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Nectar Pillows Review

Updated July 2024
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Nectar Pillow Collection

Nectar Pillow Review 

Nectar pillow (officially marketed as Resident pillow) is the most popular pillow by this brand. The Nectar pillow is the most affordable at around $75 before discounts and promo codes. Nectar pillow comes in standard size only (18” W x 28” L x 6” H). 

Nectar pillow has a quilted cover made of polyester and Tencel fabric. Tencel (a.k.a Lyocell) is a natural fabric made from wood pulp. It’s popularly used in bedding products thanks to its smooth feel and ability to wick moisture. This blended fabric gives the Nectar pillow cover a soft feel and helps regulate temperature. 

Another nice feature of the Nectar Pillow is its pillow-in-pillow design. This refers to a thin layer of memory foam quilted into the cover. The idea is to make the cover soft, breathable, and extra-cushy. 

Going past the cover, the Nectar pillow is filled with shredded memory foam. Shredded foam has better breathability because hot air can move between the pieces. But the biggest advantage you’re getting with this filling is the convenience of adjusting this pillow’s 6-inch height to meet your needs. For that reason, the Nectar pillow is a good option for all sleepers, including combo sleepers. 

Nectar Graphite Pillow Review 

The Nectar graphite pillow is in the mid-range of Nectar pillow prices. This pillow comes in two sizes: standard (26” W x 17.3” L x 5” H) and king (33.5” W x 17.3” L x 5” H). 

This pillow starts with a polyethylene outer cover with Carbon Fiber Cool Tech construction. This technology involves infusing graphite into the polyethylene fabric. In recent years, graphite has been widely used in high-end bedding products. Graphite wicks heat away from your body, thus creating a “cooling sensation” to the touch. 

The Nectar Graphite Pillow features 100% solid memory foam filling. In line with traditional visco-elastic foam, this solid memory foam has great body contouring. It will conform to the shape of your head and neck to cradle you in a deep sleep. While solid memory foam is more prone to heat retention, this pillow’s graphite-infused cover means you won’t need to flip it in search of a cooler spot. 

The Nectar Graphite Pillow has a loft of 5 inches and it’s not height-adjustable. But considering its medium-firm feel, we expect this pillow to work for most back and side sleepers.  

Nectar Premier Copper Pillow Review 

The Nectar Premier Copper Pillow is pricier than the other Nectar pillows in the $125 to $135 range. However, we think it’s still a good deal for a pillow that compares with higher-end pillows in terms of feel. The Nectar Copper Pillow is available in two sizes: standard (26” W x 17.3” L x 5” H) and king (33.5” W x 17.3” L x 5” H). 

The outer cover is polyethylene fiber with Dual Action Cooling technology. This cover is infused with copper- a material that’s revolutionizing the bedding industry with its breathability. By allowing air to pass through, copper helps wick away heat to create a cooler sleeping surface. Research also proves that copper is good at fighting odors and eliminating harmful allergens. 

The Nectar Premier Copper pillow uses solid polyurethane memory foam filling and has a height of 5 inches. Like the Nectar Graphite pillow above, the Nectar Premier Copper pillow is designed to support your head and neck and cushion your pressure points. The Nectar Premier Copper Pillow will be a good pick if you want a memory foam pillow that doesn’t sleep too hot. As far as sleeping styles go, we expect this pillow to leave most side and back sleepers happy. Stomach sleepers who sleep with their heads facing sideways will appreciate it too. 

About Nectar Sleep

Nectar Sleep is a well-known brand in the online mattress industry. Most people know it for its original Nectar mattress (arguably the best-selling bed-in-a-box mattress) and its creative social media adverts and campaigns. 

After succeeding in engineering a mattress that most people love, Nectar Sleep is revolutionizing the pillow department. In this Nectar pillows review post, we’ll tell you all you need to know about Nectar pillows and the model that might suit your sleep needs. 

Nectar Sleep sells three types of pillows, each with distinct features: Nectar pillow, Nectar Graphite Pillow and Nectar Premier Copper Pillow. Although different, these pillows share similar policies. They all come with a 50-night risk-free trial, a 5-year warranty and free shipping and returns. 

Our Mattress Verdict

Nectar Sleep is a well-known brand in the online mattress industry. Most people know it for its original Nectar mattress (arguably the best-selling bed-in-a-box mattress). After succeeding in engineering a mattress that people love, Nectar has revolutionized the pillow department with three premium options to choose from. Customizable and offering supreme comfort at a reasonable price, the Nectar pillows are a great investment for a solid sleep.

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