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Newentor Hybrid Mattress Review

Updated April 2024
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Newentor Hybrid Mattress Review Summary

  • The Newentor Hybrid is an affordable 7-layer bed in a box with a euro-top design.

  •   It’s 25cm tall and comes in all seven Australian mattress sizes, from single to super king.
  • The Newentor Hybrid mattress construction comprises four foam layers, a pocket spring system, and a carbon fiber cover.
  • Our Newentor Hybrid mattress review rated it a 7 on the mattress firmness scale, suggesting it’s a medium-firm mattress.
  • The Newentor mattress’s key selling point is its 7-zone body support design that seeks to offer decent spinal support and alignment.
  • The mattress comes with a 120-night trial period and a 10-year warranty. Deliveries and returns are free Australia-wide.
  • The Newentor mattress is made in China, but its materials are OEKO-Tex and CertiPUR-US certified.

Who is the Newentor Mattress Ideal For

The Newentor Hybrid mattress was launched in 2022, meaning it’s pretty new in the Australian mattress space. This mattress has several unique construction designs that make it a good buy for most people. We’ll get deeper into this in the following sections. 

The Newentor Hybrid is a good mattress for: 

  • People looking for a more affordable but good quality pocket spring hybrid mattress. 

  • Back and stomach sleepers across all weight categories and average weight to heavy side sleepers. 

  • Individuals who enjoy a firm sleeping surface. 

  • Hot sleepers who want a mattress with above-average temperature regulation capabilities. 

  • Those who want a mattress with a strong neck, shoulder, and back pain relief score. 

  • Couples looking for a mattress that isolates movements, regulates temperature, and feels secure along the perimeter. 

Newentor Mattress Firmness

Newentor mattress firmness is not mentioned anywhere on the manufacturer’s website, which is a bit strange initially. Most online mattress brands often give a rough idea of how their mattresses feel based on construction materials and design. 

In our opinion, Newentor is not precise regarding its hybrid model’s firmness because of the varying coils used for the support system. The Newentor Hybrid support system uses soft or hard coils for different mattress sections, depending on the level of support needed. For instance, the shoulder region is soft because the shoulders need more recessed space. The waist region is hard because the waist requires hard support, while the butt area is medium to balance plushness and support. 

Based on our Newentor mattress review, this is a medium-firm mattress that’s slightly on the firmer side. We scored it a 7 on the 10-point mattress firmness scale, where 10 is the firmest. At the time of this review, the Newentor hybrid mattress comes with a free topper that brings this firmness level to between 6 and 6.5. 

Medium-firm mattresses are usually universally comfortable because they combine squishiness and support.

Newentor Hybrid Mattress: 7 Firm
Soft iconSoft
Firm iconFirm

Newentor Mattress Construction

The Newentor Hybrid mattress is 25cm tall and has 7 layers, including the top and bottom cover. This Newentor mattress construction gives you a sneak peek of what this mattress looks like from the inside. This way, you get a glimpse of what to expect regarding feel and overall durability. 

Top Cover

The Newentor mattress layers start with a euro top comprising a coconut fibre cover and an eco-friendly cotton pad. Carbon’s electric conductivity also allows the body to discharge pent-up static charge. Experts say this may promote deep and restorative sleep. 

The carbon fibre cover also has the potential to help with temperature regulation because it creates pathways allowing excess body heat to dissipate. Carbon fibres are also known for their antibacterial properties, which make the Newentor mattress inherently self-sanitising. This technology may help inhibit the growth of bacteria, mould, fungi, and mildew and prevent unwanted odours. 

The Newentor hybrid mattress cover is not removable, so it’s non-machine washable. Stains and spillages can only be spot-cleaned.

Gel-Visco Flow Memory Foam 

Attached to the cotton pad is a thin layer of gel-infused memory foam (1cm to be precise). The use of memory foam in the euro top is so that the mattress can mould your body's curves and shape. This should provide balanced comfort and support, leading to remarkable pressure relief. Adding gel to the memory foam boosts temperature regulation, thus creating a cooler sleeping surface. 

PCM Support Flow Foam 

The third layer from the top is a centimetre of high-elasticity proprietary foam blended with Phase Change Materials (PCM). The high-elasticity properties of this layer is to continue with the moulding properties of the gel-infused memory foam layer while adding more responsiveness. Its ability to phase change helps improve your body's thermoregulation for a more comfortable and relaxing sleep throughout the night. 

Bouncy Q Flow Foam 

Next up is a 3 cm layer of high-elasticity proprietary foam. This layer has an open-cell structure that makes it super responsive. This property aids the layers on top in conforming better to your body shape, leading to excellent body support. The Q Flow foam is also to thank for the initial bounce from this mattress. It makes moving around in the mattress and changing sleep positions easy. 

7-Zone Adaptive Pocket Spring System 

The euro top pillow and foam layers lie on individually pocketed coils. This is the main support structure of the Newentor Hybrid mattress. 

It consists of soft and hard coils strategically positioned to offer varying levels of support to different weight-bearing parts of the body. While most hybrid mattresses have 3-4 zones, this Newentor mattress has 7 zones. We expect it to perform much better in keeping the spine aligned and ensuring good sleep posture. 

PCM Support Flow Foam 

Underneath the spring system is another layer of high-elasticity foam encased in a wear-resistant fabric. This 0.6 cm block of foam provides a base for the pocketed coils. Its other secondary role is to absorb movement energy from the coils, reducing motion transfer. 

Newentor Non-Slip Base

The Newentor Hybrid mattress has an ant-slip bottom cover with grippy material. It provides an easy way to prevent your mattress from sliding on your platform bed.

Are Newentor Mattresses Good?

The Newentor Hybrid is a good purchase considering its construction design and fantastic price point. Most Newentor mattress reviews from current users cite it as very comfortable and supportive. But let's take a second to look at how the Newentor mattress ranks in various performance factors. 

person on mattress icon

Newentor Mattress Back Pain

The Newentor is a good mattress for back pain. Actually, this is one of the reasons most people buy it. The combination of a pocket spring support core and several layers of foam gives this mattress a mix of contouring and support.

The euro pillow top and elastic foam layers conform to your body shape to create a close hug and spread your weight. The zoned pocketed spring system provides tailored support just where you need it for neck and back pain-free sleep. 

Overall, the design of the Newentor mattress makes it a worthy contender among other hybrid beds, which generally perform well in this category. 

cooling mattress icon

Newentor Mattress Cooling

The Newentor Hybrid mattress has multiple temperature-regulating features that help it sleep cool. If you are prone to getting sweaty at night, the carbon-infused cover of this mattress should help wick away sweat for a cool and comfortable sleep surface. Carbon fibres are also considered a strong temperature-regulating solution in mattresses because they allow the body to discharge excess static energy. 

The gel infusion in the memory foam comfort layer also helps the bed sleep cooler. But the spaces in the coil support system are this mattress's greatest feature in terms of cooling. Air flows through the core, leading to heat dissipation.

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Newentor Mattress Motion Isolation

If you wonder whether the Newentor is a good mattress for couples and sleep partners, the answer is YES. Although the spring system may cause some motion transfer, each coil is individually pocketed, meaning movement is localised. On top of that, the foam layers absorb a considerable amount of the motion, reducing disturbance even further.

You can expect to feel some movements as your partner climbs in and out of bed. But it shouldn’t be enough to disturb your sleep unless you are a light sleeper.

ball on spring mattress icon

Newentor Mattress Edge Support

A mattress with good resistance along the perimeter means you have more surface to sleep on. Sturdy edge support makes everything you do on the bed feel well-balanced, whether sleeping, tying your shoelaces, or a thrilling edge-of-the-bed sex position. 

Hybrid mattresses are the best for edge support, especially when the perimeter is reinforced. The Newentor Hybrid mattress has good edge support thanks to the hard coils along the border and its euro pillow top design. 

bed icon

Newentor Hybrid Mattress and Sex

The Newentor is considered a good choice for sex because it combines multiple foam layers with springy coils. The gentle foam top layers consistently offer ample cushioning, making most sex positions easy and enjoyable. The responsive coils make it a fan favourite among couples who appreciate a good amount of bounce during intimacy. Also, the euro pillow top, coupled with the steady edge makes it easy to change sex positions and move across the mattress. 

mattress off gassing icon

Newentor Mattress Off-Gassing

The Newentor Hybrid mattress will emit a chemical odour when first unboxed. Vacuum-sealed mattresses made with synthetic foams have the potential for off-gassing. The odours occur due to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released as gas. 

Off-gassing in hybrid mattresses is less strong than in all-foam mattresses. Additionally, the odours dissipate fast because the coil support structure promotes better airflow. The Newentor Hybrid mattress will have a 24-72 hour off-gassing period. 

Sleeping Positions

Your body weight and preferred sleeping position significantly impact whether a mattress is a good choice. Let’s look at how the Newentor Hybrid mattress performs for different weight categories and sleep positions. 

side sleeper icon
Newentor Mattress for Side Sleepers

Lightweight Side Sleepers (Under 60 Kg)

Lightweight side sleepers, particularly those who prefer sleeping on a firmer surface, will enjoy plenty of support from the Newentor Hybrid mattress. However, strict side sleepers under 60 kg sleepers who prefer a plush mattress may find it a bit firm. 

Average Weight Side Sleepers (60-115 Kg)

The Newentor Hybrid mattress will be comfortable for side sleepers in this weight category. The euro pillow top and foam layers consistently offer significant cushioning, which should help minimise pressure buildup around the hips and shoulders. The zoned pocket coil system offers localised support, so that their hips and shoulders don’t sink as much.  

Heavy Side Sleepers (Above 115 Kg)

Heavy folks who alternate between side and back sleeping positions give this model excellent ratings in most Newentor Hybrid mattress reviews. Because of its multiple foam layers, individuals in this group will enjoy plenty of contouring and good support in either position. However, strict side sleepers may prefer a firmer mattress for more support.

back sleeper icon
Newentor Mattress for Back Sleepers

Lightweight Back Sleepers (Under 60 Kg)

The Newentor Hybrid is a fantastic choice for light back sleepers. The hard support in the midsection will support their lumbar area as the elastic foam layers conform to the rest of their body. 

Average Weight Back Sleepers (60-115 Kg)

Average-weight back sleepers should find the Newentor mattress comfortable throughout the night. It has a nice balance of contouring and support, making it perfect for relieving pressure points. 

Heavy Back Sleepers (Above 115 Kg)

Back sleepers on the heavier scale will likely enjoy proper spinal alignment from the Newentor hybrid mattress. Its medium-firm feel won’t let their lower backs sink in too deeply. Plus, the zoned support core will provide the right amount of support just where it’s needed for proper spine alignment.

stomach sleeper icon
Newentor Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Lightweight Stomach Sleepers (Under 60 Kg)

The Newentor Hybrid is a good option for lightweight individuals looking for the best mattress for stomach sleeping. Its firmness level and stable support should support their midsection and prevent their backs from getting out of alignment. 

Average Weight Stomach Sleepers (60-115 Kg)

These folks prefer a mattress that falls between medium-firm and firm. And that's precisely what the Newentor Hybrid mattress is. It has enough cushion to prevent pressure buildup in the chest area. The pocketed coil system packs enough support to align the spine better. 

Heavy Stomach Sleepers (Above 115 Kg)

While the Newentor mattress is excellent for light and average-weight stomach sleepers, we'd steer heavier stomach sleepers towards firmer hybrid mattresses. The Newentor may not have sufficient support to prevent excessive sinkage around the abdomen and reduce spinal strain.

Newentor Mattress Price and Sizes

You can get the Newentor mattress in any of Australia's six major mattress sizes: Queen, Single, Long Single, King Single, Double, King, and Super King.

If you have looked at various options, you will realise that the Newentor Hybrid mattress price is significantly lower than most competing models. This could be penetration pricing, considering that the Newentor Hybrid is relatively new. This Newentor mattress value allows hybrid lovers to grab a premium mattress at a lower price point. 

40% Off a Mattress + Free Topper

Newentor Mattress Customer Service

Newentor Mattress Trial Period

The Newentor Hybrid mattress has a 120-night- not string attached- sleep trial. There is a 30-night "mandatory" trial period before you can initiate the return process. 

Newentor Mattress Return

If you are not getting the best sleep from your new mattress, Newentor will refund the total purchase price. Newentor Hybrid mattress returns are free. 

Newentor Mattress Shipping 

Newentor ships its mattress free of charge throughout Australia. Delivery time ranges from 2-7 days. Most Newentor mattress reviews on TrustPilot state that delivery was quick.

Your Newentor Hybrid mattress will arrive rolled, vacuum-sealed, and fit in a large box. You will be responsible for taking it inside and unpacking it. 

Newentor Mattress Warranty 

The Newentor Hybrid mattress is covered by a 10-year warranty. The warranty benefits the original purchaser only. The Newentor Hybrid mattress warranty covers visible indentations greater than 20mm, physical flaws causing the foam to crack or split, and manufacturing defects in the cover.

Our Mattress Verdict

The Newentor Hybrid is a luxury hybrid available at a price that won't break the bank. We highly recommend taking advantage of its 120-night sleep trial and free returns if you are looking for a quality hybrid mattress with high-end materials at a bargain.

Plus, it balances comfort and support to accommodate most people across different body shapes and sleep positions. That's it for this Newentor Hybrid mattress review! 

40% Off a Mattress + Free Topper

Our Mattress Verdict

The Newentor Hybrid is a luxury hybrid available at a price that won't break the bank. We highly recommend taking advantage of its 120-night sleep trial and free returns if you are looking for a quality hybrid mattress with high-end materials at a bargain. Plus, it balances comfort and support to accommodate most people across different body shapes and sleep positions. That's it for this Newentor Hybrid mattress review!

  • Affordable 7-layer bed in a box
  • 7-zone body support design
  • Good for back and stomach sleepers
  • Non-removable mattress cover
  • Initial off-gassing odor

Common Questions (FAQ)

The Newentor Hybrid has multiple features contributing to its comfort and support facets. It has a contouring comfort section, a supportive pocket spring system, and a solid edge. 

The Newentor mattress has multiple temperature-regulating features, making it a great choice for hot sleepers. These include its carbon fabric cover, gel-infused memory foam, open-cell proprietary foams, and pocketed coil system. 

In our Newentor mattress review, this model felt like a medium-firm, although it was slightly on the firmer side. We rated it 7 on the mattress firmness scale. 

40% Off a Mattress + Free Topper

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