium-firm feel, which makes it a good bet for average and lightweight sleepers who seek comfort with pressure relief.

Value for the Money

This is where the Casper Original mattress falls behind, the materials used, the return policy, warranty and more doesn't justify the price. At this price tag, the Casper doesn't offer a great value for money.


The Casper Original is a solid product that offers fantastic support and cooling. Being a good choice for all types of sleepers, it has gained massive popularity in the industry just after launch. The price tag remained cheaper than retail alternatives but more expensive than brands offering products with similar quality.

Pros & Cons

  • Good for many types of sleepers
  • Provides snug body-contouring and proper support
  • Good for lighter weight sleepers
  • Expensive for what you're getting in return
  • Doesn’t offer a lot of bounce

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