Finding the Best Pillow for Your Airbnb [Comfort First]

Elevate your Airbnb or rental property experience with the best pillows for guests. Discover our top picks for durability, comfort, support, and rave reviews.

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Many Airbnb hosts need help finding the best guest pillows for their rental apartments. While they must offer guests maximum comfort, hosts often have a limited budget. This difficulty often makes choosing from the wide range of available quality pillows impossible.

In this guide, Mattress Verdict offers effective tips for finding the best pillow for Airbnb rentals. You will also discover essential factors to consider when buying pillows for your vacation rental.

Key Takeaways

  • You can find comfortable Airbnb pillows at affordable prices.
  • Providing comfortable Airbnb pillows could increase your Airbnb ratings.
  • Down-filled pillows are an excellent choice for warmth and comfort.
  • You should inspect Airbnb pillows before buying them.

Choosing the Best Airbnb Pillows - Things to Consider

While many Airbnb hosts quickly settle for the standard pillow types, there are some factors that you should consider when choosing the best pillow or best bedding for Airbnb rentals. This way, you increase guest satisfaction and avoid unnecessary losses.


Guest satisfaction is vital to excellent Airbnb ratings. Hence, you need to select the best Airbnb pillows that offer maximum comfort to guests. 

Although standard soft pillows will offer a reasonable degree of comfort, there are other factors you should consider. Pillows with a solid core filling will provide a better cushion for any guest's body weight. They will also easily retain their shape.

Also, go for pillows with soft fabric coverings. This way, you prevent skin irritation or bruising after prolonged use. 

Bed Size

Pillows come in different shapes and sizes. However, considering the provided bed, you can determine the sizes and number of pillows you need for your Airbnb rental.

Many Airbnb hosts wrongly assume that a standard-sized pillow will serve for any bed. Also, while a queen-sized pillow is snug and comfy, it might present guests with many sleeping difficulties.

Depending on the bed size, you may need to provide queen-sized pillows for guests wishing to sit in bed or adopt other postures. You might also need to provide up to four or more pillows to ensure maximum guest satisfaction.

It's also important to consider the bed size when choosing the best mattress topper for Airbnb rentals. 

Pillow Type

Fluffy, down-filled pillows are the most common pillow type. However, you could study your target market and determine what makes them tick. 

If you expect many elderly guests at your Airbnb, you could invest in pillows that make their sleep easier. Instead of providing only standard fluffy pillows, you could also offer them memory foam and neck pillows. You should also consider this factor when looking for the best mattress for Airbnb apartments.

You could also provide eco-friendly pillows for guests committed to environmental sustainability.

Maintenance and Durability

Airbnb pillows need to be cleaned after each short-term stay. Hence, it would be best if you went for pillows that are easy to clean and maintain. Machine-washable pillows are easier to maintain. You should also consider the fabric strength when selecting pillows for your Airbnb.

Pillows with cotton covers and filling are easy to clean and maintain. However, you should also go for pillows with sturdy seams. This way, you prevent the pillow filling from spilling due to prolonged use. You should also consider maintenance when choosing the best mattress protector for Airbnb rentals.

What Are the 8 Best Pillows for Your Airbnb?

Airbnb hosts will come across many pillows while trying to get the best value for their money. You don't need to go through all that hassle. Mattress Verdict has compiled this list to make your search easier and save you valuable time.

Here are the eight best pillows for your rental property. Some of these brands also offer the best beds for Airbnb rentals.

Nectar Pillow

Nectar pillows have a quilted cover made of polyester and Tencel fabric. Tencel is processed from wood pulp and is excellent for regulating temperature. This quality makes Nectar pillows a huge favorite with guests committed to environmental sustainability.

This pillow is filled with shredded memory foam and is excellent for guests who need to adjust its height while in bed. Nectar pillow covers are also filled with a thin layer of shredded memory foam. This feature is soft and extra comfy.

While they are affordable, Nectar pillows are only available in standard size.


This pillow range is famous for its softness. Many user reviews liken their experience to sleeping on a cloud. However, the pillows offer adequate support for any sleeping position and never flattens.

COZSINOOR pillows also come with soft cotton covers that are easy to clean. The edges are also double-sewn to increase their durability.

Many users describe the pillow range as too soft and fluffy for comfort.

Coop Original Pillow

Coop pillows are renowned for their wide range of options and affordability. The Coop Original Pillow is available in both queen and king sizes. 

The pillow cover is made of viscose rayon fabric. This fabric combines polyester and bamboo to provide an eco-friendly alternative to conventional pillow covers. The Coop Original Pillow is filled with shredded memory foam and microfiber.

While this pillow offers adequate support, it might feel hot after prolonged use.

Utopia Bedding

The Utopia Bedding range is popular with Airbnb hosts seeking the luxury feel of 5-star hotels. You could also explore their collection to find the best bed frame for Airbnb apartments. 

The pillows offer adequate protection for the users' weight. It is specially crafted, never to go flat. Utopia Bedding pillows are available in different sizes. However, you can't wash these pillows with a machine.

Cushion Lab Deep Sleep Pillow

This pillow is renowned for the ease with which it cradles the head and neck of users. It is ideal for guests struggling to sleep with neck and back pain.

The Cushion Lab Deep Sleep Pillow carries a solid memory foam layer. Users often describe its dual-density feel as sleeping on a pillow with a cloud-like top layer.

Many Cushion Lab reviews also mention the FreshFace pillowcase, designed to prevent facial wrinkles. However, some users describe the pillow as too firm.

Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

The Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is hugely popular due to its customizable feature. Guests can unzip the inner liner and add more stuffing to increase the firmness.

This pillow also comes with hypoallergenic coverings that protect guests from dust mites. However, adjusting the pillow could be messy.

Classic Pillow Cube

The Classic Pillow Cube is renowned for its squarish shape. This pillow is filled with a solid block of breathable memory foam. It also comes with a removable polyester cover.

Although this Pillow Cube review mentions its popularity with side sleepers, many users also say the pillow is great for back sleeping.

While the Classic Pillow Cube is available in three sizes, it has no pillow protector. However, you could purchase it separately for about $20

Boll & Branch Soft Down Alternative Pillow

The Boll & Branch Soft Down Alternative Pillow is voted as the best for stomach sleepers by the Wall Street Journal. It is soft and provides some support for users. 

The pillow is also available in multiple sizes and has a hypoallergenic PrimaLoft fill. 

However, the Boll & Branch Soft Down Alternative Pillow has no pillow protector. You would have to buy them separately for about $39. Also, many users describe the pillow as 'too soft.'

How Much Do You Need to Spend on Pillows for Airbnb?

The price of high-quality pillows could range from as little as $20 to more than $1,000. So, determining which pillow offers the best value for your money is often difficult. However, a reasonably priced pillow between $25 to $150 should do for an Airbnb. You will find some of the best pillows for Airbnb in this price range.

While guest satisfaction remains a top priority, you should consider your budget and projected profit margin. This way, you avoid running into losses. It is also important that you invest in pillow covers as well. This way, you guarantee your Airbnb pillows will take a long time before they need replacing.

Tips on Picking the Best Type of Pillows for an Airbnb

There is no rigid approach when looking for the best pillow for Airbnb apartments. You need to consider several factors to ensure you make the right choice.

Here are some practical tips for picking the best pillows for a guest room.

Conduct a Physical Inspection

Although you might find many positive reviews, conducting a physical inspection before purchasing any pillows for Airbnb rentals is best. This way, you can better assess its strength and comfort.

Gently run the back of your hand over the pillow to know how soft the fabric feels against the skin. Sleeping on hard fabric could irritate your skin or even cause 

Also, fluff the pillow and see if it returns to its original shape. Pillows with single solid cores are more stable than pillows filled with tiny bits of material.

While it is possible to overlook several factors while inspecting a pillow, you can take the Mattress Verdict quiz to help you make a more informed decision.

Consider Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Although the most common pillows are stuffed with down and synthetic materials, you could opt for more sustainable alternatives. Bamboo pillows have become increasingly popular since bamboo grows very fast and remains in much abundance.

Many pillow manufacturers also engage in harmful practices such as animal cruelty and improper waste management. You can contribute to a more sustainable environment by denying such companies your patronage. 

Check for Pillow Protectors

Pillow protectors will help you preserve the pillow and increase its lifespan. Although most pillow brands come with pillow protectors, it isn't always so. However, you can find the best pillow protectors for Airbnb rentals by asking at local stores near you.

In the long run, it is cheaper to replace damaged protectors than pillows. If your preferred pillow brand lacks a pillow protector, consider going for a more affordable one.

Consider Allergies

Although cases of allergic reactions might be rare, it wouldn't hurt to buy a few hypoallergenic pillows. Some Airbnb guests might be allergic to dust mites. Hence, offering them pillows with adequate protection against such allergens would go a long way in ensuring their safety and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pillows per bed should you get for your Airbnb?

If you are concerned about guests' satisfaction, you might ask, "How many pillows should you get for your Airbnb?" Experts recommend placing two soft pillows and two firm pillows on each bed. This gives the guests more options for their preferred resting posture.

Do you need pillow protectors for Airbnb?

New Airbnb hosts often ask, "Do you need pillow protectors for Airbnb apartments?" Yes. Pillow protectors will protect your pillows from stains such as water, beverages, sweat, and oil spills. Using a pillow protector ensures that these stains do not cause permanent damage to your pillows and increase their lifespan.

What types of pillows are used in 5-star hotels?

Like many Airbnb hosts looking to offer guests maximum comfort, you might ask, "What type of pillows are used in 5-star hotels?" Down-filled pillows with a 100% cotton fabric covering are the most common choice of luxury hotels. They are soft and excellent for trapping heat in cold weather.

How do you clean your Airbnb pillows?

Washing bedding fabrics in between guests makes them weak and threadbare. So, you might ask, "How do you clean your Airbnb pillows?" Here's what you should do. Instead of washing the pillows, dry them for about ten minutes. This way, you get rid of dust and keep the pillows fresh.

Where is the best place to buy pillows for Airbnb?

Many prospective Airbnb hosts ask, "Where is the best place to buy pillows for Airbnb apartments?" You will find many affordable quality pillows at stores like Amazon and Target. However, you should visit shopping centers near you. This way, you can confirm the pillows' quality before purchasing them.

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