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  • 6 Layers & 12” Height
  • Excellent Edge Support

Nectar Hybrid Mattress Review

Updated March 2024
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Nectar Hybrid Review Summary

  • Nectar Sleep now offers the hybrid version of all their foam mattresses. In this Nectar Hybrid review, we will look at the Nectar Hybrid classic mattress.
  • The Nectar Hybrid mattress has 6 layers and a height of 12 inches.
  • Its construction combines cooling gel memory foam, proprietary foam, and eight inches of individually-wrapped coils.
  • We rated the Nectar Hybrid mattress firmness a 6.5 on the mattress firmness scale.
  • This medium-firm mattress is ideal for most back, stomach, and side sleepers.
  • Like other Nectar mattresses, the Nectar Hybrid is a bed-in-a-box mattress. You get free shipping and returns, a 365-day trial, and a Forever warranty.

Who is it ideal for?

The Nectar Hybrid mattress is an outstanding choice for sleepers looking for a premium hybrid sleep experience at an affordable price. Designed to cater to a wide range of sleep preferences and body types, this hybrid mattress excels in providing the same balanced performance of its memory foam counterpart. Whether you are a combination sleeper who switches positions throughout the night or a couple looking for ample space and minimal motion transfer, the Nectar Hybrid bed delivers on all fronts. Let's take a closer look at who the Nectar Hybrid mattress is ideal for:

  • Combination sleepers who switch between different sleeping positions during the night

  • Couples who value ample space, exceptional edge support, and minimal motion transfer

  • Side sleepers between 130 lbs - 230 lbs

  • Back sleepers of all weights

  • Hot sleepers

  • Budget-conscious shoppers looking for a high-quality hybrid mattress at an affordable price

  • Anyone who values customer-friendly policies such as a generous trial period and warranty

Nectar Hybrid Firmness

The Nectar Hybrid mattress firmness offers a medium-firm level of support, as rated by our team at 6.5 on the mattress firmness scale. This balance between moderate contouring and firm support makes it suitable for various body types and sleeping positions. When it comes to the feel, the Nectar Hybrid Classic bed has a soft memory foam sensation on the surface, allowing you to sink slowly into the mattress. However, the addition of coils provides some firmness and responsiveness, preventing you from feeling trapped inside the mattress. 

Nectar Hybrid: 6.5 Medium Firm
Soft iconSoft
Firm iconFirm

Nectar Hybrid Mattress Construction

Nectar Sleep now offers a hybrid version for each of its all-foam mattresses, and the Nectar Hybrid Classic is the hybrid counterpart to the popular Nectar Classic mattress. In this Nectar Hybrid mattress review, we'll delve into its construction and materials, while later also exploring its performance in terms of comfort, pressure relief, and temperature control.

  • Height -The Nectar Hybrid mattress stands at a height of 12 inches, making it the model with the lowest profile and most affordable price tag among all Nectar Hybrid mattresses. This height makes it an excellent choice not only for budget shoppers but also for those who prefer a bed that is neither too short nor too tall.

  • Cover - The Nectar Hybrid mattress features a quilted cooling cover infused with Microban. Microban is an EPA-approved antimicrobial substance that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, fungi, and mildew. It is safe to use and promotes a hygienic sleeping environment. It's important to note that the cover of the Nectar Hybrid bed is not removable, so it can only be spot cleaned.

  • Comfort section -The mattress includes a 2-inch layer of gel-infused memory foam that offers a slow-moving feel. This foam molds to your body shape, providing a gentle hug to your curves without excessive sinkage. The gel infusion helps regulate temperature by drawing heat away from your body. The cooling abilities of this mattress receive high praise in most Nectar Hybrid mattress reviews.

  • Transition layer - The Nectar Hybrid bed incorporates a 1-inch Dynamic transition layer that aids in maintaining neutral alignment of your spine. This layer adds some bounce to the top foam layer, distributing your body weight evenly and preventing excessive sinking.

  • Support layer - The mattress features an 8-inch system of individually wrapped coils that provide responsiveness and firm support in addition to the cradling comfort of the memory foam layer. The spaces between the coils enhance breathability by promoting airflow throughout the mattress.

  • Base layer - A 1-inch layer of sturdy polyfoam serves as the foundation, keeping the coil system stable. This layer also absorbs energy from the springs, minimizing motion transfer.

The Nectar Hybrid mattress weighs 105 lbs for the queen size and 128 lbs for the king size model. It is compatible with all bed frames and does not require flipping. Additionally, all the foam layers in the Nectar Hybrid Classic mattress are CertiPUR-certified, guaranteeing that they are healthy and safe to sleep on.

Is Nectar Hybrid a good mattress

Overall, the Nectar Hybrid mattress delivers impressive performance across many important factors. Its ability to provide pressure relief, promote cooling, minimize motion transfer, offer reliable edge support, and cater to couples' needs makes it a top contender versus other hybrid mattresses in the market. Read below in our Nectar Hybrid mattress review to see how it fares in various performance categories. 


Nectar Hybrid Pressure Relief

In reviews of nectar hybrid mattress, sleepers say the Nectar Hybrid mattress excels in providing effective pressure relief and alleviating back pain. The combination of its gel-infused memory foam and individually wrapped coils offers a supportive and contouring surface that conforms to the body's curves. The top comfort layer of gel-infused memory foam allows for targeted pressure relief, particularly around the shoulders, hips, and lower back. This helps to distribute body weight evenly, reducing pressure points and minimizing discomfort.

The transition layer of the mattress provides additional support, promoting proper spinal alignment. It helps prevent the sinking feeling often associated with all-foam mattresses, ensuring that the spine remains in a neutral position throughout the night. This alignment is crucial for individuals with back pain as it helps alleviate strain on the back and promotes a more restful sleep.


Nectar Hybrid Cooling

The Nectar Hybrid mattress is designed to promote temperature regulation and keep you cool throughout the night. The gel-infused memory foam in the comfort layer is specifically engineered to draw heat away from the body, preventing it from being trapped within the mattress. This cooling feature helps dissipate heat and maintain a comfortable sleep surface. 

When comparing performance between the nectar hybrid vs memory foam mattress, traditional memory foam mattresses tend to have less effective cooling properties due to their dense and conforming nature. Memory foam can sometimes trap heat, leading to discomfort and disrupted sleep. However, the Nectar Hybrid's construction addresses this concern, offering a notable advantage in terms of cooling performance. 


Nectar Hybrid Motion Transfer

The Nectar Hybrid mattress performs exceptionally well in isolating motion transfer. This is especially beneficial for couples sharing a bed. The individually wrapped coils and the dense memory foam layers work in harmony to minimize the transfer of motion across the mattress. Even with a restless sleeping partner, you can expect to enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

Keep in mind that when comparing the nectar memory foam vs hybrid, the all foam versions will typically perform better in this category. However in the Nectar Hybrid, the responsive nature of the individually wrapped coils do a great job of ensuring that movements are localized and do not reverberate across the entire mattress.

Nectar Hybrid Edge Support

According to Nectar Hybrid reviews, this hybrid bed provides exceptional edge support, making it an ideal choice for individuals who utilize the full surface of the mattress or prefer sitting on the edges. The reinforced perimeter, thanks to the sturdy coil system, ensures that the edges remain supportive and stable. This means you can sleep or sit comfortably near the edges without feeling like you might roll off or experience a significant change in support.

The robust edge support also enhances the overall sleeping surface area. It allows you to maximize the usable space of the mattress, giving you a bigger area to stretch out.


Nectar Hybrid and Sex for Couples

The Nectar Hybrid mattress is a great choice for couples, as it offers a combination of factors that enhance the overall experience during intimate moments. The responsive nature of the individually wrapped coils provides a subtle bounce and springiness, which can add to the enjoyment and ease of movement during activities. This responsiveness allows for effortless transitions.

Furthermore, the excellent edge support of the Nectar Hybrid mattress ensures that both partners can utilize the full surface without feeling like they might slide or roll off.


Nectar Hybrid Off Gassing

Like most new mattresses, the Nectar Hybrid may emit a slight odor upon unboxing, known as off-gassing. However, this odor is temporary and typically dissipates within a few days. The Nectar Hybrid mattress uses CertiPUR-certified foams, which are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and meet rigorous safety standards.

Sleeping Positions

The Nectar Hybrid mattress is firstly an excellent choice for couples due to its impressive edge support and motion isolation capabilities. The robust edge support ensures that you have a more usable sleeping surface, allowing you to feel secure even when sleeping near the edges. Additionally, the mattress excels at isolating motion, meaning that you and your partner can move or change positions without disturbing each other's sleep.

In this part of our Nectar Hybrid review, we will explore how the Nectar Hybrid mattress caters to different sleeping positions and weights:

Nectar Hybrid for Side Sleepers

For side sleepers weighing between 130 lbs and 250 lbs, the Nectar Hybrid mattress is an excellent match. Its gel-infused memory foam layer contours and hugs the hips and shoulders, alleviating pressure points. However, it also prevents excessive sinking into the mattress due to the underlying firm coil system. This combination of contouring and support ensures that side sleepers can experience the ideal balance between pressure relief and proper spinal alignment. It's worth noting that on either side of the weight spectrum (lighter than 130 lbs and heavier than 230 lbs) side sleepers may find the mattress less suitable, as plus-size sleepers may experience bottoming out and increased pressure around the shoulders and hips. While lightweight side sleepers should consider the Classic memory foam mattress from Nectar which provides softer contouring overall. 

Nectar Hybrid for Back Sleepers

Back sleepers will find the Nectar Hybrid mattress to be a suitable option, regardless of their weight. It offers a well-balanced combination of support and comfort, precisely catering to the needs of back sleepers. The mattress gently cradles your shoulders, hips, and lower back, effectively minimizing pressure buildup and preventing excessive flexion of the spine. The medium-firm feel ensures that your body is properly aligned, promoting a comfortable and restful night's sleep. If you are a heavyweight sleeper over 230 lbs, you might find the Nectar Hybrid bed too soft depending on your preferences. 

Nectar Hybrid for Stomach Sleepers
Stomach sleepers who weigh below 130 lbs will generally find the Nectar Hybrid Classic mattress to be a good fit. With its medium-firm feel, this model provides a supportive surface for maintaining a neutral alignment of the spine. The mattress helps prevent excessive sinking and ensures that your hips do not sink too deeply, which could strain the lower back. However, heavier stomach sleepers may require additional support and may find the Nectar Hybrid mattress to be less ideal for their needs.

Nectar Hybrid Mattress Price and Sizes

The Nectar Hybrid offers excellent value for the money for shoppers looking for a more affordable hybrid mattress with a medium-firm feel. By balancing comfort and support, this mattress is a worthy contender across all body types and sleeping positions. The 365-night trial period removes your fear of paying for a mattress that may not fit your sleep style and body type. The Nectar Forever Warranty and CertiPUR certification guarantee a safe and durable bed. 

For shoppers seeking a more affordable hybrid mattress with a medium-firm feel, the Nectar Hybrid mattress offers excellent value for the money. By striking a balance between comfort and support, this mattress is suitable for a wide range of body types and sleeping positions. The 365-night trial period eliminates the fear of investing in a mattress that may not suit your sleep style and body type. Furthermore, the Nectar Forever Warranty and CertiPUR certification provide assurance of a safe and durable bed.

The Nectar Hybrid mattress sizes accommodate various bed frames and sleep preferences. Here are the standard sizes in which the Nectar Hybrid mattress is offered: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King.

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Our Mattress Verdict

After carefully evaluating the Nectar Hybrid mattress, we can confidently say that it is an exceptional choice for sleepers seeking a supportive hybrid mattress that also promotes cooler sleep. The Nectar Hybrid lets you enjoy the benefits of the Nectar classic mattress with the added bounce, responsiveness, and breathability of a coil system. 

While the Nectar Hybrid mattress has numerous advantages, it's important to highlight a few considerations. Nectar Hybrid mattress reviews note that stomach sleepers who weigh above 130 lbs may find the mattress slightly softer than their preference, as they typically require a firmer surface for optimal support. Additionally, some people prefer the convenience of a removable and machine-washable mattress cover, which unfortunately is not available with the Nectar Hybrid.

However, it's important to note that these minor drawbacks are outweighed by the mattress's exceptional qualities. With a generous 365-night trial period, free shipping, and free returns, Nectar Sleep provides ample opportunity for you to test the mattress in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, the Nectar Forever Warranty ensures long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

Basically, if you're in search of a supportive hybrid mattress that effectively regulates temperature, the Nectar Hybrid mattress is an outstanding choice. Its combination of comfort, support, and breathability makes it a top contender in the hybrid mattress market.
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Our Mattress Verdict

Ultimately, the Nectar hybrid is a very good choice for anyone looking for a more supportive memory foam mattress that sleeps cooler. It lets you enjoy the benefits of the Nectar classic mattress with the added bounce, responsiveness, and breathability of a coil system. The Nectar hybrid mattress has a few cons. For instance, although it’s ideal for most sleeping styles, stomach sleepers weighing above 130 lbs may favor a firmer mattress. On top of that, we like it when a mattress cover is removable and machine-washable. This is not the case with the Nectar hybrid. But with a full year to try the mattress, free shipping, free returns, and a lifetime warranty, there’s no reason not to try the Nectar hybrid mattress.

  • Steel Coils & Gel Memory Foam
  • 6 Layers & 12” Height
  • Excellent Edge Support
  • Mattress cover is not removable
  • Not suitable for stomach sleepers weighing over 130 lbs

Common Questions (FAQ)

Yes, the Nectar Hybrid mattress is considered a high-quality mattress that offers a balance of comfort and support. It combines gel-infused memory foam and individually wrapped coils to provide pressure relief, temperature regulation, and motion isolation.

Yes, the Nectar Hybrid mattress is delivered directly to your doorstep in a compact and convenient box. This makes it easy to transport and set up in your home.

Nectar Hybrid mattresses are highly regarded for their performance and value. Nectar Sleep is also regarded as one of the top mattress producers in the country. Their hybrid mattress line are designed to offer a comfortable sleep experience by combining the benefits of memory foam and a supportive coil system.

The main difference between the Nectar Original mattress and the Nectar Hybrid mattress lies in their construction. The Nectar mattress is an all-foam mattress, while the Nectar Hybrid mattress combines memory foam with individually wrapped coils for added support and responsiveness.

The choice between the Nectar memory foam mattress and the Nectar Hybrid mattress depends on personal preference and sleep needs. The memory foam mattress offers a classic, conforming feel with excellent pressure relief, while the Hybrid mattress adds the benefits of a supportive coil system, increased airflow, and responsiveness.
No, the Nectar Classic Hybrid mattress is not designed to be flipped. It is constructed with specific comfort layers and a support system that are meant to be used in a specific way. However, you can rotate the mattress periodically to promote even wear and prolong its lifespan.

The longevity of the Nectar Classic Hybrid mattress can vary depending on factors such as usage, body weight, and care. However, it is designed to be durable and long-lasting. Nectar offers a Forever Warranty with their mattresses, which covers defects and deterioration for as long as you own the mattress. Overall we would expect this mattress to last more than 7+ years.

The Nectar Hybrid mattress does not require a box spring for proper support. It can be used with various types of bed frames, including platform beds, slatted frames, or adjustable bases.

Yes, the Nectar Hybrid mattress is compatible with adjustable bases. The hybrid design, which combines foam layers with pocketed coils, allows for flexibility and adaptability to different bed positions. This means you can adjust the base to your desired angle or elevation without compromising the performance or integrity of the mattress. 

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