Pillow Cube
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Pillow Cube

Updated July 2024
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Firmness & Feel


Size- the classic Pillow Cube comes in two sizes: standard size (12" x2" x5") marketed towards individuals in the 5'4" to 6'3" height bracket and a taller model (12" x12" x6") for taller people. 

Cover- the Pillow Cube has a removable quilted cover made from polyester. This cover is breathably soft, so it's possible to sleep directly on it. This makes perfect sense because Pillow Cube doesn't include a pillowcase with the purchase, although you can buy it separately for around $20. 

Filling- the core of the Pillow Cube is a block of breathable memory foam. Its squarish shape is unique from conventional pillows that have a rectangular shape with tapered edges.

Original Pillow Cube Pillow Sleeping Positions

The Pillow Cube is designed purposely for side sleepers. While its "cube" shape makes it appear weird, it's surprisingly supportive and comfortable if you sleep on your side. The Visco elastic foam contours to the sleeper's head and neck, making it a dream for individuals craving pressure relief and a pillow for neck pain.

Some Pillow Cube reviews and feedback from current users suggest that the Pillow Cube may work for some back sleeping. But considering its high loft, we feel it might struggle to maintain proper spinal alignment. 


Construction & Design

Sleeping Positions

Pillow Cube is an American pillow company based in Utah, Tennessee. This brand is all the rave at the moment, thanks to its unconventional pillows mainly targeted toward side sleepers. 

Pillow Cube has a couple of pillows in its catalog. But the Pillow Cube Classic and the Side Sleeper Pro are the most requested by far. These Pillow Cube Pillows reviews will give you an idea of how each model works in terms of comfort, support and temperature regulation. 

Original Pillow Cube Review 

This flagship model was made out of the desire to give side sleepers a pillow that perfectly fills the space between the shoulder and head. Jay Davis-the founder of Pillow Cube- says that the unique square shape is inspired by early versions of head supports used by the Pharaohs and ancient Japanese side sleepers. But how does it stack up against the competition?

Value for your Money

Side Sleeper Pro 

The Pillow Cube Side Sleeper Pro is a longer version of the original Pillow Cube. And it's easy to see why it was a near-instant hit when it launched. 


Size- the Side Sleeper Pro is available in three sizes: standard 24" x 12" x 5", thin (24" x 12" x 4") and thick (24" x 12" x 6"). 

Cover- this model has the same quilted cover that Pillow Cube uses for their original pillow. It's quilted, breathable and super comfy. Its zippered design also suggests that you can remove it for cleaning. Again, Pillow Cube doesn't include the pillowcase. You may want to purchase it separately when ordering the pillow. 

Filling- the Side Sleeper Pro uses the same breathable memory foam filling you'll find on its cubed alternative. 

Side Sleeper Pro Pillow Sleeping Positions 

On their website, the Pillow Cube team specifies that the Side Sleeper Pro is for side sleepers only. Upon closer look, it's easy to tell that the Side Sleeper Pro is a longer version of the original Pillow Cube.

Like its predecessor, we think it performs really well at filling the gap between your head and the shoulders. Another likable aspect here is the choice of three heights (standard, thin and thick) that make it easy to get a pillow just right for your body structure. 

Also, most people who think the original Pillow Cube is too small will love that the Side Sleeper Pro is longer. With its 24-inch length, you can roll over without taking the pillow with you or worrying about falling over. 


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