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  • Cooling features
  • Advanced fabrics
  • Multiple firmness levels
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  • The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is a 13” hybrid mattress made in the US.
  • This mattress is offered in 3 firmness levels each targeting specific users: soft (5), medium (6.5) and firm (8).
  • Its 5-layer construction consists of several foam technologies and individually pocketed coils.
  • The design and choice of materials make it one of the best cooling mattresses online.
  • The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is a bed-in-a-box mattress. It’s shipped in a box to your doorstep free of charge.
  • When you buy the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora, you get a 120-night trial period with free returns plus a 10-year warranty.

Comparison of brands

Brooklyn Bedding
  • Price 9.2
  • Comfort 9.4
  • Body support 9.3
  • Customer support 9.3
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  • Price 10
  • Comfort 10
  • Body support 9
  • Customer support 10
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Our Review

By MattressVerdict Team

Mattress Construction

  • The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is among the best selling mattresses by this manufacturer. This mattress is 13” tall. It’s available in all standard US mattress sizes plus a few more options for more customized sleeps: short queen, split queen, split cal-king, split Alaskan, split Texas and Split Wyoming. 

    With the Aurora hybrid mattress, this manufacturer’s aim was to give the American market the best cooling mattress for hot sleepers. But is it the best for your sleeping needs? 

    Let’s kick off this Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress review by looking at its construction layer by layer. This is a review of the medium version as it’s the most popular, but we’ll also touch on the other two (albeit slightly) so you understand how the three Aurora mattress firmness levels differ. 

    Cover - the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress has a plush Euro Top cover made from a blend of cotton and a Phase-Change proprietary material dubbed TitanCool. This cover has a soft feel and is cool to the touch. The manufacturer says that the cover is engineered to maintain the sleeper’s skin temperature at 88 F. While we can’t affirm this, we must agree that the cover feels distinctly cooler and may please most hot sleepers. 

    Primary comfort layer - the first layer after the cover is 1.5” CopperFlex with TitanCool. CopperFlex is a latex alternative foam with a unique immediate response characteristic that makes it bouncier than typical memory foam. This layer is responsible for body contouring. It’s also infused with TitanCool and copper to support further cooling. 

    Secondary comfort layer -  second from the top is a 2-inch layer of medium-density TitanFlex foam. This layer aims at offering additional cushioning. Thanks to its responsiveness, the comfort section of this mattress can adjust quickly to your movements assuring you optimum support each time. 

    Transition layer - after the first two layers, you get to a 1” layer of gel swirl visco-elastic memory foam. As it’s the nature of memory foam, this layer continues with the body contouring attributes of the top layers for healthy spinal alignment. This high-density foam also keeps you off the pocketed coil support system below it. 

    Support layer - the main source of support for the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is a zoned zone of hundreds of 8” individually wrapped Ascension coils. The zoned design of this system means that it’s firmer around the midsection and relatively softer around your head and feet. Besides support, this coil system also helps with durability and bounce. 

    Base layer - the support coils sit on top of a .75-inch layer of high-density poly foam base. This layer forms the foundation of the mattress and boosts stability and durability. 

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The Brooklyn Aurora Mattress

Sleeping Positions

Back sleepers - we think the medium-firm Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress is a great mattress for all back sleepers. This mattress boasts a good balance of support and contouring and will help maintain the natural “S” curve on their spine. 

Stomach sleepers - the Aurora hybrid mattress should work well for lightweight and average-weight stomach sleepers (130-250 lbs). This mattress is zoned, meaning there’s more support to keep your heavy areas (shoulders, trunk and hips) from sinking too far to pull your spine out of alignment. 

Side sleepers - the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is particularly popular with side sleepers. Lightweight and average-weight side sleepers will benefit from a nice sinkage enough to provide great pressure relief to their hips and shoulders. If you weigh more than 250 lbs, we’d steer you towards the firm version of Aurora.

Firmness Review

The Aurora is offered in 3 firmness options. For this Brooklyn Bedding Aurora review, we covered the medium-firm model, which feels like a 6.5 on our mattress firmness scale. The medium-firm Aurora mattress has the right balance of comfort and support to support most back, stomach, side and combination sleepers of different weights. 

Side sleepers who enjoy sleeping on a soft mattress may want to go with the soft Aurora mattress. However, heavyweight stomach sleepers want a bed with more support, and will be better off with Brooklyn Bedding Aurora in firm.

Value for the Money

In terms of pricing, we’d classify the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora in the mid range. You won’t find it in lists of cheap hybrid mattresses to buy online. But we’ve also come across hybrid mattresses with crazy price tags out there. 

Generally speaking, anyone eyeing a quality hybrid mattress is ready to spend slightly more than they would on a standard mattress. Having said that, we think the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress is a great value for what it’s offering in terms of design, quality of materials and general performance.

Also, Brooklyn Bedding regularly has a promo running. This could help you shave up to 25% off the actual price of the mattress.


Overall, the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress gets an A from us. Although it’s not exactly a budget pick, this is an affordable luxury mattress with a unique approach on how to create a comfortable and cooling sleeping surface. 

Our favorite part about this mattress is its multiple cooling features. By combining Phase Change Material with a cooling cover and a coil system, we feel the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora really solves the problem of heat retention that plagues most mattresses today. 

Its three firmness options are a unique selling proposition for this mattress too. If you’re tired of forcing yourself into a mattress firmness level that doesn’t feel perfect for you, we think the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora hybrid mattress has a solution for you.

Pros & Cons

  • Great mattress for all body types
  • Plenty of cooling features
  • Made in the USA
  • Expensive (above $1000)

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