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Molecule Mattress Review

Updated March 2024
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Molecule 1 Review Summary

  • In this Molecule mattress review, we will focus on the Molecule 1, their most affordable mattress

  • This Molecule 12 inch mattress is an all foam mattress made from four layers
  • All Molecule mattresses are manufactured in the USA
  • Molecule 1 comes in only one firmness level- medium-firm. On a scale of 1-10, our mattress review team places it between 6 and 6.5
  • Molecule 1 air engineered mattress is made with hot sleepers in mind. It incorporates temperature regulation and moisture-wicking technologies throughout its components. These features help dissipate heat.
  • Designed by sleep scientists and athletes specifically for active individuals, the Molecule 1 mattress aims to provide a restorative sleep experience by effectively balancing support and pressure relief.
  • Similar to other bed-in-a-box brands, the Molecule mattress offers a 100-night sleep trial, allowing you to try the mattress at home risk-free. It also includes free shipping and hassle-free returns.
  • Molecule beds come with a non-prorated lifetime warranty to cover your purchase from material and workmanship defects.

Who is the Molecule 1 Ideal for?

The Molecule memory foam mattress is crafted to optimize sleep recovery for active individuals and athletes however its thoughtful construction and features could be a great choice for many other types of sleepers. Based on Molecule mattress reviews, the following sleepers would particularly benefit from the Molecule 1 foam mattress:

  • Athletes and active individuals

  • Hot sleepers

  • Back pain sufferers 

  • Side sleepers of any weight

  • Back sleepers up to 130 lbs

  • Couples


Molecule Mattress Firmness

In terms of firmness, the Molecule 1 mattress falls into the medium-firm category. According to Molecule mattress reviews, this mattress is often described as softer compared to many competitors in the market. When you lie down on the mattress, you will gradually sink into the support core, where the polyfoam provides a balanced level of support. The mattress responds slowly to pressure, creating a sensation of sinking in slowly. This helps the mattress's ability to relieve pressure on joints.

MOLECULE Mattress: 6 Medium Firm
Soft iconSoft
Firm iconFirm

Molecule 1 Mattress Construction

The Molecule 1 mattress has a meticulously engineered construction and design, aimed at aiding in recovery while remaining affordable. The four layers of the Molecule One mattress include: 

Cover - Incorporates the innovative antimicrobial component called MOLECULEshield, which is woven throughout the cover. This advanced technology actively prevents odors and the growth of bacteria, ensuring a more hygienic sleep environment over time.

2nd layer - Beneath the cover there is the RESTOREFLO foam layer. This foam is specifically designed to provide exceptional pressure relief as well as to enhance airflow, promoting better breathability and a cooling effect on the mattress. 

3rd layer - RECOVERYFLOW is a 3D geometric surface that contours to the body. It provides targeted support for key areas, such as the back, shoulders, and knees. This layer ensures proper alignment and helps alleviate pressure points, promoting a more ergonomic and comfortable sleep position.

Base layer - CONTOURFLO consists of 7 inches of firm support memory foam. This layer plays a crucial role in maintaining spinal alignment, providing essential support for the body while minimizing heat transfer between the sleeper and the mattress. The firm support memory foam contributes to the overall durability and stability of the mattress.

Is Molecule a Good Mattress?

In this section of our Molecule 1 mattress review, we will explore different performance aspects of the mattress, including its pressure relief, motion isolation, cooling features, and other key factors that contribute to its overall performance. Molecule mattresses are considered to be quite unique in the industry for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it’s important to point out that this mattress is endorsed by some of the leading athletes (and champions) in professional sports. Not only is it promoted by top-tier athletes like Michael Phelps and Alex Morgan, its whole “genetic” make-up was “backed by science”. Sleep scientists analyzed the human body and its cycles of sleep and specifically designed this mattress to help with restorative sleep. So let’s dive in! 

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Is Molecule 1 mattress good for back pain?

According to Molecule 1 mattress reviews , this Molecule bed has received positive reviews for its pressure relief capabilities, making it potentially suitable for individuals with back pain. The mattress's foam layers contour to the body, providing targeted support and reducing pressure points. Its design helps maintain spinal alignment and offers lumbar support, potentially alleviating discomfort. However, the softer firmness of this mattress might not provide enough pressure relief for individuals who weigh more than 230 lbs. 

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Is Molecule 1 mattress cooling?

Yes, despite its all foam construction, the Molecule 1 was designed to be a cooling mattress. The mattress utilizes technologies such as the RESTOREFLO foam layer and advanced airflow design to enhance breathability and promote better airflow throughout the mattress. These features work together to dissipate heat and prevent it from getting trapped, allowing for a cooler sleep experience.

Additionally, the Molecule 1 mattress's cover, infused with MOLECULEshield, helps to wick away moisture and prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, further contributing to a fresh and hygienic sleep surface.

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Motion Isolation

The Molecule foam mattress is known for its excellent motion isolation properties according to Molecule mattress reviews. Motion isolation refers to the mattress's ability to minimize the transfer of motion across the surface, which can be particularly important for couples. 

The foam layers of the Molecule 1 mattress work together to absorb and isolate motion, preventing it from spreading across the mattress. This means that if one person moves or changes positions during sleep, the disturbance is localized, and the other person is less likely to be disturbed by the motion.

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Molecule 1 Edge Support

Based on reviews of the Molecule 1 mattress, it does not perform as strongly as other foam or hybrid mattresses when it comes to stability and edge support. This could be due to the mattress's softer surface, which may contribute to the sagging and reduced support along the perimeter. It's worth noting that edge support is more important for individuals who need a strong edge for sitting or prefer using the full surface of the mattress.

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Is the Molecule 1 bed good for sex?

Similar to other memory foam mattresses, the Molecule 1 has advantages and disadvantages when it comes to using it for life’s more intimate moments. Firstly, due to its foam construction, the mattress is virtually silent. However unlike innerspring or hybrid mattresses, the Molecule memory foam mattress does lack the responsiveness that might be more appealing to couples.

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Molecule Mattress Off Gassing

Like other foam mattresses, there will be a “new mattress” smell to the Molecule 1 mattress, but it should dissipate within 48-72 hours. This is common and not harmful. 

Sleeping Positions


Molecule claims that its mattress is suitable for all sleepers. The bed boasts good edge support, impressive stability, and cooling capabilities. Whether you’re a side, stomach, or back sleeper, you will feel supported and comfortable on the Molecule 1. 

This bed provides the necessary support for both back and side sleepers while still offering contour capabilities for side sleepers. The mattress is well-loved for its cooling capabilities, making it a strong contender for those who get hot while they sleep. If you’re a combination sleeper, having a mattress that accommodates your needs while you shift is essential. Luckily, this mattress can do just that. 

Like many other mattresses on the market, the Molecule may be too soft for heavyweight sleepers. However, it does work perfectly for those who share a bed with a partner or pets. 


side sleeper icon
Side Sleepers
  • Lightweight Side Sleepers: Lighter individuals who sleep on their side will find the Molecule 1 mattress more than suitable. Its contouring properties and pressure relief capabilities will help alleviate pressure points and its softer surface will cushion your hips and shoulders. 

  • Average Weight Side Sleepers: Average weight side sleepers can also benefit from the Molecule 1 mattress. Its combination of support and cushioning can offer a good balance, allowing for proper spinal alignment and pressure relief.

  • Heavyweight Side Sleepers: Heavier individuals who predominantly sleep on their side should find the Molecule 1 mattress to be fairly supportive. However, the softer feel of the mattress could potentially lead to more sinkage, which may result in inadequate support for heavier body weights.

back sleeper icon
Back Sleepers
  • Lightweight Back Sleepers: Back sleepers who are lighter in weight should enjoy the Molecule 1 mattress, especially if you enjoy a softer sleep surface. Its combination of support and contouring can help maintain proper spinal alignment and provide pressure relief.

  • Average Weight Back Sleepers: Depending on your preferences, average weight back sleepers could fare well on the Molecule 1 mattress however its medium-firm feel might feel less supportive overall. 

  • Heavyweight Back Sleepers: Due to its softer firmness, we wouldn’t recommend this for heavier sleepers. You might prefer a firmer mattress to ensure proper spinal alignment and prevent excessive sinkage.

stomach sleeper icon
Stomach Sleepers
  • Lightweight Stomach Sleepers: Lightweight individuals who sleep on their stomach might find the Molecule 1 mattress supportive enough. However, the medium-firm feel might be slightly too soft for some, potentially leading to a bit of sinkage.

  • Average Weight Stomach Sleepers: Similarly to back sleepers, the Molecule 1 mattress can be a suitable option if you prefer a softer surface however you need to ensure it provides enough balance of support to maintain proper alignment of your spine. 

  • Heavyweight Stomach Sleepers: Heavier individuals who sleep on their stomach will not find the Molecule 1 mattress supportive. The softer feel of the mattress will lead to excessive sinkage, allowing your midsection to fall in misalignment with your shoulders.

Molecule Mattress Price and Sizes

The Molecule 1 mattress is considered the best Molecule mattress offered by Molecule. Serving as the flagship and most affordable option, the Molecule 1 offers a host of impressive features aimed at delivering a truly restorative sleep experience. Not only does it come at a more affordable price point compared to other mattresses, but it also excels in providing exceptional pressure relief, cutting-edge cooling technologies, and a supportive design, making it a great value mattress for sleepers.

The Molecule 1 mattress is available in all standard sizes.

Molecule Customer Service

Molecule Mattress Return Policy

Molecule has a hassle-free return policy. If you decide to return the mattress during the sleep trial, you can contact their customer support to initiate the return process. They will assist you in arranging the pickup and refunding your payment.

Molecule Bed-in-a-box Shipping

Molecule provides free shipping within the contiguous United States. It is shipped in a box, compressed and shipped directly to your door. Once you've unboxed it and placed it in the room of your choosing, the Molecule 1 should be usable within 24 hours, although it may take 48-72 hours to inflate fully and for the new mattress smell to subside.

Molecule Mattress Warranty 

Molecule offers a non-prorated lifetime warranty for their mattresses. This warranty covers manufacturing and material defects. If you encounter any issues with the mattress due to defects, Molecule will repair or replace it at no additional cost. 

Molecule Sleep Trial

Molecule mattress company offers a 100-night sleep trial for their mattresses. This allows customers to try out the mattress in the comfort of their own home for a substantial period. If you are not completely satisfied within the trial period, you can return your Molecule bed.

Our Mattress Verdict

To summarize our Molecule 1 mattress review, the Molecule 1 mattress offers plenty of notable features that make this one of the best mattresses on the market. Its engineered design, including the use of advanced foams and cooling technologies, aims to provide pressure relief, support, and temperature regulation. The mattress is designed with sleep recovery in mind and has been backed by sleep experts, doctors and professional athletes. While individual preferences may vary, the Molecule 1 mattress is generally the best option for side sleepers. Back sleepers, and individuals seeking a firmer mattress might find this mattress too soft. Overall, the Molecule 1 mattress offers a reasonable price point compared to other similar models on the market, making it a good value mattress. 

Save up to $700 + 2 FREE Pillows

Our Mattress Verdict

As a recap of this Molecule 1 mattress review, this is a bed-in-a-box style mattress, meaning that it's compressed and shipped right to your door. Once you've unboxed it and placed it on the bed, the Molecule 1 should be usable within 24 hours, although it may take 48-72 hours to inflate fully and for the new mattress smell to subside.

  • Accommodates a variety of sleeping positions
  • Gel and open-cell lowers heat retention
  • Excellent pressure relief
  • Might be less suitable for heavy individuals

Common Questions (FAQ)

Molecule mattresses have received positive feedback from many customers. They are designed with advanced materials and technologies to provide features such as pressure relief, support, and cooling. 

Molecule mattresses are made in the USA. The company emphasizes the quality and craftsmanship of their mattresses, manufacturing them locally to ensure control over the production process.

The Molecule 1 and Molecule 2 mattresses are different models offered by the Molecule brand. While specific details may vary, generally, the Molecule 2 mattress is an upgraded and more expensive version of the Molecule 1 mattress with additional features and improvements. These improvements could include enhanced cooling technologies, updated foam layers, or other design enhancements aimed at providing a better sleep experience. Keep in mind that the Molecule 1 provides similar features but at a more affordable price. 
The Molecule 1 mattress does not require a box spring. It is designed to work well on various types of foundations as long as it's a solid surface. 
No, it is not designed to be flipped. The mattress is constructed with specific layers and materials arranged in a particular order to provide optimal comfort and support. 
On average, a good quality mattress can last anywhere between 7 to 10 years. However, some mattresses, particularly those made with durable materials and advanced designs, may have a longer lifespan. We expect the Molecule mattress will last around that timespan due to its durable construction. 
No, this is absolutely a mattress that can be a great fit for anyone. If you lead any type of lifestyle that requires restorative sleep at the end of the day, this is a great mattress to consider. 
Molecule mattresses are the first mattresses specifically designed for performance enhancement. Patented technologies like Air-Engineered™ and Molecular-Flo™ technology are designed specifically to combat common sleep issues that can be detrimental to sleep recovery. Plus, the design itself of the mattress was developed by sleep doctors, specialists and elite professional athletes. 
Save up to $700 + 2 FREE Pillows
Dr. Ifran Saddique

Dr. Ifran Saddique


Dr. Saddique completed his Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from the Combined Military Hospital Medical and Dental College between 2012 and 2017. His rigorous medical training has provided him with a solid foundation in medical sciences and clinical practice. He has held the position of Medical Doctor at St. Bartholomew Hospital, Barts NHS Trust since May 2023, where he has been actively involved in delivering high-quality healthcare services. Prior to that, he served as the Deputy Medical Superintendent at Children Hospital. Moreover, Dr. Irfan specializes in medical content writing and has provided his knowledge and expertise on many blogs and articles on health and fitness, behavioral health, and medical issues.

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