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Noa Mattress Review

Updated July 2024
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Noa Mattress Review Summary

  • The Noa is a hybrid mattress available in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the UK.

  •  It has a height profile of 28cm and is available in 5 Australian sizes: single, king single, double, queen, and king.
  •  The Noa mattress has a multilayer construction design comprising individually pocketed springs, foam, and a hand-tufted pillow top.
  • Our Noa mattress review found it to be a medium-firm mattress that leans slightly on the firmer side.
  •  Our review team rated it 7 on the 10-point mattress firmness scale.
  • The Noa mattress is popular with back, stomach, side, and edge sleepers.
  •  The Noa mattress is a bed-in-a-box. You enjoy free shipping, free returns, a 120-night trial, and a 15-year warranty.
  •  Most Australians prefer it because it combines simplicity with modern design at an outstanding value.

$400 Off Any Mattress
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Trial120-Night Trial
Warranty15 Years
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Mattress TypeHybrid
$400 Off Any Mattress
  • Combo sleepers
  • Edge support
  • Hot sleepers
  • Free shipping & Returns

The Noa is one of the most popular mattresses in Australia. It’s the mid-range option from Noa’s mattress collection in terms of thickness. With the lovely mix of comfort and support, Noa aimed to design a mattress that would cater to all sleepers’ needs across all sleeping positions and body types. 

Who is the Noa Mattress best for?

The Noa is one of the most popular mattresses in Australia. It’s the mid-range option from Noa’s mattress collection in terms of thickness. With the lovely mix of comfort and support, Noa aimed to design a mattress that would cater to all sleepers’ needs across all sleeping positions and body types. 

Based on our experience and after reading hundreds of Noa mattress reviews online, we’re convinced that this hybrid mattress will impress a wide range of people. 

Ideal for:

  • Individuals across all sleeping positions

  • Those who love to sleep on the cliff or edge of the bed

  • People who want to try a mix of latex and memory foam with spring support

  • Sexually-active couples 

  • Hot sleepers looking for a mattress that promotes cool nights of sleep 

  • First-time online mattress buyers who prioritize a longer trial period and free returns

  • Memory foam lovers who hate the feeling of being stuck in the materials 

Noa Mattress Firmness

When doing this Noa mattress review, our team felt that this is a medium-firm bed. In particular, we rated it a 7 on the 10-point mattress firmness scale, where 1 is the plushest, and 10 is the firmest. 

Coil-based mattresses are generally firm. However, adding several layers of foam (plus a pillow top, in this case) adds a fair amount of plushness. When you first lie on it, you’ll experience the slow-moving sinking memory foam sensation. But the pillow top and pocketed coils will provide a level of push back, so you won’t sink too much to the extent of feeling stuck in the mattress. 

As most Noa hybrid mattress reviews affirm, this model has a contouring surface for your body’s high-pressure points. But the latex layer on top and coil base make it very responsive for ease of movement. We’ll discuss how this mattress feels in different sleeping positions later in this Noa mattress review. 

Noa Mattress: 7 Firm
Soft iconSoft
Firm iconFirm

Noa Mattress Layers

The Noa is a hybrid mattress with a 7-layer construction design, including the top and bottom covers. Normally, we don’t include the top and bottom covers when counting mattress layers unless they have a crucial role in how the mattress performs. And that’s the case with the Noa mattress. 

Let’s jump into how the Noa hybrid mattress is made and what each layer does:

Hand-tufted cover- a pillow-top cover consisting of a Tencel cover and quilted with polyester. Tencel is luxuriously smooth, moisture-wicking, and breathable. The quilted polyester tufting adds bounce and responsiveness to eliminate the “stuck” in bed feeling. 

Open-cell latex- a 2cm layer of Dunlop latex. Putting it on top of the gel-infused memory foam layer was done on purpose because latex has a more generalized hug than visco-elastic foam. Secondly, it has a lifting feel, which means a faster response time. The latter is crucial for turning and moving on the bed. 

Cooling gel memory foam- a 4cm gel-infused memory foam layer adapts to your body contours to provide moldable support and pressure relief, particularly to your hips and shoulders. Gel infusion is a technology used to offset the heat retention properties of memory foam. 

Adaptive transition foam- a layer of high-density polyfoam deepens the contouring of the plush comfort layers above it while cushioning the sleeper from the firmer support core. In our Noa mattress review, we found this layer’s high-density construction to boost motion transfer control, which is crucial for couples.

Pocket springs- the core of the Noa mattress is a system of hundreds of individually pocketed coils. Wrapping each spring on its own allows it to respond independently to pressure and shape. This creates customized contouring and support, making these mattresses the best for insomnia and back pain. The springs are 2.0mm thick, which will do more for durability. 

Perimeter edge support- going around the pocketed coil system is a 9cm thick high density foam encasement. Its purpose is to give you a mattress with sturdy edges. 

Hand-tufted side perimeter- this feature is common in high-end mattresses. It reinforces the perimeter of the mattress to boost edge support further and maintain mattress structure. The side panels also boast very strong handles, making moving the mattress less hectic. 

The Noa mattress is 28 centimeters tall. All its foam layers are either OEKO TEX or REACH certified. REACH is the EU equivalent of CertiPUR-US. It assures that the chemicals used in the foam have a high level of ecological and human safety.

$400 Off Any Mattress

Is Noa a good mattress?

Judging by the construction alone, the Noa mattress offers much value for the money. Most brands that combine latex, gel-infused memory foam, and thick-gauge pocketed coils with reinforced edges often market themselves as luxury mattresses. And as you can expect, they carry a premium price tag to match. Getting all these at the price this mattress comes at is a steal.

We looked beyond the construction and materials for this Noa mattress review. Here is how it performs on the ultimate checklist of a good mattress.

cooling mattress icon

Noa Mattress Cooling

The conforming abilities that make foam mattresses also make them notorious for heat retention. Luckily, the Noa mattress employs several technologies to increase temperature regulation, allowing you to sleep cooler.

The most obvious is the use of a coil base. Because almost half the height of the mattress comprises coils, there is much better airflow throughout the bed. This can help prevent overheating. Secondly, the open-cell structure of the latex layer complements the gel-infused memory foam layer to increase cooling properties.

Lastly, the cover is made of Tencel, which excels in regulating temperature and wicking moisture. In short, the Noa mattress may be a good solution if you have trouble sleeping cool at night.

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Noa Mattress Back Pain

A quick scan of Noa mattress reviews shows this is one of the best mattresses for back pain. And it's not surprising considering its construction materials and firmness. For one, research has shown that medium-firm mattresses provide a higher level of improvement for people with non-specific chronic low back pain. 

A pillow top is another exceptional tool for reducing back and joint back. The latex comfort layer will also come in handy to reduce surface pressure and give that extra push needed to support the spine better.

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Noa Mattress Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is a measure of the amount of movement that is sent from one area to other parts of the bed. A mattress that can't localize movement to the immediate area can impact comfort and quality of sleep. All-foam mattresses are the best performers in this regard, while innerspring beds are the worst. Hybrid (coil and foam) mattresses sit between the two. That said, you'll feel some minimal movements as your partner or pet climbs onto the bed. But most reviews of the Noa mattress affirm that it's not as terrible as you'd have in a regular spring mattress. 

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Noa Mattress Edge Support

A stable mattress perimeter is crucial, especially if you prefer hooking the edge of the bed as you sleep. For couples, a mattress with strong edge support means you can use the entire sleeping surface instead of huddling up in the middle. 

Edge support is one of the main strengths of hybrid mattresses. But the Noa mattress performs much better thanks to its pillow top design and the 9cm thick foam polyfoam reinforcement. Also, the Noa is very buoyant and springs back to shape immediately when you get off. 

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Noa Mattress for Sex

When choosing a good mattress for having sex, you want a model that's neither too soft nor too firm. And while bounce is good, a mattress that feels like a bouncing castle can affect the quality of sex a great deal. The Noa mattress ticks almost all the boxes as far as intimacy goes. It's medium-firm and super responsive, so you won't feel sunk or unable to move. And though it's coil based, the pillow top and foam layers do a great job of ensuring there are no squeaking noises. 

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Noa Mattress Off-gassing

Hybrid mattresses are prone to off-gassing because of their synthetic foam layers. But most Noa reviews note that the smells are hardly detectable. Don't worry if the chemical smell is noticeable when you unbox and unroll your Noa mattress. Noa mattress foams have OEKO-TEX and REACH certifications, meaning they have low VOCs and don't contain potentially hazardous compounds like mercury and lead. 

Noa Mattress Sleeping Styles

The best mattress for your sleeping style boils down to various factors. But most importantly, it should be comfortable and supportive. The mattress should promote proper spine alignment to prevent strain and stress on your muscles and ligaments. 

The Noa's hybrid construction and medium-firm feel are clear pointers that it's engineered to accommodate different sleeping styles. But this Noa mattress review aims to give you more info on how the mattress actually feels when sleeping on the back, stomach, and side.

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Noa Mattress for Side Sleepers

When doing this updated Noa mattress review, we found it to be a good match for side sleepers. While it will accommodate lightweight side sleepers who prefer a firm, bouncy mattress, we'd especially recommend it to those who are more than 130 lbs. 

Side sleepers prefer a mattress with more contour underneath the hip and shoulders. Because these are sensitive parts that dig into the mattress, they require adequate pressure relief. Side sleepers who weigh 130 lbs and above are heavy enough to push through the foam layers and enjoy some pressure relief. Most lightweight side sleepers will tend to sleep "on" the mattress, which will likely irritate their pressure points.

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Noa Mattress for Back Sleepers

The Noa mattress is popular among back sleepers because it has lots of support for the lower back. Lumbar support in a mattress is important because it helps maintain the spine's natural posture when sleeping. The individually pocketed coil base promotes the pillow top design to contour to your body curves and give your pressure points a break from the stress of gravity.

Considering its high profile, pillow top design, and thick-gauge steel coils, we found the Noa mattress will support back sleepers across all weights and body shapes.

stomach sleeper icon
Noa Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers prefer medium-firm to firm mattresses. These mattresses pack enough support underneath their bellies and hips, keeping the spine aligned. A mattress with pressure-relieving materials is preferable to avoid straining your abdomen and chest too much. 

In our Noa mattress review, this bed proved a perfect match for stomach sleepers who don't exceed 230 lbs. The high-density transition layer and pocketed coil system prevent your hips and abdomen from digging deeply to cause misalignment. On the other hand, the quilted pillow top and comfort layers conform to your tummy and upper body to offer pressure relief.

$400 Off Any Mattress

Noa Hybrid Mattress Price and Sizes

The Noa mattress is the second most expensive mattress on Noa’s list of mattresses. But it’s still competitively priced for a hybrid mattress of its quality. In fact, the Noa mattress is currently the most affordable hybrid in Australia, combining independently pocketed coils, a pillow top, gel-infused memory foam, and a slab of Dunlop latex. 

The Noa mattress in Australia is available in five sizes: single 92 x 188 x 28 cm (25 kgs), king single 107 x 203 x 28 cm (31 kgs), double 138 x 188 x 28 cm (36 kgs), queen 153 x 203 x 28 cm (44 kgs), and king 183 x 203 x 28 cm (55 kgs).

Noa Customer Service

All Noa mattresses are designed in Canada but manufactured in China for cost-saving reasons. Noa Home says the mattresses are manufactured responsibly using OEKO-TEX and REACH-certified materials. Noa Home headquarters are at 1000 Rue De La Gauchetière O, Montreal, Canada. 

Noa Return Policy 

The Noa mattress comes with a 120-night trial, which begins the day the mattress arrives. There is a 30-day mandatory break-in period before you can initiate the return process. 

A 120-night trial is standard among most reputable mattress brands today. At Mattress Verdict, we think it’s long enough for your body to adjust to the new mattress and decide whether it’s the right bed.

Should you wish to return the Noa mattress, email the manufacturer during the trial period. They will coordinate a free pick-up of the mattress, donate it to a local charity or recycling organization, and then issue a full refund. 

Noa Mattress Shipping 

Does Noa offer free shipping in Australia? Yes. Noa uses third-party transportation companies to deliver its mattresses Australia-wide, except for NT and P.O. boxes. After ordering, your purchase takes 2-10 working days to arrive. Deliveries are made from Monday to Saturday. 

Noa Warranty 

The Noa mattress is covered by a 15-year limited warranty. The Noa mattress warranty covers indentations deeper than 2.54cm. The indentations should be visible and result from manufacturing flaws or material defects, not normal wear and tear. The warranty also covers structural flaws that cause the foam to crack or split, despite proper handling and use.

Our Mattress Verdict

Ultimately, we think the Noa mattress is an excellent value for the money if you’re looking for a luxurious, medium-firm hybrid mattress. As a wrap-up of this Noa mattress review, this is a good mattress for back and front sleepers of all body weights and side sleepers who weigh more than 130 lbs. Hot sleepers who want a breathable mattress will also enjoy the Noa, thanks to its Tencel cover, breathable foams, and spacious coil core. 

$400 Off Any Mattress

Our Mattress Verdict

Ultimately, we think the Noa mattress is an excellent value for the money if you’re looking for a luxurious, medium-firm hybrid mattress. As a wrap-up of this Noa mattress review, this is a good mattress for back and front sleepers of all body weights and side sleepers who weigh more than 130 lbs. Hot sleepers who want a breathable mattress will also enjoy the Noa, thanks to its Tencel cover, breathable foams, and spacious coil core.

  • Good quality hybrid mattress with excellent value for money
  • Super air circulation for a cool night of sleep
  • Medium-firm feel balances comfort and support
  • A reasonably long trial period to let you make an informed decision
  • The chemical smell is hardly there or dissipates fast
  • The cover cannot be removed for washing
  • Heavy, although there are strong handles

Common Questions (FAQ)

The Noa mattress is medium-firm and has a rating of 7 on the mattress firmness scale. It’s an all-rounder mattress designed to accommodate all sleeping positions and a wide range of body types. 

Based on its medium-firm profile and a blend of latex and gel-infused memory foam, the Noa is a fantastic choice for side, back, and stomach sleepers with back pains and joint issues. Its comfort layers will cradle the body to alleviate pressure in sensitive areas like the shoulders, lower back, and hips. The coil core provides consistent localized support for proper weight distribution. 

No. The Noa mattress has a pillow top cover, meaning it can’t be removed. You can spot-clean it with a mild detergent and vacuum it regularly to remove dust mites, skin flakes, and other debris. 

No. The Noa mattress already has a wonderful bounce system. All you need is a solid flat surface, for instance, a bed frame or foundation. 

Durability will depend on the weight of the user and the level of care. Our Noa mattress review found it to have quality construction and dependable materials. We expect the Noa mattress to last 6-8 years with proper care.

$400 Off Any Mattress

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