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Sleeping Duck Mach II Mattress Review

Updated April 2024
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  • The Mach II is the most recent mattress by the Australian bedding manufacturer- Sleeping Duck.

  •  This is a bed-in-a-box hybrid mattress with a height profile of 31cm.
  •  You can choose from three firmness level options: medium, firm, and half-half (half medium and half firm).
  •  Our Sleeping Duck Mach II review team rated the medium mattress 5.5 and the firm model 7.5 on the 1-10 firmness scale.
  •  You can customize the mattress firmness free of charge during the trial period.
  • Its customizable firmness level and coil core make the SD Mach II ideal for all sleeping positions and body weights.
  •  The Sleeping Duck Mach 2 comes with a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty.

sleeping duck mattress
Trial100-Night Trial
Warranty10 Years
Shipping/Returns& Returns
Mattress TypeHybrid
  • Sleepers up to 140 kg
  • Couples
  • Customizable
  • Sleepers with back pain
The Mach 2 is designed to be customized for different sleeping styles. Actually, this mattress scooped the award for the most customizable mattress in Australia. It is a bed-in-a-box hybrid mattress with a height profile of 31cm. You can choose from three firmness level options: medium, firm, and half-half (half medium and half firm).

Who is the Sleeping Duck Mach II Best for?

The biggest determinant for a mattress' ideal candidate is its construction style, height, and firmness rating. As this Sleeping Duck review will soon reveal, the Mach 2 is designed to be customized for different sleeping styles. Actually, this mattress scooped the award for the most customizable mattress in Australia. To that extent, we're convinced that this mattress is intended to appeal to the masses.

Based on our years of experience and feedback from TrustPilot, the Sleeping Duck mattress Mach II is ideal for:

  • All types of sleepers weighing up to 140 kg

  • Sleep partners who can't agree on the perfect firmness level

  • Those who appreciate a highly customizable mattress 

  • Hybrid lovers wishing to steer clear from memory foam

  • Side, back, and front sleepers with back pains 

  • Anyone who doesn't mind spending more on a super comfy mattress

Sleeping Duck Mach II Firmness

As stated earlier, the Sleeping Duck Mach II mattress has three firmness options. There's a medium model, which our team rated 5.5 out of 10 (where 10 is firmest) and a firm version, which felt like a 7.5 to us. You can also get this Sleep Duck mattress with one side medium and the other firm. We reckon this will impress most couples with varying firmness preferences.

If you're unsure what firmness level to go with, Sleeping Duck has a firmness quiz on their website that may help you decide. 

Sleeping Duck's level of customization doesn't end there, though. If you're unhappy with the initial firmness, you can contact the manufacturer and have extra comfort layers sent to you free of charge. The additional layers can be soft, medium, firm, or even extra firm, so achieving the desired firmness level is possible. 

But you need to have slept on the mattress for at least 21 days after delivery and be within the 100-night trial window to initiate this process. Nevertheless, this firmness customization stood out in this Sleeping Duck SD Mach II review. 

Sleeping Duck Mach II: 5.5 Medium
Soft iconSoft
Firm iconFirm

Sleeping Duck Mach II Mattress Layers

The Sleeping Duck Mach 2 construction consists of four layers, the cover included. Note that the foam layers' density and feel will differ depending on the model you choose. But the technology and quality remain the same. Here's a close-up look at each of them and what they do to improve the quality of your sleep:

BreachTech cover- a removable and washable cover made from vortex-spun bamboo fabric. Bamboo is a popular choice in bedding today because it's moisture-wicking and cooler, temperature-wise. Its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties also make it hypoallergenic, making it ideal if you suffer from allergies. 

Antigravity surface foam- Australian-made high-density polyfoam that feels like a blend of memory foam and latex. Engineered with the latest mattress technology, Variable Pressure Foaming, this foam balances comfort and cushioning without compromising breathability and responsiveness. 

ComponentAdapt customization system- another high-density layer of Airgrown polyfoam. It guarantees deeper cushioning by reinforcing the comfort layer. Its other role is to provide a buffer or barrier between your body and the firm coil core. This transition layer comes initially in medium or firm, but you can swap it for a softer or firmer pad.

Motherboard multi-zoned system- a layer of individually wrapped steel coils. This system is to thank for most of the support that you get from this mattress. The individually pocketed coils respond independently to provide individualized support. Multi-zoning means that some sections of the coil system, such as the lumbar area, are reinforced to provide extra support for proper spinal alignment. 

The Sleeping Duck Mach ii mattress is 32cm tall and has a weight limit of 140 kg per person or 280 kg for couples. Its layers of foam are made in Sydney, Australia and have level A Global Green Tag certification. The certification guarantees that they are non-toxic, high-quality, and approved as safe for residential and commercial use.

Is the Sleeping Duck Mach II a Good Mattress?

Yes. The Sleeping Duck Mach II is one of the best mattresses to buy in Australia today. And that’s not us speaking. Thousands of current users have left thousands of positive reviews on reliable websites that provide consumer feedback, like TrustPilot and In most Sleep Duck Mach II reviews the buyers report that they enjoyed great sleep after getting this mattress. Further digging reveals that the Sleeping Duck Mach II is popular among couples and people with back pains. But what it sells most people is the extraordinary customization and 100-night trial. 

cooling mattress icon

Sleeping Duck Mach II Cooling

The Mach II mattress by Sleeping Duck doesn’t sleep hot. The biggest fear people have when buying foam mattresses is heat retention. But you should understand that polyfoam, memory foam, and latex behave differently in terms of temperature management. The Mach II is made of poly foam, which sleeps much cooler than memory foam.

On top of that, this mattress’ coil core allows air to circulate throughout the bed, providing a cooler sleep through the night. The bamboo fabric cover also boosts breathability by wicking moisture quickly to keep your skin more comfortable.

person on mattress icon

Sleeping Duck Mach II Back Pain

While hybrid mattresses are generally ideal for back pain, the Mach II’s construction design may make it a better option than most hybrid models. 

The Sleeping Duck’s Antigravity Surface foam feels like a blend of memory foam and latex. Like memory foam, this layer moulds to your curves to offer body-hugging comfort. However, it’s porous and breathable, and this reduces tossing and turning. The transition layer and zone coil system distribute your weight event across the sleeping surface to promote neutral spinal alignment and relieve pressure points.

The ability to interchange the foam layers into firmer or softer pads also makes it possible to fine-tune the mattress to your back pain needs. 

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Sleeping Duck Mach 2 Motion Transfer

Motion transfer refers to the degree to which movements due to tossing and turning can interfere with your partner’s sleep. As mentioned in this Sleeping Duck mattress review, the Mach II is very popular with couples. One reason for this popularity is its above-average motion isolation. 

While the Sleeping Duck Mach II won’t beat all-foam mattresses in this regard, its performance is likely to be sufficient for most couples. Individually pocketed coils don’t transfer as much motion because the coils move independently from each other. Also, the two foam layers on top help absorb some of the movement, thus reducing disturbance further. 

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Sleeping Duck Mach II Mattress Edge Support

Hybrid mattresses with coil bases and reinforced perimeters offer the best edge support. The Sleeping Duck Mach II has thicker coils along the perimeter, which give it stronger edges compared to most cheaper hybrid mattresses. 

This reinforced support along the edges expands the usable sleeping surface on the mattress. It means that the foam layers won’t sag uncomfortably to make you feel like you’re about to roll off the bed. The extra edge stability also means you can sit on the mattress comfortably when climbing on and off the bed, tying your shoelaces, or even replying to emails on your phone.

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Sleeping Duck Mach 2 Mattress for Sex

In our Sleeping Duck mattress Mach 2 review, this mattress ticked all our boxes of the best mattress for sex. Its combination of traction, responsiveness, and a cool sleeping surface makes it a better option for sexual activity than most of its cheaper alternatives. 

Its porous polyfoam comfort layer contours easily to give traction. But it’s more responsive than memory foam, making changing positions more fluid and effortless. The Mach II also boasts a good level of bounce, which will help build and maintain rhythmic movements. And unlike innerspring beds, the Mach II doesn’t make those annoying squeaking noises.

mattress off gassing icon

Sleeping Duck Mach II Off-gassing

One of the major Sleeping Duck mattress complaints is the “new mattress” smell. All synthetic foams are prone to off-gassing, although polyfoam tends to be the worst hit. Though these odours are not pleasant, they are not harmful. Remember, Sleeping Duck uses Global Green Tag and GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) certified foams. Plus, you can speed up the release of these odours by leaving the mattress in a ventilated room or space for a day or two before sleeping on it.

Sleeping Duck Mach II Sleeping Styles

Mattress preference is a subjective concept. Your pick will depend on many things, including your weight, size, and body shape. But most people with similar sleeping styles and within the same weight range will likely benefit from a particular mattress. The next section of our SD Mach 2 review looks at who may benefit the most from this mattress's medium and firm models. 

side sleeper icon
Sleeping Duck Mach II for Side Sleepers

Most side sleepers do best on a mattress that allows their shoulders and hips to sink enough for pressure relief. Support is also crucial to prevent the spine from falling out of alignment and causing discomfort while sleeping. 

Side sleepers weighing 100 kilograms and below will likely find the medium version more comfortable. On the other hand, the firm model of the Sleeping Duck Mach II will be a great choice if you weigh 100-140 kilograms.

back sleeper icon
Sleeping Duck Mach II for Back Sleepers

Like side sleepers, back sleepers also want a mattress that blends comfort and support. But while pressure relief is crucial, it's also important for the mattress to give them a slight push, especially around the lumbar area, to keep the spine in proper alignment.

For back sleepers under 60 kgs, the medium Sleeping Duck Mach II will meet their sleep needs well. If you weigh between 60 and 140 kilograms, the firm model will have the perfect combination of support and contouring for you.

stomach sleeper icon
Sleeping Duck Mach II for Stomach Sleepers

People who sleep on their bellies risk developing or aggravating existing lower back and neck pains. Sleeping on your stomach naturally interferes with the spine's natural curve, putting more pressure on the joints and muscles.

Most stomach sleepers prefer mattresses slightly on the firmer side. Mattresses rated 6 to 7.5 on the firmness scale have enough support to maintain the S shape of the mattress without causing an oppressive feeling on their stomach. 

In our Sleeping Duck Mach 2 review, the firm model proved excellent for all stomach sleepers weighing below 140 kg. 

Remember that you can request softer or firmer pads to alter your mattress' firmness after buying. Couples with varying body weights and sleeping positions will have success on the half-half Mach II mattress. 

Sleeping Duck Mach II Mattress Price and Sizes

Instead of making you choose from several types of mattresses, Sleeping Duck gives you a mattress you can customize to your liking. Luckily, whether you want a mattress for children or small spaces or prefer a mattress with extra room to stretch out, Sleeping Duck has it. 

The Sleeping Duck Mach II mattress comes in 5 sizes: single 92 x 188 x 31 cm (30 kgs), king single 107 x 203 x 31 cm (36 kgs), double 138 x 188 x 31 cm (43 kgs), queen 153 x 203 x 31 cm (52 kgs), and king 183 x 203 x 28 cm (65 kgs). 

The Sleeping Duck Mach II is in the mid-pricing tier. So, it's not for those looking for a budget mattress. But its price makes sense for a hybrid mattress that adds customization to the equation.

Sleeping Duck Customer Service

Sleeping Duck mattress headquarters are in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The Sleeping Duck Mach II foams are designed and manufactured in Australia. But the pocketed coil system is made in China. 

Sleeping Duck Mach II Return Policy

The Sleeping Duck Mach II comes with a 100-night trial. The trial begins on the day of delivery, and there's a recommended 21-day break-in period. If you're not impressed with the firmness level after the 21 days, you can order for a softer or firmer foam pad to adjust the firmness. If the mattress still doesn't work for you, Sleeping Duck will pick it up from your home free of charge and make a full refund. 

Sleeping Duck Mach II Shipping 

Sleeping Duck dispatches orders within 1-2 business days. Depending on your location, your Sleeping Duck mattress may arrive either the same day or within 2-10 business days. Sleeping Duck mattress delivery is free. 

Sleeping Duck Mach II Warranty 

The Sleeping Duck mattress is covered by a 10-year limited warranty so long as it's purchased directly from The warranty covers body indentations greater than 30mm and physical damages due to manufacturing flaws. Worth noting, the Sleeping Duck warranty applies only if each sleeper does not exceed 140 kgs.

Our Mattress Verdict

That's a wrap for this review of the Sleeping Duck Mach II review. As fans of hybrid beds, we have to accept that the team at Sleeping Duck is bringing changes to the mattress scene with its high level of customization. It's not the most budget-friendly mattress out there. But if you want a hybrid mattress, you can adjust the firmness level to fit your sleep needs, the Sleeping Duck Mach II will make an excellent choice. 

Our Mattress Verdict

That's a wrap for this review of the Sleeping Duck Mach II review. As fans of hybrid beds, we have to accept that the team at Sleeping Duck is bringing changes to the mattress scene with its high level of customization. It's not the most budget-friendly mattress out there. But if you want a hybrid mattress, you can adjust the firmness level to fit your sleep needs, the Sleeping Duck Mach II will make an excellent choice.

  • Interchangeable foams allow firmness customization
  • The cover is removable and washable
  • Great for hot sleepers
  • Three firmness options to choose from
  • Not the most budget-friendly
  • It cannot be used on an adjustable base

Common Questions (FAQ)

The foams are made in Australia, but the coil core is made in China. 

The Sleeping Duck mattress offers three firmness options: medium (5.5 on the firmness scale) and firm (7.5). Couples can also get it in a 2-in-1 design where one side is firm and the other medium. You can also get additional foam layers for free (within the sleep trial) to customize the firmness. 

No. Sleeping Duck recommends using the mattress “on a firm flat or slatted surface with grounded support.” Using it on a sprung base or adjustable base will void the 10-year warranty. 

Sleepers suffering from back pains prefer a mattress with a good balance of support and pressure relief to maintain neutral spine alignment. Our Sleeping Duck mattress review showed that it performed well in this category, thanks to its customizable firm feel and zoned coil core. 

No. Hybrid mattresses cannot be flipped due to the varied layer composition. However, this Sleeping Duck mattress should be rotated every 3-6 months for even wear. 

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    • Online only bed-in-a-box memory foam mattress
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