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Dreamcloud Mattress Premier Review

Updated April 2024
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Dreamcloud Premier Review

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About Dreamcloud:

Dreamcloud was founded with the mission of providing high-quality sleep to everyone at an affordable price. They offer a range of hybrid mattresses combining foam and innerspring coils for comfort and support. Below you will find in-depth comparisons of the different types of Dreamcloud mattresses.

  • The Dreamcloud Premier mattress is a 14" hybrid mattress

  • It has a breathable Cashmere blend Euro top cover, three foam layers, and individually wrapped coils
  • The Dreamcloud Premier Hybrid falls between medium-firm and firm
  • Our Dreamcloud Premier mattress review team rated it 7 on the 10-point mattress firmness scale
  • Its slower moving comfort layers gives it plenty of cushioning to help with pressure relief
  • The Dreamcloud Premier mattress will be a good match for nearly all sleeping positions. But there are several considerations for different weight ranges, which we'll point out later in this review
  • As a mattress-in-a-box, the Dreamcloud Premier mattress will arrive compressed in a cardboard box
  • It takes 48-72 hours to fully expand to its full size and firmness, although you can sleep on it immediately
  • Dreamcloud Premier mattresses come with a 365-night home trial, a lifetime warranty, and free shipping and returns.

Quick Overview

Dreamcloud is an excellent value for money mattress in the luxury mattress market. With 14" 5-layer hybrid construction and a bed-in-box that ships directly to you doorstop, it gives you luxurious comfort at a fraction of the price.
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Trial 365-Night Trial
Warranty Lifetime
Shipping/Returns & Returns
Mattress Type Hybrid
Firmness 7/10

Who is the Dreamcloud Premier Mattress best for?

Dreamcloud offers three mattresses: the Original Dreamcloud, the Dreamcloud Premier, which we review in this post, and the Dreamcloud Premier Rest. The Dreamcloud Premier Hybrid is the most popular model, perhaps because it balances affordability and design.

A combination of slower-moving comfort layers and a supportive coil support core with reinforced edges make it a great choice for various sleeping positions. Having several layers of foam and a Euro Top also makes it a top performer in terms of motion isolation and noise performance. Plus, its coils allow improved airflow, keeping things cooler under the foam layers. 

Ideal for: 

  • All sleeping positions, including combination sleeping 

  • Lightweight to average-weight individuals (130-230 lbs)

  • Couples, thanks to its reinforced edges, bounce, and fairly low motion transfer

  • Hot sleepers

  • Fans of luxurious, hotel-style mattresses

  • Those looking for a mattress with a higher profile

Dreamcloud Premier Firmness

Let's start this review by looking at Dreamcloud Premier firmness level. Firmness refers to how soft or hard the mattress feels when lying on it. Mattress firmness is subjective because it's dependent on the individual sleeper's weight, size, and body shape. In other words, your impression of how a particular mattress feels may differ completely from another person's. So remember that the Dreamcloud Premier mattress firmness will be different for everyone. 

Based on our experience with different mattress types, the Dreamcloud Premier mattress is medium-firm to firm. Our review team ranked it 7 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale, where 1 is ultra-soft, and 10 is super-hard. 

The 8.5" individually wrapped coils make this mattress very supportive. Plus, these coils are strong enough to create a feeling of sleeping on top of the mattress. But the hand-tufted cashmere blend topper and three layers of foam offers a slow-moving feel and a noticeable level of cushioning, so you still get some pressure relief. However, the Dreamcloud Premier lacks the hug-like feel of many all-foam memory foam mattresses, a good thing if you hate the feeling of being buried inside foam layers.

Dreamcloud Premier Mattress: 7 Firm
Soft iconSoft
Firm iconFirm

Dreamcloud Premier Construction

The Dreamcloud Premier hybrid mattress construction comprises seven layers, including a Euro top cover, four layers of foam, and a system of pocketed spring coils. These layers blend to create a mattress with a luxury hotel feel, thanks to the near-perfect mix of comfort and support.  

Let's take a closer look at the seven layers of Dreamcloud Premier mattress and their role in sleep:

Layers Description

Cashmere blend cover

The Dreamcloud mattress Premier cover is made of a soft and breathable cashmere blend. Cashmere is a premium fiber obtained from the downy undercoat of Cashmere goats. Compared to other types of wool, cashmere is the most luxurious because it's lighter, softer, and finer. Plus, this luxury cover is breathable and moisture-wicking. 

1.5" Euro Top

Quilted into the cover is 1.5" of plush, soft foam that gives this mattress its Euro Top design. This layer slightly contours your body to offer some pressure relief, but not in a way that makes it challenging to change position or move on top of the mattress. 

1" Pressure-Relieving Memory Foam

Beneath the Euro Top is the primary comfort layer, which consists of 1" of gel-infused memory foam. This layer molds to your shape in response to your body heat and pressure, relieving pressure points, body aches, and soreness. 

Dynamic Transition Layer

This is a 2-inch layer of polyurethane foam. It works with the coil system in Dreamcloud Premier to promote spinal alignment without you feeling the coils beneath it. This transition layer prevents excess sinkage and also absorbs some bounce from the coils. 

8.5" Individually Wrapped Coils 

The support core of the Dreamcloud Premier features 8.5" of individually pocketed steel coils. Being individually encased means that each coil responds to pressure independently as opposed to altogether. This design offers superior targeted support and body contouring while minimizing motion transfer.

Stability Base Layer

The foundation of the Dreamcloud Premier mattress is an inch of standard foam. This layer supports the coils above and the entire mattress at large. To some extent, this foundation layer also minimizes motion transfer and seals any creaking noises from the coils. 

Shift-Resistant Lower Cover

Finally, all the layers are encased in a cover designed not to shift around on your bed. The Dreamcloud Premier mattress cover has four sturdy handles for when you want to lift or move it around.

layers of the dreamcloud premier mattress
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Is the Dreamcloud Premier a Good Mattress?

Mattress preference varies among individuals and is typically influenced by weight, sleeping position, and personal preferences. Our testing team examined the Dreamcloud Premier mattress based on six key considerations you must consider when buying a mattress online. This is what we found:
person on mattress icon

Dreamcloud Premier Back Pain

The hybrid construction of Dreamcloud Premier, featuring steel coils and high-quality foam, makes it a great choice if you are looking for the best mattress for back pain. The support core prevents you from sinking too far into the mattress. Plus, the coils offer targeted support throughout the body because they are individually wrapped. The top foam layers evenly distribute your weight across the surface of the mattress while contouring to your pressure points for a good night's sleep.

cooling mattress icon

Dreamcloud Premier Cooling

Temperature control in Dreamcloud Premier is great but not excellent for several reasons. Cooling features of Dreamcloud Premier include its Cashmere cover, the gel-infused memory foam layer, and the coil system. Cashmere fabric is highly breathable and should allow air to pass freely through the mattress. For hot sleepers who sweat a lot at night, this top cover wicks moisture to keep you dry for longer. 

The gel-infusion technology in the memory foam layer helps disperse heat, leaving your sleeping surface cooler for longer. Lastly, the spaces in the coil base allow air to move freely between the mattress layers.

Complaints regarding heat retention are very few in Dreamcloud Premier mattress reviews. But remember that the foam layers at the top can retain some body heat.

feather on mattress icon

Dreamcloud Premier Motion Transfer

One of the key selling points of hybrid mattresses is the coil structure that adds bounce and responsiveness to the bed. Unfortunately, this also means that movement on one side of the bed can be transferred to the other, causing disturbance to your sleep partner. 

Motion transfer in Dreamcloud Premier is minimal, though, because most energy is absorbed by the three foam layers at the top and the base layer. It also pays that each coil is individually wrapped. This means that movement in one coil has minimal impact on the neighboring coils. Sleep disturbance with Dreamcloud Premier mattresses shouldn't be a major issue among couples, sleep partners, and people who share their beds with their furry friends.

ball on spring mattress icon

Dreamcloud Premier Edge Support

Dreamcloud Premier edge performance varies, depending on the user's weight. This mattress has a double-row rim of reinforced coils around its perimeter. Typically, these coils should increase the usable surface of Dreamcloud Premier.

Going through Dreamcloud Premier reviews, you can tell that edge support is really one of its strengths. If you enjoy sleeping close to the edge of the bed, you can do so on the Dreamcloud Premier without feeling like you might roll off the ground.

bed icon

Dreamcloud Premier & Sex

If you are planning to buy the Dreamcloud Premier for sex, go ahead. The Dreamcloud Premium Hybrid is one of the best mattresses for sexual activity for reasons ranging from its bounce to medium-firm feel and breathability. 

The bounce in this mattress means that it has a high level of energy return, which helps support rhythmic movement. The extra bounce also means that the mattress reshapes quickly. This creates a feeling of being constantly supported, making changing positions effortless. Speaking of support, the reinforced edge of the Dreamcloud Premier should allow you to try a variety of sex positions. 

Regarding firmness, mattresses in the firmness range of medium-soft to medium-firm are often considered the best for intimacy because they balance comfort and support. The high breathability score of the Dreamcloud Premium also helps a lot in dissipating excess body heat.

mattress off gassing icon

Dreamcloud Premier Off-Gassing

Any mattress featuring foam layers in its construction will have a degree of off-gassing when you unbox it. The Dreamcloud Premier is no exception. Off-gassing is the smell of organic compounds being released from the foam mattresses. The new mattress smell is typically high in bed-in-a-box mattresses because they typically remain vacuum-sealed since production. 

The new mattress smell of the Dreamcloud Premier mattress is harmless to your health. All the foam used in its construction is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they meet high safety and environmental standards for emissions, performance, and durability. 

There weren't a lot of Dreamcloud Premier mattress complaints regarding off-gassing at the time of this review. But it's best to let it air in a well-ventilated room for 24-48 hours, especially if chemical smells trigger your allergies.

Sleeping Positions

side sleeper icon
Dreamcloud Premier for Side Sleepers

Lightweight sleepers (less than 150 lbs)
Lightweight side sleepers who enjoy sleeping on a firm mattress will appreciate the Dreamcloud Premier. Otherwise, it might be too firm for the rest because it does not offer enough sinkage to relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips. 

Average-weight sleepers (150-230 lbs)
Side sleepers in this weight range will be the happiest on the Dreamcloud Premier mattress. The foam comfort layers allow the shoulders and hips to sink. But the individually wrapped coils prevent excessive sinkage, leading to excellent weight distribution and pressure relief. 

Heavyweight sleepers (above 230 lbs)
he Dreamcloud Premier is a good choice for heavyweight side sleepers because of its medium-firm make and supportive core. The Euro top and gel-infused memory foam should properly cushion their pressure prone-areas. On the other hand, the sturdy support core allows the hips and shoulders to sink deeper than other parts, allowing full-body support and proper spine alignment.

back sleeper icon
Dreamcloud Premier for Back Sleepers

Lightweight sleepers (less than 150 lbs)
The Dreamcloud Premier is among the top-rated mattresses for back sleeping due to its solid lumbar support, which promotes a neutral posture. Its medium-firm profile also makes it a nice choice for people with lower back pains. 

Average-weight sleepers (150-230 lbs)
Back sleepers weighing 150 to 230 lbs should be quite comfortable on the Dreamcloud Premier. The foam comfort layers will contour your body shape to soothe pressure points as the coils provide targeted support to hold the spine in neutral alignment. 

Heavyweight sleepers (above 230 lbs)
We also like the Dreamcloud Premier mattress for heavyweight sleepers who sleep on their backs. Heavyweight back sleepers prefer a mattress in the 7-8 firmness range with minimal cushioning but plenty of support. The Dreamcloud Premier suits this description.

stomach sleeper icon
Dreamcloud Premier for Stomach Sleepers

Lightweight sleepers (below 150 lbs)
The Dreamcloud Premier is an excellent pick for lightweight stomach sleepers because it feels like a firm mattress. While these sleepers don’t necessarily want a rock-like mattress, they prefer a mattress that props up their midsection to keep it in line with the hips and shoulders. The Dreamcloud Premier, with its 7 out of 10-star rating, will do just that. 

Average-weight sleepers (150-230 lbs)
Stomach sleepers weighing 150 to 230 lbs will find that the Dreamcloud Premier mattress offers them great support across their body because of its medium-firm feel. 

Heavyweight sleepers (above 230 lbs)
Stomach sleepers who weigh more than 230 lbs will likely find the Dreamcloud Premier lacking support. This may cause their midsection to sink into the mattress pulling out of alignment with the hips and shoulders. We would steer these individuals to a firmer mattress to avoid back pain problems.

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Dreamcloud Premier Prices & Sizes

The Dreamcloud Premier is a luxury mattress, as the choice of materials and height profile suggests. But it’s also priced accordingly, especially compared to most all-foam mattresses. It’s a good thing the Dreamcloud Premier is sold exclusively online, though. Most of the overheads that come with a physical store are reduced, so you get a luxury mattress at a reasonable price tag. We think the cost of Dreamcloud Premier mattress is fair, considering its design, materials, and overall performance. 

The memory foam Dreamcloud Hybrid is 14” in height. It’s available in seven size options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, and Split King. The Dreamcloud Premier queen mattress weighs around 120 lbs. We recommend having a friend, partner or neighbor help you move it around and set it up.

To check the full Dreamcloud Premier pricig Click Here

Customer Policies

Dreamcloud Premier Sleep Trial

Like other Dreamcloud mattresses, the Dreamcloud Premier has a 365-night trial. This is the most generous trial period we have come across. It offers you enough time to test how the mattress performs in all four seasons. The Dreamcloud Premier trial period begins the day it’s delivered. There is a 30-night mandatory break-in period before you can start returning the mattress.

Dreamcloud Premier Shipping

Shipping of Dreamcloud Premier is free throughout the contiguous US. There is a $150 shipping fee for purchasers from Hawaii and Alaska. Dreamcloud mattresses are shipped from California. Delivery takes 7-14 business days. 

Dreamcloud Premier Return Policy

Dreamcloud allows you to return an opened Premier mattress 30 days after delivery but no later than 365 days from the delivery date. You will get a full refund if the mattress meets the requirements indicated in Dreamcloud’s terms and conditions for returns. 

Dreamcloud Premier Warranty 

The Dreamcloud Premier mattress has a lifetime warranty policy valid only to the original buyer. The warranty covers deterioration causing a visible indentation greater than 1.5” and physical flaws that cause the foam layers to split or crack. 

If a defect is confirmed within the first 10 years, Dreamcloud will replace your mattress with a new one at zero cost on your side. After 10 years, Dreamcloud will choose to replace or repair and recover the mattress. You will incur a $50 shipping fee each way. But Dreamcloud will waive this fee if they confirm that the defect exists.

Our Mattress Verdict

The Dreamcloud Premier is a luxurious and supportive mattress that can suit any sleeping position. It shines in terms of back pain and pressure relief, edge support, and motion isolation, making it a perfect choice for couples. It also has multiple cooling features that make it a good mattress for people who sleep hot. It has a slightly higher price tag than an all-foam memory foam mattress. But it’s still competitively priced compared to similar hybrid mattresses. And it offers good value for the money on all fronts that matter when buying a new mattress online.

  • Accommodates all sleeping positions
  • It conveniently ships in a box and allows for easy setup
  • Pillow, mattress protector, and sheet set provided with purchase
  • Get a lifetime warranty to ensure you made the right choice
  • Cost-effective with free shipping and returns
  • Does include springs and coils for those who are sensitive to them
  • Includes memory foam, which provides a firmer feeling for restless sleepers

Common Questions (FAQ)

When comparing Dreamcloud vs Dreamcloud Premier, you will note that the transition layer in the Premier model is thicker. The arrangement of the foam layers also make the Dreamcloud Premier more supportive than the Dreamcloud. This makes Dreamcloud Premier a better choice if you are looking for a mattress with more support.
No. Like most hybrids and Euro Top mattresses, you can’t remove the Dreamcloud Premier cover for washing.

The Dreamcloud Premier is a medium-firm mattress that leans slightly more on the firmer side. Our review team ranked it 7/10 on the firmness scale. The industry standard for medium-firm mattresses is 6.5/10. 

The Dreamcloud Premier has 7 layers and a height profile of 14 inches.

There will be a chemical smell when you unwrap the Dreamcloud Premier because of its foam layers. However, these chemical fumes are not toxic and should dissipate in 48-72 hours.
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