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Molecule Mattress Review

Updated March 2023
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  • Molecule 1 is an all-foam three-layer mattress with a Microban cover.
  • Its memory foam and polyfoam layers are made in the USA and total ∼ 12" in height.
  • Molecule 1 comes in only one firmness level- medium-firm. On a scale of 1-10, our mattress review team places it between 6 and 6.5.
  • Engineered with hot sleepers in mind, all the components in this mattress have temperature regulation and moisture-wicking technologies to keep you cool.
  • The Molecule 1 mattress is designed by sleep scientists and athletes for active people. It is crafted to balance support and pressure relief to promote recovery-based sleep.
  • Like other bed in a box brands, the Molecule mattress has a 100-night sleep trial, free shipping and free returns.
  • Molecule mattress has a non-prorated lifetime warranty to cover your purchase from material and workmanship defects.

Firmness & Feel

The Molecule 1 is an all-foam, 12” mattress designed and manufactured in the USA. It comes with a Microban cover that works to wick away bacteria. The mattress falls into the medium-firm category, placing between a 6 and 6.5 on the firmness scale. 

Based on Molecule 1 reviews, this mattress will feel softer than most of the competition. Once you sink into the support core, you’ll feel more supported by the polyfoam. The mattress is slow to respond to pressure, and you will sink in slowly. This provides a pressure-relieving feeling on joints. Molecule bed reviews suggest that this bed offers decent stability and edge support for back sleepers. Despite that, it is still soft enough to accommodate other types of sleepers. 


Molecule reviews suggest that this mattress performs quite well. It ranks well for pressure relieving, motion transfer, and edge support. The all-foam construction does make its lifespan slightly shorter than other competition mattresses. 

Reviews on Molecule mattress suggest that it provides good spinal alignment while you sleep. There is minimal bounce and motion transfer, making this a good contender for those who sleep with partners and pets. It is specifically engineered for hot sleepers, providing premium temperature regulation and moisture-wicking. Different athletes have highly rated it as it promotes recovery-based sleep. 

Overall, the performance of Molecule 1 is impressive, especially those who play sports or stay active. 

Construction & Design

This 12” mattress has an engineer-approved construction and design. It is manufactured to help aid in recovery while remaining at an affordable price. Featured is a unique antimicrobial component called MOLECULEshield. MOLECULEshield is woven throughout the cover to prevent odors and bacteria growth. It allows sleepers to enjoy a more hygienic sleep over time. 

Underneath the cover is the RESTOREFLO foam. It is designed to enhance airflow and provide a more breathable and cooling effect on the mattress. This layer of foam is followed by a 3D geometric surface that is geared to contour to your body. This layer is called RECOVERYFLOW. It provides the perfect support for the entire body, including the back, shoulders, and knees. 

Lastly is CONTOURFLO, which is 7 inches of firm support memory foam. It helps to maintain spinal alignment while minimizing heat transfer throughout the sleeper and the mattress. 

Molecule 1 reviews suggest that the construction and design of this memory foam bed are done well. Each layer provides a vital purpose to add to the overall enjoyment of the bed. 

Sleeping Positions


Molecule claims that its mattress is suitable for all sleepers. The bed boasts good edge support, impressive stability, and cooling capabilities. Whether you’re a side, stomach, or back sleeper, you will feel supported and comfortable on the Molecule 1. 

This bed provides the necessary support for both back and side sleepers while still offering contour capabilities for side sleepers. The mattress is well-loved for its cooling capabilities, making it a strong contender for those who get hot while they sleep. If you’re a combination sleeper, having a mattress that accommodates your needs while you shift is essential. Luckily, this mattress can do just that. 

Like many other mattresses on the market, the Molecule may be too soft for heavyweight sleepers. However, it does work perfectly for those who share a bed with a partner or pets. 


Value for your Money

Molecule 1 provides a high-quality mattress for an affordable price. Getting a California king will put you just slightly over $1000. With the cost of beds, this total is very reasonable. Molecule also offers a payment plan through Karna, making this investment even more comfortable. 

Molecule bed reviews suggest that the price is worth every penny. The premium mattress experience is well worth the price tag. 


Molecule offers a 100-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty. This will give purchasers the opportunity to test out the mattress before committing. Compared to other competitors, 100 days is short. However, it is still enough time to determine whether this bed works for your needs or not. 

The lifetime warranty provides peace of mind. If you have any issues, Molecule will provide you with the support you need. 

Our Mattress Verdict

As a recap of this Molecule 1 mattress review, this is a bed-in-a-box style mattress, meaning that it's compressed and shipped right to your door. Once you've unboxed it and placed it on the bed, the Molecule 1 should be usable within 24 hours, although it may take 48-72 hours to inflate fully and for the new mattress smell to subside.

  • Accommodates a variety of sleeping positions
  • Gel and open-cell lowers heat retention
  • Excellent pressure relief
  • Might be less suitable for heavy individuals

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