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Nectar Mattress Canada Review

Updated July 2024
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Firmness & Feel

The Nectar is a medium-firm mattress. This updated model feels firmer compared to the previous version, which ranged between 5 and 6 on the firmness scale. The new Nectar mattress now feels like a 6.5 out of 10, making it a true medium-firm. 

It's important to note that mattress firmness is subjective. If you weigh under 145 lbs, you'll probably find this mattress a bit firmer (7/10). On the other hand, individuals who weigh 230 lbs and above are likely to find it softer and more pressure-relieving. 

In terms of the actual feel of the mattress, the Nectar lets you sleep "on the mattress" rather than "in it." It doesn't have that slow sink feel of traditional memory foam mattresses. It has a faster response, and this helps eliminate the quicksand feeling common with conventional memory foam mattresses. 

To sum up, if you like a firmer all-foam mattress, the updated Nectar mattress will probably work for you.


Construction & Design

According to Nectar Sleep, the updated model of the Nectar mattress has received 18 awards so far. That's an extra reward compared to what the mattress received in 2021 and 12 more than the 2021 model. For a mattress that has been the numero uno since it was launched, could these accolades suggest that the updated model is even better? 

Our Nectar mattress review will cover this bed's construction, firmness, and suitable sleeping positions. We'll also tell you whether it's a good value for money. 

Height- the updated Nectar mattress is 12" tall. This is the standard mattress profile and is considered a good mattress height for most adults. 

Cover- the first thing you realize about the updated Nectar is how cool the cover feels. It's made from a blend of polyester, nylon, and polyethylene. Nectar Sleep says that the cover has a higher percentage of polyethylene to help create an even cooler feel. This breathable and heat-wicking cover is the first thing most hot sleepers will love about this bed. 

The Nectar mattress does not have a removable cover, so it cannot be machine-washed. Thus, we recommend having a breathable mattress protector over it. 

Comfort Section- underneath the breathable cover are two inches of high-density gel memory foam. Similar to traditional memory foam, this layer is designed to mold to your body curves in response to your weight and body heat. 

Thanks to this quality, the mattress is able to distribute and cushion your body evenly to relieve pressure.

Importantly, this foam is filled with gel. Gel is a naturally cooling material that creates a cool surface to prevent overheating. 

Transition Layer- the middle layer is made of three inches of conventional polyfoam. This layer is slightly denser and firmer than the comfort layer- and for a good reason. The transition layer aims to prevent excessive sinking and add support, rebound, and bounce to the top layer. This transition layer prevents excessive sinking, so you don't feel stuck in the mattress. Its quick responsiveness makes it easy to move on the mattress and switch sleeping positions. 

Base Layer- the base layer is seven inches of high-density polyfoam. This layer basically provides a firm support surface for the entire mattress. Its high-density design also adds durability to the mattress.

Sleeping Positions

  • Back Sleeping- considering this is a medium-firm to firm mattress, we expect it to work for back sleepers weighing up to around 275 lbs. The Nectar has the perfect balance of comfort and support that most back sleepers desire. Most back sleepers will find their hips and upper evenly supported. 
  • Stomach Sleeping- the Nectar is a good mattress for stomach sleepers who weigh under 230 lbs. The high-density transition and base layers combine to provide enough support and prevent excessive sinking around the stomach and chest. Having said that, we think lightweight and average-weight stomach sleepers will enjoy the most support from this mattress. 
  • Side Sleeping- average weight side sleepers (130-230 lbs) will also enjoy the Nectar mattress. Individuals in this range should feel the comfort and pressure relief of the gel-infused memory foam layer. However, the high-density transition layer should eliminate any issues of bottoming out.

Value for your Money

One thing that we really like about the Nectar mattress is the price. The queen-size Nectar mattress retails for roughly $900. But that's before discounts and any freebies enter the picture. As usual, the updated model of the Nectar mattress is a top-class memory foam mattress at a great price.


Our Mattress Verdict

Despite its typical three-layer design, the Nectar is a well-built all-foam mattress at an excellent price. Its basic design notwithstanding, this mattress outshines its immediate competitors on various fronts, including temperature management, motion isolation, and edge support. The updated Nectar all-foam mattress comes with all the great policies and guarantees that Resident Sleep offers with their mattresses. That includes a 365-night trial to see whether it will remain comfortable throughout the four seasons and the Forever warranty. And should you think of returning the Nectar mattress, remember it has free shipping and returns. We think the recently updated Nectar mattress is a good mattress for stomach and back sleepers because it gravitates more toward a firm feel. Combination sleepers who don't sleep mainly on their side will also appreciate it. Lastly, budget shoppers looking for the best memory foam mattress online will save a lot of dollars with the Nectar mattress.

  • Doesn't make you feel like you're stuck in bed
  • An affordable mattress for all sleeping positions
  • Comes with a 365-night trial period
  • Considerably cheaper than comparable mattresses
  • Sleepers heavier than 230 lbs may prefer a hybrid mattress
  • The cover can't be removed

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