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Douglas Mattress Canada Review

Updated June 2024
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  • The Douglas mattress is 100% made in Canada by Goodmorning
  • This is a 10-inch, three-layer mattress in a box shipped directly to your doorstep free of charge.
  • The Douglas scores 6.5 out of 10 on our mattress firmness scale, thus qualifying it as a medium-firm mattress.
  • Its Tencel cover and gel-infused comfort layer are reminiscent of a mattress designed with hot sleepers in mind.
  • Besides its enticingly low price tags, the Douglas mattress appeals to individuals looking for an eco-conscious mattress with good value for money.
  • Every Douglas mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial with a compulsory 30-night break-in period. provides a 15-year non-prorated warranty for the Douglas mattress.
  • This Douglas mattress review covers the Douglas mattress feel, pros and cons, and who we think it’s best for.

Firmness & Feel

The Douglas is a medium-firm mattress. On a mattress firmness scale with a range of 1 to 10 (where 10 is firmest), our team scored it 6.5. That being said, the Douglas mattress has an incredible mix of conforming, support and responsiveness. Most sleepers weighing up to 250 lbs will experience a significant amount of cocooning but won’t feel like they are sinking too deep into its layers.

Construction & Design

The Douglas mattress is 10” tall and is available in all standard mattress sizes in the US and Canada. The Douglas is made in Canada from scratch, and the materials are sourced from eco-conscious Canadian factories. As a bed-in-a-box mattress, this bed has free shipping and a 120-night trial window within which you can decide whether the Douglas is a good mattress.  

  • Cover - the Douglas CoolSense mattress cover is made of Tencel fabric. Tencel is popular among eco-friendly clothing and bedding product brands because it’s sustainable, biodegradable and fully compostable.It is a popular choice for mattress covers, thanks to its breathability and ability to control moisture. Because of these breathing abilities, the surface of the Douglas mattress allows air to flow in and out, treating you to cool and dry nights. In most Douglas mattress reviews online, buyers also appreciate that this cover can be removed for easy cleaning. 
  • Comfort section - the top layer of the Douglas mattress is a 2-inch slab of ecoLight Cooling Gel foam. This material behaves like high-density memory foam, particularly in contouring to your unique body shape. But unlike regular memory foam, a portion of the petroleum-based components have been replaced with plant-based oils. The result is an eco-friendly memory foam that’s more breathable and more responsive. Throw in the gel-infusion technology, and you get an all-foam mattress with slightly better heat management. 
  • Transition section - the second layer is a latex alternative that Douglas calls Premium Elastex. While it does not contain latex, this transition zone mimics the bounce and quick response properties of latex. The transition layer works in tandem with the top and bottom layers. It boosts the top layer’s responsiveness, making it easy to move on the mattress. It also contributes to the base layer’s support function to ensure proper body alignment when sleeping. 
  • Base - the foundation of the Douglas mattress is a 6-inch layer of Motion Isolation Support Foam. Essentially, this layer is responsible for supporting the top layers and creating a level sleeping surface. Its density also provides firmness in addition to motion isolation.

Sleeping Positions

Now, let’s take this Douglas mattress review a notch higher by evaluating this bed’s performance in various sleeping positions. says that this mattress offers adequate support and balanced pressure relief in all sleeping positions. Here’s what the team at Mattressverdict says. 

Side Sleepers

People who sleep on their side prefer a mattress that contours to the shape of their resting body. This calls for a mattress with adequate cushion for their shoulders and hips and enough support to keep their lower back and neck in proper alignment. We think side sleepers weighing up to 250 lbs will enjoy the Douglas mattress the most. 

Back Sleepers 

Generally, back sleepers appreciate a mattress that’s not too firm or too soft. As a medium-firm mattress, we think the Douglas mattress is a good fit for lightweight and average-weight back sleepers. Heavy-weight back sleepers may use it occasionally. However, sleeping on it for prolonged periods may lead to lower back pains. Plus-size back sleepers above 300 lbs are better off with hybrid mattresses thanks to their enhanced support system. 

Stomach Sleepers

We think the Douglas mattress packs enough support to keep lightweight and average-weight stomach sleepers happy. Heavy-weight stomach sleepers may want to consider a firmer mattress that keeps their spine in neutral alignment. 

Generally, we found’s claim to be pretty accurate. However, while the Douglas mattress works for most body shapes, we think plus-size stomach and back sleepers (above 300 lbs) will want something firmer.

Value for your Money

The Douglas is a popular mattress in this manufacturer’s product line- and we’re not surprised. This mattress couples an impressively affordable price point with a thoughtful choice of construction materials and a straightforward design.

Particularly, we appreciate that this manufacturer is keen on designing an all-foam mattress that sleeps comparably cooler than most all-foam mattresses. The removable cover is a great deal for us, too. While spot-cleaning works for minor stains, a machine washable cover is a feature most parents and pet owners appreciate.

Our Mattress Verdict

We’re impressed by the quality and overall performance of the Douglas mattress. By combining gel-infused memory foam and a more responsive latex-like transition layer, has designed one of the best all-foam mattresses for all body types. Most memory foam lovers looking for a mattress that sleeps slightly cooler and is easier to move on will also like it. Lastly, the Douglas also gets high marks in the category of the best affordable mattresses.

  • Removable & breathable cover
  • Low motion transfer
  • Above-average edge support
  • Doesn't fit lightweight stomach sleepers

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