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Updated July 2024
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If you are unlucky to experience the agony of sciatica, you know the pain is torture. We liken it to back pain or toothache dialing up to 10. The sharp and radiating pain of sciatica is made worse by anything that puts too much pressure on the sciatic nerve. Yes, lying down can help, but only if you have a comfortable mattress for sciatica pain. 

Below, we compare the top 10 best mattresses for sciatica pain. As mattress experts, we understand too well that a mattress is not a one-size-fits-all thing, especially when coping with stabbing pain. We include mattresses across all technologies that better cater to sciatica pain, so you get the perfect bed for your unique needs. 

Time for an unpopular fact: about 40% of people suffer from sciatica pain at least once in their lifetime. Plus, it tends to get frequent with age. Mild to moderate sciatica symptoms often get better in 4-6 weeks without extensive treatment. But that doesn’t mean that your sciatica is gone forever.

One thing you can do to keep the debilitating lower back problem at bay is pay close attention to your mattress. After all, we spend a significant chunk of our lifetime in bed. Mattresses don’t cause sciatica. However, sleeping on an overly soft mattress with no support for your lower back and hips can certainly worsen the problem. 

The best mattress for alleviating sciatica pain must be firm enough to support the spine and keep it from sagging. That doesn’t mean sleeping on a mattress that’s rock-hard, though. 

For comfort’s sake, you want a mattress that keeps the spine straight while providing pressure relief to your pressure points - shoulders, hips, knees, and buttocks. Otherwise, discomfort in these areas can cause frequent turning and tossing, which could trigger or worsen your sciatica symptoms and affect sleep quality. We specifically recommend medium-firm mattresses for sciatica because they help align the spine while preventing sore spots. 

It’s also important to consider other mattress comfort features, including motion isolation, edge support, and temperature regulation. 

In short, you can’t afford to skimp on your mattress when trying to tame the pain of sciatica. Our mattress buying guide for sciatica discusses these features in detail. 

Understanding Sciatica and Its Impact on Sleep

Sciatica and lower back pain are the most common pains and aches today. It’s easy to confuse one for the other before proper diagnosis because both are back problems, and their symptoms overlap. So, what is sciatica, and how can you test yourself for it? 

Sciatica is a sharp pain that occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed, irritated or inflamed. The sciatic nerve is the longest in the human body. It arises from the spinal nerves in the lower back and runs down the buttocks and into the back of each leg.

Where do you feel sciatica pain?

Most people report a sharp pain that originates in the lower back and extends to the buttock and down the back of the leg. It’s also common for sciatica pain to travel as far down as the feet and toes.

Sciatica differs from lower back pain in that the latter occurs around the belt line or just below the rib cage. Sciatica pain starts around the same area but radiates downward on the affected side.  

In addition to shooting pain, other sciatica symptoms include numbness, leg tingling (or pins and needles), muscle weakness, and urinary incontinence (when severe). 

It pays to understand the causes of sciatica and what you can do to prevent, relieve, or lower the chances of it recurring. 

Causes of sciatica

Sciatica is not a condition by itself. It’s a manifestation of different possible conditions that affect the sciatic nerve.

Causes of sciatica include:

  • Lumbar herniated disks.

  • Degenerative disk disease.

  • Pelvic fracture.

  • Osteoarthritis.

  • Lumbar spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal).

Because sciatica is caused by different conditions, the risk factors are just as many. They include diabetes, obesity, pregnancy, sitting too much, physical inactivity, tobacco use, and jobs that involve much bending or lifting. 

A common question regarding sleep and sciatica is, “How do you get a good night’s sleep with sciatica?” 

Getting restful sleep can help with sciatica because the body can repair itself. But, when you are suffering from sciatica, it’s difficult to fall asleep because the pain keeps your nervous system more active. Sciatica also makes it difficult to get into a comfortable sleeping position. In addition, it’s difficult to fall back asleep once awakened by a throbbing pain in your leg. 

Sciatica is not just uncomfortable, without management it can cause poor or insufficient sleep, linked to various short-term and long-term health consequences. These include slowed thinking, worsened memory, risky decision-making, anxiety, stroke, and heart attack. 

Self-care measures for coping with sciatica include; 

  • Stretching exercises that target the lower back

  • Applying hot packs to the hurting area

  • Placing a frozen pack on the affected area

  • Replacing worn-out, soft mattresses with one that balances support and pressure relief.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mattress for Sciatica Pain

Some people with sciatica dread going to bed because the pain worsens at night. The most common reason is sleeping in a position that increases pressure on the sciatic nerve. People experiencing sciatica pain should sleep on their back or side with a pillow between the knees. Sleeping on your stomach will likely worsen the pain because this position flattens the spine’s natural S shape. 

Another reason sciatica worsens at night is sleeping on a soft mattress that pulls the spine out of alignment. A worn-out mattress with a bowl shape in the middle is also likely to intensify sciatica pain because it lacks sufficient support where you need it most - the lower back. 

Proper spinal alignment is the most important thing when choosing a mattress for sciatica. When comparing mattresses for sciatica pain relief, you want a mattress that will be medium-firm, depending on your weight. A medium-firm mattress is good for sciatica pain because it promotes the natural curve of your spine whilst cushioning your sensitive areas.

Motion isolation is another vital feature when comparing mattress ratings for sciatica pain relief. Sleep is hard to come by when dealing with a throbbing sciatic nerve. Once you drift off to sleep, you want to ride the wave for as long as possible. On a mattress with a high motion isolation score, you are less likely to be awakened by your partner’s movements when climbing into the bed or turning. 

As you search, mattress reviews for sciatica pain from experts and actual users are helpful in narrowing your options. 

In-Depth Mattress Comparison for Sciatica Pain Relief 

Looking for the best mattress for sciatica? It can be an overwhelming process. There are different mattress technologies, firmness levels, sizes, and prices to sift through. Plus, the new mattress brands and models getting into the market don’t seem to make mattress buying any easier. 

Memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses are the most popular options for dealing with sciatica pain. But it’s essential to understand each mattress type’s strengths and drawbacks and narrow it down to what best suits your needs. 

The rule of thumb when shopping is to select a mattress based on your body shape, weight, sleeping position, and personal preferences. The balance between support and pressure relief is the most important consideration for sciatica. A mattress that isolates movement while regulating temperature will minimize disturbance for restful sleep. 

Don’t know where to start? See our top picks of the 10 best mattresses for sciatica below. Our reviews highlight the materials used, key features that make each mattress a good pick for people with sciatica pain, and who we think fit best.

#1 Dreamcloud: Best Overall

  • Luxury hybrid construction
  • 365-Night Sleep trial & free Shipping
  • Lifetime warranty
  • As low as 0% financing with affirm
IconFree Shipping& Returns
IconTrial Period365-Night Trial
dreamcloud mattress on bed
Dreamcloud Mattress
Summer Sale | 50% OFF!

What It's Made Of: Construction/Materials: 

Selecting our top pick isn't always easy, but Dreamcloud Hybrid is a no-brainer choice among sciatica mattress competition. Its 14" height profile starts with a quilted cashmere blend cover that gives your sleeping surface a wonderfully soft feel, which can help you fall asleep faster. Plus, this cover is engineered to allow airflow, offering you a cool sleeping surface. 

Stitched into the breathable cover is a 1.5" layer of plush memory foam that offers plenty of pressure relief. It cushions your sore points so you maintain that ideal position that helps lower sciatica nerve pain and promote sleep. 

The primary comfort layer, an inch of gel-infused memory foam, conforms to your body shape to support your spine in a neutral position and ease discomfort throughout the joints. The purpose of the gel infusion is to disperse excess body heat and keep you cooler for longer, minimizing disturbance for a restful sleep. 

The transition layer, below the gel-infused memory foam layer, contributes to the comfort and support of this mattress. Its key role is to promote spinal alignment, relieving the compressed sciatic nerve. Plus, it keeps you lifted off the support system to reduce discomfort. 

Hundreds of individually wrapped coils act as a support system. These coils add bounce and responsiveness, perfect for changing sleeping positions with sciatic pain. Because each layer responds to body pressure independently, you get targeted relief where you need it, particularly around the hip area. This layer also boasts a reinforced edge system, perfect for getting in and out of bed with a painful sciatic nerve. 

The base layer, an inch of standard foam, stabilizes the coil system and accentuates motion isolation to minimize partner disturbance. 

Unique Features for Sciatica Pain Relief:

It's not just the name Dreamcloud that makes this mattress appealing to people with sciatica pain. Everything from pricing to construction and feel seems to have individuals dealing with painful sciatic pain in mind. 

Dreamcloud Hybrid takes a Goldilocks approach to firmness - exactly what people with sciatic pain desire. This is a medium to medium-firm mattress, or 6 to 6.5 on the firmness scale. It's neither too soft to cause your backbone and hips to sag nor too firm to create sore points. It perfectly aligns your spine to relieve pressure on your sciatic nerve while cushioning your pressure points to minimize unnecessary turning and tossing. 

Even though Dreamcloud Hybrid has memory foam in its construction, you don't feel sucked into it. Plus, the pocketed coils give it a nice springiness. These attributes make switching positions a breeze. If your sciatica forces you to turn and toss a lot at night, not having to pull yourself out of the mattress when switching positions definitely means a lot. 

Breathability is another advantage that Dreamcloud Hybrid offers to a person with sciatica. Heated air travels freely through the layer of pocketed coils instead of being trapped in the foam. Gel infusion in the memory foam layer helps cool the sleeping surface. Moreover, Dreamcloud Hybrid's cover is made of cashmere, which is great at wicking away excessive body heat to leave you cool. 

Who It's Best For:

The Dreamcloud Hybrid mattress is ubiquitous on most lists of the best mattresses for upper and lower back pain. It's not surprising that it also gets a lot of marks from people dealing with sciatica.

Dreamcloud Hybrid works best for side and back sleepers, the most recommended sleeping positions for sciatic pain. In particular, this mattress offers a good balance between support and cushioning to individuals weighing 130 to 230 lbs.

With its medium-firm feel, Dreamcloud Hybrid affords a more supportive feel to side sleepers to support the spine's natural curvature. Although the pillow top has enough to give to cushion their shoulders and hips, side sleepers don't get buried in the comfort layers as they would on an all-foam memory foam mattress. 

Because of its medium-firm feel and coil core, back sleepers will enjoy even support without their shoulders and hip area sinking too far into the mattress.

Note that Dreamcloud also works for stomach sleepers weighing below 230 lbs. However, stomach sleeping is not recommended when dealing with sciatica because it flattens the spine, which could aggravate the pain.

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#2 Nectar

  • Great value memory foam mattress
  • 365-Night Home Trial
  • Free Shipping
  • Forever warranty
IconFree Shipping& Returns
IconTrial Period365-Night Trial
nectar mattress on bed
Nectar Mattress
Summer Sale | Up To 40%!

What It’s Made Of:

The original Nectar mattress incorporates a straightforward construction approach, making it a great match for managing sciatica. First, a cover made of polyethylene fibers for a soft touch and engineered with Nectar’s cooling technology to wick away excess body heat is crucial for creating a consistently cool sleep surface for reduced turning and tossing. 

Beneath the cover, a thick layer of therapeutic memory foam with gel infusion creates a you-shaped cocoon by reacting to your body heat and weight. This layer excels in pressure relief and will cushion your shoulders and hips to decrease pressure buildup. This gel infusion will also help cool the mattress and regulate body temperature. 

Sandwiched between the comfort and support layers is the dynamic response layer. Besides acting as a transition layer, it complements the base layer in maintaining a flat and supportive sleep surface, essential for keeping your spine in alignment to help decompress the sciatic nerve. 

Unique Features for Sciatica Pain Relief:

What makes Nectar the best memory foam mattress for sciatica? Its thick memory foam comfort layer nestles you in a comfortable sleep position to help soothe your painful sciatic nerve. It molds to your body shape to align your spine and decrease pressure around your shoulders and hips for a more restful night. 

Nectar is a great mattress for couples in terms of isolating motion. This means you won’t disturb your partner as you toss into a comfortable position for your sciatica. Likewise, your partner’s movements as they shift won’t awaken you, so you enjoy quality sleep, necessary to speed up sciatica recovery. 

Another key feature of the Nectar mattress is its average temperature regulation ability. As an all-foam memory foam mattress, Nectar is not the most cooling mattress out there. However, it beats most memory foam mattresses in this regard.

The Nectar mattress may be a worthy contender if you are attracted to memory foam due to its sciatica-relieving attributes but fear sleeping hot. 

Who It’s Best For:

With its all-foam design and medium-firm feel, the Nectar stands out as one of the best mattresses for side sleepers with sciatica pain. As a result, the thick memory foam comfort layer provides even head-to-toe support, reducing pressure along the spine and offering sciatica pain relief. 

The medium-firm feel of this mattress also promotes the even spinal alignment that back sleepers with sciatica pain want in a mattress. While gel memory foam helps with pressure relief, the transition and base layers maintain an even surface with adequate support, particularly around the upper back, torso, and hips, to prevent excessive sinkage.

Considering its construction and firmness level, we’d recommend the Nectar mattress to people weighing 130 lbs. to 230 lbs. If you weigh less than 130 lbs. the Nectar may be too firm for your pressure points. People who weigh more than 230 lbs. may experience deeper sinkage around the shoulders and hips, leading to increased sciatica pain. 

In addition, the Nectar mattress stands out as the best mattress for couples, thanks to its excellent motion isolation and average temperature regulation.

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#3 Saatva

  • 365-night home trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free white glove delivery
IconFree Shipping& Returns
IconTrial Period365-Night Trial
saatva mattress on beach
Saatva Mattress
Prime Time Sale | Up to $600 OFF

What It’s Made Of:

The Saatva Rx easily beats other top mattresses for sciatica contenders for one major reason: it’s the only luxury mattress engineered purposely for dealing with chronic back and joint conditions, such as sciatica, herniated discs, and arthritis.

The Saatva mattress is designed to provide unrivaled support and pressure relief - the two major ingredients for dealing with a painful sciatic nerve. 

This precision-crafted mattress starts with an organic cotton cover that’s soft and naturally breathable to promote deeper and healthier sleep, necessary for accelerated sciatica pain recovery. 

Below the cover, a half-inch layer of gel-infused memory foam molds to your body to cradle your pressure points to prevent soreness. Gel infusions actively draw excess body heat for a more relaxed sleep. 

Next up, two ¾” foam layers encase a micro-coil comfort layer. These micro coils are a key part of what makes the Saatva Rx a good mattress for sciatica. Because of their ability to stretch easily in any direction, they provide a phenomenal balance of support and pressure-relieving comfort from head to toe. 

The fifth layer, a graphite-infused Rx foam module with a latex-like open-cell structure, adds cushioning support and body contouring to help alleviate pressure on the spine, which is particularly great for a person with a sensitive sciatica nerve. These foam modules are infused with graphite and phase-change material to keep you cool all night. Their other role is to absorb movement energy to minimize sleep disruption between partners. 

The main support system, a series of 8” individually pocketed coils, offers targeted back support - exactly what a person with sciatica would need. 

Lastly, a layer of conventional foam creates a stable foundation for the individually pocketed coils. This high-density foam further minimizes motion transfer and absorbs any squeaking and creaking to minimize disruptions and increase your chances for a good night’s sleep. 

Unique Features for Sciatica Pain Relief:

The key selling aspect of the Saatva Rx is its 7-layer construction design that gives a near-perfect density - not too soft, yet not overly firm. Because they are thinner and narrower than typical coils, micro coils flex easily to follow the body’s contour for more suitable support.

Micro coils work with a pocketed coil system to cradle your spine in its natural curvature and ease sciatic nerve pain. Organic cotton covers and foam layers protect your sensitive areas from unnecessary pressure buildup for unparalleled sleep quality. 

Hot sleepers with sciatica will also appreciate this mattress’s approach to maintaining a cool sleep surface. The Rx has multiple temperature-regulating features, from its organic cotton cover to its gel-infused memory foam. The graphite- and PCM-infused foam modules also aid in cooling. 

The Saatva Rx has thicker pocketed coils along the perimeter to reduce outer edge compressions. For a person coping with sciatica, these reinforced edges offer more support and stability when climbing in and out of bed. Firmer coils near the edge of the mattress also prevent warping, allowing for a more stable sleeping space for couples. 

Who It’s Best For:

Saatva Rx is engineered for versatility. Our team considers it a safe investment for most people looking for the best mattress for relieving sciatica and chronic lower back pain. 

Side sleepers, regardless of their weight, will appreciate it the most, though. The poly-foam encased micro coil layer, together with the gel-infused memory foam lumbar pad, effortlessly molds to their body shape to promote a level spine and ease tension on the sciatic nerve, a key element in managing sciatica. The two also cushioned their shoulders and hips to minimize sleep disruptions. 

Back sleepers weighing up to 230 lbs. should enjoy balanced contouring on the Saatva Rx. The gel-infused memory foam lumbar pad and micro coils encourage spinal alignment while cradling the shoulders, buttocks, and legs to minimize pressure. The individually pocketed coil support system offers localized support while limiting sinkage around the hip area, promoting a neutral spine position, which is fundamental for avoiding excessive sciatica nerve compression. 

People with sciatica who struggle to move across the bed or switch positions will also find the Saatva Rx satisfactory. While it has memory foam in its comfort section, the polyfoam-encased micro coil system prevents it from trapping you in a cocoon. This facilitates easy movement, an added advantage if you toss and turn at night when trying to find a comfortable position for your sciatica.

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#4 Helix

  • Customizable firmness options
  • Free shipping
  • 100 night trial
IconFree Shipping USA
IconTrial Period100-Night Trial
IconWarranty10 Years
helix mattress on bed
Helix Midnight Mattress
July Sale! Up To 30% OFF SITEWIDE

What It’s Made Of:

The Helix Midnight is a hybrid best-seller marketed to people who sleep on their side, but with its medium firmness level, it should accommodate most back and combination sleepers, too. 

The Helix Midnight mattress ships with a soft, stretchy cover. This cover is fairly breathable and should keep most people cool at night, but you can also upgrade to Helix’s GlacioTex cooling cover if you sleep extra hot at night. 

Below the cover is a comfort layer made of memory plus foam. Its main role is to offer a nice contouring feel to your body shape, keeping your spine nicely aligned and your pressure points cushioned for a more comfortable sleep. 

After the memory foam layer, a block of Helix responsive foam, slightly firmer than the medium foam comfort layer, adds more ergonomic support. This polyfoam layer also adds responsiveness to the top layer, reducing the stuck-in-bed feel of traditional memory foam, which tends to worsen sciatica symptoms, particularly for tossers. 

The third layer of foam, firmer than the top two, adds more support to prevent the comfort layers from being too “sinky,” crucial for maintaining alignment along the spine to reduce pressure points. 

At the bottom is a system of individually pocketed coils, which allows sinkage in all the right places for proper spinal alignment. Keeping the spine’s natural curves intact while asleep is the secret to alleviating sciatica symptoms and promoting healing. 

Unique Features for Sciatica Pain Relief: 

It’s impressive that the Helix Midnight lives up to its name as one of the best mattresses for side sleeping. Its major strength is its medium firmness level, which allows for well-balanced sinkage and support levels.

The comfort layers deliver that classic memory foam body-hugging feel, which is particularly welcome when struggling with a painful sciatic nerve. Furthermore, the transition layer and support core hold your spine in proper alignment, allowing for a dreamily comfortable and relaxing sleeping position. 

The Helix Midnight also dampens movements very effectively. We linked this to the three layers on top of the individually pocketed coil system, which has better motion isolation capabilities than innerspring coils. Plus, this mattress does not make any noise. 

Another area where the Helix Midnight does well is temperature regulation. Even without switching to the advanced GlacioTex cover, this mattress maintains a comfortable sleeping temperature at night, thanks to its breathable cover and hybrid composition. 

Generally, a mattress that sleeps cool, isolates movements, and doesn’t make squeaking sounds is likely to promote deep sleep, which can speed healing in sleepers with sciatica. 

Who It’s Best For:

If you are looking for a quality mattress that ticks most boxes for someone with sciatica, the Helix Midnight may fit the bill. Don’t worry about its position in the upper mid-range category, by the way. Helix frequently slashes these prices by 20-25% to bring the MSRP to Midnight in the mid-range category. 

We are impressed that the Helix Midnight lives up to its claims as the best mattress for side sleepers. So it’s not surprising that these sleepers are its top fans. The three foam layers provide the right level of deep body contouring that side sleepers need around their shoulders and hips to prevent pressure from building up. 

While it feels soft and cushy, the Helix Midnight is surprisingly supportive of the pelvic and lower back. This is necessary to prevent sciatic nerve roots from being compressed. 

Helix Midnight is also an excellent option for back sleepers weighing 230 lbs. and below. With its three foam layers of varying densities and a system of pocketed coils, this mattress maintains good spine alignment throughout the night. This is key to managing sciatica.


#5 Brooklyn Bedding

  • Multiple firmness options
  • Cooling features
  • 120-Night home trial
IconFree Shipping& Returns
IconTrial Period120-Night Trial
IconWarranty10 Years
brooklyn bed
Brooklyn Bedding
Sale! 25% Off Sitewide

What It’s Made Of:

Since 2008, the Brooklyn bedding mattress company has made a name for itself in delivering luxurious mattresses without premium prices. Our pick of the best mattresses for sciatica from them is their best-selling mattress - the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid.

This mattress is sold at three firmness levels: soft, medium, and firm. We went with the medium model for these sciatica mattresses reviews because of its premium balance of pressure-relieving comfort and support. 

Starting from the top, the Signature Hybrid has a soft, breathable poly/cotton blend cover quilted with an inch of foam. This plush pillow top gives the mattress an element of immediate cushioning when you lie on it. It’s an incredibly pleasant feeling that most people with sciatica will appreciate because it’s soothing. 

The comfort layer is 1.5” of the brand’s proprietary foam, engineered to adjust quickly to your movements on the bed. When switching sleep positions with a painful sciatic nerve, you want a mattress that responds quickly to your tiny movements to ensure you stay supported throughout. This comfort layer, with its quick responses, addresses that issue. 

Up next, an inch of Variflex polyfoam promotes deep compression support. This is crucial for people with sciatica because it allows for even weight distribution, which is key to proper spinal alignment and reduced pressure points. As a transition layer, its other role is to soften up the firm feel of the pocketed coils below, achieving medium firmness. 

Situated beneath the transition layer, there is an expansive arrangement comprising 8” pocketed coils. Distinguished by their capacity for individualized responses, these components provide unparalleled support, ensuring superior conformation to your body's contours. Anchoring the structure's base is a slender high-density poly foam slab, which effectively enhances the stability of the underlying system.

Unique Features for Sciatica Relief: 

One of the things that most people with sciatica will appreciate about the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid is its fast responsiveness, which translates to ease of movement.

Tossing and turning on a traditional memory foam mattress tends to be difficult due to the “stuck-in-bed” feel. With the Signature Hybrid, the quilted cover, foam layers, and coil support system keeps you lifted on the mattress and responds swiftly to your movements, allowing you to change positions quickly. 

While it’s super responsive, the medium option of this mattress has a noticeable amount of cushioning depth that holds you in a pressure-relieving gentle hug. This ties it to its popularity as a good mattress for sciatica from a spinal alignment viewpoint. This balance of support and cushioning is crucial for soothing a painful sciatic nerve.

Signature Hybrid’s temperature neutrality is another significant feature for a person coping with sciatica. While it won’t actively cool you down as you sleep, you shouldn’t sleep hot on it unless you are a hot sleeper. 

Who It’s Best For:

Fit is one of the most important considerations when shopping for a mattress for sciatica. This means getting a mattress that matches your weight, body shape, and preferred sleeping position.

A major determinant of how a mattress performs on these fronts is firmness. We like that Brooklyn Bedding offers you choices with their Signature Hybrid mattress. With three firmness level options, we are certain this mattress will appeal to most people with sciatica regardless of weight and body shape. 

Side and back sleepers who weigh 230 lbs. and below will enjoy an impressive balance of contouring and support on the medium version of this mattress. This model has a notable level of contouring, but thanks to its quilted cover and coil core, it doesn’t conform too closely to trap you in a “cavity.”

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#6 Cocoon by Sealy

  • Multiple firmness options
  • Cooling cover
  • Free shipping
IconFree ShippingUSA
IconTrial Period100-Night Trial
IconWarranty10 Years
cocoon mattress on bed
Cocoon Mattress
Save 35% + Free Sealy® Sleep Bundle

What It’s Made Of:

Cocoon Chill has a medium-firm feel that promises a blend of close contouring and stable spinal support to help cope with sciatica at night. This is one of the most competitively priced mattresses in these reviews and will be a great match for value seekers. 

Cocoon Chill starts with a cool-to-touch knit cover infused with phase change material. This innovative cover absorbs and dissipates excess body heat to ensure temperature neutrality throughout the night. The purpose for people with sciatica is to promote healthy sleep patterns by reducing disruptions caused by regular tossing and turning. 

Below the cooling cover, a memory foam comfort layer adapts to your body shape, providing contouring and excellent pressure relief. Because it has a lower-density construction, this memory foam has superb airflow, adding to this mattress’s temperature regulation strengths. 

A fairly firm transition layer in the middle provides additional cushioning, so your pressure points don’t keep you awake in your attempt to get better sleep with sciatica. At the bottom, a more robust layer of high-density memory foam supplies enough support to align your spine properly. 

Unique Features for Sciatica Pain Relief 

The center of attraction of the Cocoon Chill is its cooling cover, which is engineered to dissipate heat and maintain a cool-to-touch sleeping surface. This can make all the difference if you have sciatica because it helps you drift off to sleep easily and sleep longer. 

With its medium-firm feel, the Cocoon Chill lends itself to people dealing with sciatica because it contours to their body without too much sinkage. The top layer has the close-conforming pressure relief of a traditional style memory foam. But the high-density transition layer beneath enables it to respond much faster to your movements than other all-foam mattresses. 

It’s competitive pricing is another big deal. People with sciatica prefer mattresses with sufficient support and plenty of pressure relief. But that doesn’t mean breaking the bank for one. If you are looking for a quality mattress for sciatica pain at a reasonable price, the Cocoon Chill is worth checking out. 

Who It’s Best For:

The Cocoon Chill, with its medium-firm feel and pressure-relieving properties, will be a match for most people with upper and lower back pain problems. People with sciatica will appreciate that there’s incredible weight distribution with the Cocoon Chill.

Because of its construction, we’d recommend it to average-weight side and back sleepers weighing 130 to 230 lbs. Side sleepers with sciatica will find that their hips and shoulders sink in slightly for pressure relief, but the transition and support layers prevent excessive sinkage that may worsen their sciatica. 

Back sleepers will enjoy a healthy sleep posture, too. Their hips and shoulders will sink in just a bit to avoid excess pressure on the joints while the spine stays aligned for a restful sleep. 

Hot sleepers attracted to the sciatica-relieving properties of memory foam will enjoy sleeping on the Cocoon Chill. The PCM-infused cover and breathable comfort layer allow it to sleep much cooler than most of its all-foam competitors.

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#7 Nectar

  • Isolates motion well
  • 365-Night home trial
  • Free shipping
IconFree Shipping& Returns
IconTrial Period365-Night Trial
nectar premier mattress on bed
Nectar Premier
Summer Sale | Up To 50%!

What It’s Made Of:

The Nectar Premier is a dreamy upgrade of the original Nectar mattress. Standing 13” in height profile, this medium-firm mattress is engineered to offer a premium combination of gentle contouring, sturdy support, and temperature regulation. Plus, most people dealing with sciatica pain will be happy to learn that the Nectar Premier does this without being super expensive, either. 

On top of the Nectar Premier is a soft and breathable cooling cover. It’s innovatively engineered with heat-absorbent polyethylene fibers that pull excess body heat away from you so you sleep on a cool surface. 

The comfort layer, three inches of therapeutic gel-infused memory foam, is topped off with phase change material (PCM). PCM and gel infusion are advanced technologies that help with cooling and heat dissipation, further promoting a cooler and more comfortable sleeping surface, particularly for someone with sciatica pain. 

The gel-infused memory foam comfort layer adjusts to your body shape to create a sense of weightlessness that promotes relaxation by reducing tension in your spine, muscles, and joints. This weightless feeling may help ease the pull on the sciatic nerve, allowing you to drift off into a restful slumber. 

After the comfort layer is a dynamic response transition layer that adds bounce to the top of the mattress, this makes changing positions a bit easier when dealing with a stabbing sciatic nerve. 

At the bottom, a high-density polyfoam base layer supplies most of the support on this mattress. A strong base ensures proper back and spinal support, necessary for improving sleep posture and alleviating sciatica symptoms. 

Unique Features for Sciatica Pain Relief:

One of Nectar Premier’s claims to fame, particularly among people with sciatica, is its superb balance between contouring and support. The Nectar Premier, which has a medium to medium-firm feel, has a good degree of giving to ease pressure buildup around your shoulders, hips, and lower back, depending on your sleeping style.

The transition layer and base pump are in strong overall support to maintain the spine’s natural curves. This careful balance of support and pressure relief eases the pressure off the sciatic nerve, increasing the chances of waking up pain-free. 

In terms of responsiveness, Nectar Premier is definitely more responsive and springier than most memory foam mattresses. A mattress that responds faster to your body movements can make sleep much better when dealing with sciatica because you can change positions easily without irritating your painful sciatic nerve. 

The Nectar Premier also boasts very high marks as far as motion isolation goes. Your partner shouldn’t be disturbed as you toss and turn in search of a comfortable sleeping posture for your sciatica. Nor should they awaken you once you drift off to slumberland. 

Who It’s Best For:

The Nectar Premier is a well-built mattress that will likely tick boxes for people across all sleeping positions: side, back, stomach, and even combination sleeping. But because we’re recommending it for sciatica pain, we believe it’s a perfect match for side and back sleepers weighing up to 230 lbs. 

Back sleepers will enjoy the full-body support the Nectar Premier offers to keep their spine aligned while cushioning the shoulders and lumbar region.

For side sleeping, the Nectar has enough give to contour your body shape and promote spinal alignment while relieving pressure.

Couples who prioritize motion isolation will also enjoy reduced sleep disturbances with the Nectar Premier. As an all-foam mattress, the Nectar Premier doesn’t have the best edge support, especially when sitting on the side of the bed. However, most people should have an easy time sleeping along the edge of the bed.

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#8 Bear Sleep

  • Three firmness levels
  • Works for all body types
  • 120 night trial & lifetime warranty
IconFree Shipping& Returns
IconTrial Period120-Night Trial
bear mattress on bed
Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress
35% OFF + FREE $400 Sleep Accessories

What It’s Made Of:

The Bear Elite is a premium hybrid mattress combining multiple technologies to make a well-rounded mattress. Because it’s a zoned hybrid mattress, the Bear Elite delivers a balance of great comfort and support where people with sciatica need it the most- their lower back. 

The Bear Elite has a solid construction starting with a quilted cover, so it has a soft and cozy feel. This hand-quilted cover is made with Celliant fiber and PCM. Both of these components regulate body temperature for a more comfortable sleep experience. Celliant fiber is moisture-wicking, too, making this cover more useful for hot sleepers with sciatica. 

Now, into the comfort section, a block of copper-infused memory foam welcomes you with optimal balance of pressure relief and support. Its zoned design is particularly beneficial for people who struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position due to sciatica. Copper infusion in the Bear Elite mattress contributes to its cooling performance by absorbing and diffusing body heat, preventing it from building up around you.

Next, there’s a transition layer of the brand’s dynamic foam. This layer provides deep cushioning and ergonomic support, promoting perfect body alignment, necessary for sciatica pain relief. 

The three foam layers lie on a zoned spring system of individually encased coils. The Bear Elite uses higher gauge coils in the center, providing first-class support to your lumbar. Plus, the perimeter is reinforced for good edge support. This is beneficial for couples because they can maximize the sleep surface. A mattress with good edge support is also beneficial to people who struggle to climb into the bed because of sciatica. 

Lastly, a thin layer of high-density polyfoam provides a stable foundation for the coil support system and overall durability for the entire mattress. 

Unique Features for Sciatic Pain Relief:

There’s a lot to like about the Bear Elite, starting with its three firmness level options- soft, medium, and firm. While the medium version is probably the best pick for managing sciatica, it’s great that you can choose a mattress that best matches your body type, weight, and sleeping style. 

The blend of foam layers and a zoned coil support system is one of Bear Elite’s best features. This combination delivers just enough sink to relieve sciatica pain. The coils offer enough support and responsiveness to prevent the bogged-down, stuck-in-the-mattress feeling common with all-foam memory foam mattresses. 

Another area where the Bear Elite shines is temperature control. Every layer of this mattress is engineered to deal with the issue of heat retention, from the PCM- and Celliant fiber-infused cover to the copper-infused comfort layer and the support core that enhances breathability throughout the mattress. 

Who It’s Best For:

Hybrid mattresses accommodate everyone regardless of where they fall in terms of weight, body type, and preferred sleeping position.

In terms of sleeper weight, the Bear Elite is one of the most accommodating hybrid mattresses because it’s available in three firmness levels. Whether you are a lightweight side sleeper weighing under 130 lbs or a heavyweight stomach sleeper weighing more than 230 lbs, there’s a Bear Elite mattress for you. 

The medium style Bear Elite is the most popular option for people with sciatica. Side sleepers, particularly those who weigh above 130 lbs, will enjoy substantial support from the zoned pocketed coil system, which prevents them from sinking too far into the mattress. The zoned comfort layers do an excellent job conforming to their sensitive areas to reduce pressure. 

Back sleepers, particularly those weighing up to 230 lbs, will also enjoy a great balance of support and pressure relief on the Bear Elite. The copper-infused memory foam will contour their curves while the pocketed coils provide the lumbar support crucial for an irritated sciatic nerve.

In addition, the Bear Elite fits the bill for couples looking for a hybrid mattress with greatly reduced motion transfer and good edge support.

Furthermore, this mattress has much to go for if you sleep hot. Its cool-to-touch and wicking cover, copper-infused memory foam, and coil structure do a great job of dissipating body heat and promoting a cool night of sleep.

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#9 Nolah

  • Pressure relief for back pain
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 120-night home trial
IconFree Shipping& Returns
IconTrial Period120-Nights
nolah mattress on bed
Nolah Evolution Mattress
Sleep Week Sale! 35% off + FREE Pillows

What It’s Made Of:

The Nolah Evolution 15” is an ultra-tech mattress aimed at offering delicate support to people who struggle with sciatica and other aches and pains.

Also known as the Nolah Evolution Hybrid, this beefy mattress comes in three firmness levels: plush, luxury firm, and firm. The luxury-firm version, rated 6.5 on our mattress firmness scale, is the most popular option for sciatica and lower back pain. However, it's advisable to go with a firmness level that best suits your body shape and weight. 

Topping its 7 layers is a stay-cool cover made of organic cotton and ArticTex fibers. This combination is meant to draw excess heat away and maintain a consistent temperature throughout the night - essential for minimizing disruptions that would otherwise worsen your sciatica symptoms. 

Below the cover, a quilted Euro Top gives you the first element of comfort by cushioning your curves. Plus, it promotes air circulation, so heat doesn't stay trapped inside the foam layers. 

The second layer, a 2-inch layer of graphite-infused AirFoamIce, is engineered to cradle the body for pressure relief. Graphite infusion, a growing trend in high-end mattresses, draws and disperses heat away from you. The mattress's advanced focus on temperature regulation is crucial for enabling more restful sleep necessary to alleviate sciatica pain discomfort and promote recovery. 

Another layer of high-resilience foam helps with deep support while promoting pressure relief. Going further down, an inch of high-density polyfoam adds support and responsiveness to the mattress. It prevents your lower back from sinking excessively into the mattress, which often causes pressure on your sciatica nerve. 

The comfort and transition layers rest upon 8" HDMax Trizone coils that make up the support core of this mattress. Because these coils respond to pressure independently, they contour your body shape nicely to offer tailored support. Plus, this coil system offers more support in the middle, so your spine stays in a neutral position, which helps reduce your sciatica symptoms. 

All these layers lead to an eco-friendly foundation layer made of recycled plant fiber. This layer adds stability and durability to the mattress while reducing your carbon footprint. 

Unique Features for Relieving Sciatica Pain

The Nolah Evolution Hybrid boasts many features that qualify it as the best mattress for sciatica. First off, this mattress has very strong pressure relief potential. The first half of the Nolah Evolution, from fiber-padded cover to high-resilience foam, is all about providing targeted pressure relief, a key part of controlling sciatica pain. 

Pressure relief and proper support go hand in hand when coping with sciatica. Nolah Evolution 15” has immense support from its high-density foam layers and coil core. Most importantly, the coil core is zoned to offer exceptional lower back support, preventing your hips from sinking in too deeply. 

Nolah Evolution's excellent performance in temperature regulation further contributes to its suitability for people dealing with sciatica pain. Everything from fiber-padded organic cotton covers to graphite-infused foam and coil structures help in maintaining a consistent sleep temperature. Plus, this mattress employs AirBreath Heat Escape Gusset, which allows excess body heat to escape from the sides. 

Who It's Best For:

The three firmness options of the Nolah Evolution 15” suggest that there's a version for every body type across all weight groups. The luxury-firm version we've reviewed works best for side and back sleepers weighing 130 to 230 lbs.

It will also accommodate lightweight stomach sleepers under 130 lbs. but this may not be the best sleeping position for most people with sciatica.

For side sleepers, this mattress's comfort and transition layers have enough give to allow your curves to sink in, allowing for even weight distribution and pressure relief. At the same time, the zoned coil core maintains a neutral spine position, helping reduce pressure buildup on the sciatic nerve. 

Those who sleep on their backs will find that the Nolah Evolution hybrid has ample room for their shoulders and hips to sink in for natural spine alignment. However, the zoned coil layer supports their hips adequately to prevent drooling. 

Nolah Evolution’s superb edge support, temperature regulation, and motion isolation also make it a suitable mattress for sciatica for couples and the elderly. 


#10 Layla

  • Sleeps cool
  • Cooling copper memory foam
  • 120-Night home trial
IconFree Shipping& Returns
IconTrial Period120-Night Trial
woman on layla mattress
Layla Mattress
Up to $200 Off + $1,100 Off Bundles

What It’s Made Of: 

Layla often appears in most reviews of the best mattresses for sciatica because of its uniqueness. This is a flippable mattress, meaning you can enjoy a medium-soft (4/10) or firm (7/10) firmness setting on the same mattress. This versatility can make all the difference, especially if you aren’t sure what firmness setting will work for your sciatica.

The Layla flippable mattress construction comprises four layers encased in a zippered cover. This soft, breathable cover, infused with cooling materials, helps maintain optimal sleeping temperatures. 

The next layer after the cover is copper-infused memory foam. Memory foam is considered the best material for sciatica because it molds to your body shape, relieving pressure on the sciatica nerve. The copper particles in this layer have no direct impact on your sciatica. However, they help disperse heat to keep you cool at night. If you sleep hot, this temperature regulation may promote restorative sleep, which can be beneficial for dealing with sciatica pain.

The transition layer on the medium-soft side is convoluted, meaning it has deep channeling that helps with airflow. Furthermore, it’s zoned, so you get additional support around the hips for superior spinal alignment and pressure relief. 

Next, you get to the primary support layer for both firmness settings. This high-density, durable polyfoam base mainly enhances proper spinal alignment while reducing motion transfer. 

Lastly, there’s a thin layer of the same copper-infused memory foam used at the top. This layer makes up the comfort section when you flip the mattress to its firm setting. 

Unique Features for Sciatica Relief:

While the Layla mattress has much to go for, its two-in-one firmness levels make it stand out from the competition. A flippable bed is easily the best mattress for sciatica because you are not tied to one firmness level.

The medium-soft side has lots of pressure relief that helps prevent sciatica pain from worsening. We’d also recommend this side for dealing with shoulder and back pains. 

Another noteworthy feature of the Layla mattress is its excellent motion isolation. If you share a bed with a partner, a child, or a pet, you will enjoy a night with fewer disruptions, which is just what you need when trying to sleep with sciatica. 

Who It’s Best For:

Layla mattresses are a good choice for individuals looking for a reliable bed for relieving sciatica pain. They do a very good job of providing pressure relief and proper spinal support. 

Side sleepers under 130 lbs. are the best candidates for the medium-soft side of the Layla mattress. This firmness setting, coupled with the zoned transition layer, offers the near-perfect blend of support and pressure relief necessary to relieve sciatica among side sleepers in this weight group. Side sleepers above 130 lbs. will also enjoy the medium-soft side, but those who prefer more support may want to try the firmer side. 

Back sleepers with sciatica, too, will benefit from the Layla mattress. Those under 130 lbs. will enjoy adequate lumbar support and pressure relief from the medium-soft side. However, back sleepers weighing over 130 lbs. will enjoy more support from the firmer side. 

The firmer side of the Layla mattress also works for stomach sleepers, especially those weighing 130 to 230 lbs. But, as usual, we’d only recommend stomach sleeping once your sciatica has been resolved.


How to Choose the Best Mattress?

Mattress Guides: How to Choose a Mattress for Sciatica 

Buying a mattress online is overwhelming because of the endless options available. It’s even more confusing when you have a delicate nerve to add to the equation. But taking the time to sift through marketing gimmicks and pick a mattress that matches your body type and sleeping position pays dividends. 

Don’t fret, though. Our mattress buying guide for sciatica below highlights the most important factors to look for in the perfect mattress for sciatic pain relief. 

Choosing the Right Firmness Level 

For years, most doctors recommended getting a firm mattress for people with sciatica and lower back pain. However, recent mattress research shows that the ideal firmness level for sciatica is medium-firm.

A medium-firm mattress balances support and cushioning, making it less likely to cause pressure points. The industry standard for a medium-firm mattress is 6.5 on the 10-point mattress firmness scale. 

Please note that mattress firmness levels are subjective and will depend on your weight, body type, sleeping position, and individual preferences. A mattress firmness that feels right to someone else may be too soft or too firm for your likeness.

The bottom line is to get a mattress that provides ample support to your body type without aggravating your pressure points. Pressure points are areas of the body where we place extra pressure when sleeping, so they tend to get sore if there’s no proper cushioning. Pressure points vary between sleeping positions. For instance, when sleeping on your side, your pressure points are shoulders and hips, while back sleeping places more pressure on your tailbone. 

Mattress Size and Other Considerations

  • Mattress size - The queen-sized mattress is better suited to single sleepers who like spreading out and smaller couples with small movements. If you’re sharing a bed with a partner who tosses and turns a lot, the king mattress offers 8” of extra sleeping space. This additional room can make a big difference when coping with sciatica. 
  • Motion isolation - a must-have feature of the best mattress for sciatica - is the ability to isolate motion. Every minute of sleep is a big thing when managing sciatica nerve pain at night. A mattress that contains your partner’s movements to their side of the bed can help you sleep peacefully by reducing disturbance. 
  • Edge support - a mattress with a sturdy perimeter allows you to sleep confidently on the edge of the bed if your sciatica dictates so. A stable and firm perimeter offers immense support when climbing on and off the bed. Additionally, a strong edge support adds to the overall durability of the mattress by limiting sagging. 
  • Temperature regulations - a mattress that sleeps hot - can cause restlessness and constant tossing and turning, which may not be good for your sciatica. People with painful sciatic nerve find that a cooling mattress maintains an optimal sleep environment. This increases the amount of deep sleep, which is necessary to increase the recovery rate. 
  • Mattress type - the best mattress type for sciatica is the one that provides optimum support to help relieve sciatica pain. Most people experiencing sciatica pain find that memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses offer the best support and comfort needed for sciatica pain relief.

Budget- mattresses typically cost $500 to $2500. While you don’t have to splurge on a high-end mattress, a mattress that improves your quality of life when coping with sciatica is worth the investment. Make a checklist of all the features you’re looking for, then identify a mattress that ticks most of them within your budget. You can get a quality mattress on a budget if you shop around major holidays, particularly President’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the Fourth of July. This is when many mattress companies plan major sales. 


Sleeping with sciatica pain is not an easy task because the two influence each other. A restful night of sleep can offer relief from sciatica pain. However, it’s challenging to drift off to sleep with a sharp pain radiating across your lower back, hips, and legs. 

Milder symptoms of sciatica usually go away on their own. But people with painful sciatic nerve are advised to find ways to manage flare-ups instead of ignoring them. 

Stretching, short walks, and other low-impact exercises are possible ways of helping manage sciatica at home. A comfortable mattress tailored to your needs also puts you closer to restful sleep. Medium-firm mattresses are often the most recommended for dealing with sciatica pain. But there’s no guarantee that this level of firmness will work for everyone. What’s important is a sufficiently supportive mattress with above-average pressure relief for a restful night. 


The Full Mattress Comparison

Dreamcloud Mattress
Nectar Mattress
Saatva Mattress
Helix Midnight Mattress
Brooklyn Bedding
Cocoon Mattress
Nectar Premier
Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress
Nolah Evolution Mattress
Layla Mattress
Sleep Trial Warranty Free Shipping/ Returns White Glove Firmness Material
365-Nights Lifetime Both No 6.5/10 Hybrid
365-Nights Lifetime Both No 6.5 Memory Foam
365-Nights Lifetime Both Yes Three firmness options Innerspring
100-Nights 10-15 Years Shipping No Medium Feel Hybrid
120-Nights 10 Years Both No Three firmness options Hybrid
100-Nights 10 Shipping No Medium Hybrid and all-foam options
365-Nights Lifetime Both No 6.5 Memory Foam
120-Nights Lifetime Both No
120-Nights Lifetime Shipping No Three firmness options Hybrid
120-Nights Lifetime Both No Flippable Firmness, softer and firmer Memory Foam

Common Questions (FAQ)

Support is one of the most important mattress considerations for sciatica. A mattress without enough support causes spinal misalignment, which causes or worsens sciatic nerve inflammation. A good mattress for sciatica pain also needs to cushion your pressure points to minimize tossing and turning. 

Most people dealing with sciatica pain tend to do better on memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses. Each of these mattresses has its strengths and drawbacks, so your choice comes down to your unique needs and personal preference. 

Memory foam “melts” due to your body heat and weight to fill up the spaces between your backbone for proper spinal alignment. Another reason memory foam is good for sciatica is the high level of cushioning it offers to your pressure points - shoulders, hips, and buttocks. Heat retention is the major disadvantage of memory foam. 

Latex is responsive and more breathable than memory foam. Plus, it relieves pressure points without hugging you closely. These attributes make it the best mattress type for sciatica for hot sleepers and people who toss and turn a lot. 

Hybrid mattresses offer the support and breathability of traditional innerspring beds and the close conforming and motion isolation attributes of foam. This makes hybrid mattresses ideal for sciatica because they balance support and pressure relief while minimizing sleep disruptions. 

Firmness is strongly tied to the mattress’s support and pressure relief - the two most important attributes of a mattress for sciatica. Support is necessary to keep the spine aligned and prevent continued compression of the sciatic nerve.

A mattress with excellent pressure relief provides a cushion for sensitive parts of your body to lower stress buildup. Pressure relief is necessary for pressure relief is necessary for a person experiencing sciatica pain to reduce tossing and turning for a more restful sleep. 

While soft mattresses have lots of pressure relief, they lack support. This can result in sagging, leading to spine misalignment. Firm mattresses provide more support and excel at aligning the spine. But they have less sinkage, meaning the risk of pressure buildup around the shoulders, hips, knees, and heels is high.

Most people with sciatica pain enjoy relief on a medium-firm mattress because it balances support and pressure relief. Mattress firmness is a subjective measurement, though. If you suffer from sciatica pain, the goal is to get a mattress with enough support to keep your spine and pelvis aligned without pushing on your pressure points. 

Side sleeping with the sciatica side up is the best way to soothe a painful sciatic nerve. Bend your knees and place a pillow between them to keep the spine aligned and prevent your legs from rotating. If side sleeping doesn’t work for your sciatica, try sleeping flat on your back. Stomach sleeping is considered the worst sleeping position for sciatica. 
A mattress with sufficient support for proper spinal alignment can help reduce sciatica pain at night. Getting adequate restful sleep also promotes recovery. But if sciatica doesn’t go alone, eliminating it demands a holistic approach comprising self-care measures, medications, physical therapy, steroid injections, and even surgery.  

Both are good mattresses for sciatica in their own right. Choosing between them boils down to your sleeping position and personal preferences.

Memory foam excels at offering personalized support because it molds to your body shape. The pressure-relieving and motion-isolation attributes of memory foam also promote restful sleep, which may speed up recovery. But memory foam has a reputation for sleeping hot. Plus, how it cradles your body makes it harder to change positions quickly. 

The best hybrid mattresses offer targeted support to promote spinal alignment. Memory foam comfort layers are helpful in cushioning sensitive parts and preventing soreness. Compared to memory foam mattresses, people with sciatica may find it easy to change sleeping positions and move across the bed on a hybrid mattress. Plus, hybrid mattresses are more breathable and have better edge support. However, hybrid mattresses may have a degree of motion transfer.

A common cause of sciatica pain is misalignment of the spine. This misalignment causes compression, irritation, or inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Proper spinal alignment is essential for moving the lower back vertebral that may be pinching or irritating the sciatic nerve. 
The most important attributes to look for in a mattress for sciatica are sufficient support and pressure relief. A mattress that is easy to move on to when changing sleeping positions is vital to prevent irritating the sciatic nerve. For bed-sharing, getting a mattress with a strong perimeter and minimal motion transfer is important. 

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