Best Mattress for Heavy People

Updated May 2024
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The Best Mattresses for Heavy People

Finding a good mattress can be challenging if you're a heavy person. It would help if you had something that would provide enough support for your body and not sink under your weight. You also want something comfortable to get a good night's sleep. With so many options on the market for mattresses, it can be challenging to figure out where to start. So we've compiled a list of the best mattresses for heavy people in 2024. Whether you're looking for something firm or soft, there's an option on this list that will suit your needs. 

Not all mattresses are created equal - thickness, firmness, and material composition come into play when finding the perfect sleeping surface for your body type. If you're over 230 pounds, our hands-on testing revealed that medium or firmer beds with minimal cushioning layers and a supportive structure provide optimum comfort.

Weight Disclaimer:

This article is dedicated to people who weigh 230 pounds or more. While the term 'heavy' may be used for convenience, it's essential to understand that this isn't a judgment - everyone has different needs in terms of mattresses and sleep quality; weight isn't an immediate indicator of such things. Instead, we measure the performance of mattresses by how well they support sleepers' bodies, and 230 or more pounds is our practical benchmark for determining effectiveness. That being said, people weighing over 230 lbs. will find similar fulfillment from the same features when choosing their mattress: firmness level, thickness, etc., but individual preferences still apply.

So what is the Best Plus-Sized Mattresses of 2024?

If you're a plus sized person seeking the best mattress for your needs, our team of mattress experts put together a comprehensive guide to finding the top rated mattresses for heavy sleepers. After diligent research, we are pleased to announce that our top pick is DreamCloud. Offering great support and long-lasting comfort, DreamCloud provides the best support for heavy sleepers. Best of all, they provide free delivery, a lifetime guarantee and a 365-night home trial. 

#1 Dreamcloud

  • Luxury hybrid construction
  • 365-Night Sleep trial & free Shipping
  • Lifetime warranty
  • As low as 0% financing with affirm
IconFree Shipping& Returns
IconTrial Period365-Night Trial
dreamcloud mattress on bed
Dreamcloud Mattress
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What’s it made of

Aside from also being our best overall mattress, the Dreamcloud mattress is good for heavy people due to a number of factors. First and foremost due to its design and construction which provides its superior support system that comes from a multi-layer design with a combination of coils, foam, and latex. It provides ample support and stability ensuring that it can support weight comfortably. 

Height: The DreamCloud provides a supportive sleep experience due to its construction of seven layers to create an impressive 14-inch profile conveniently shipped in a box. After being vacuum-packed and delivered, this affordable luxury mattress only takes 24 - 72 hours to expand into its full size.

Dreamcloud layers include:

The DreamCloud mattress is designed to provide comfort and durability, making it one of the top mattresses for heavy people. Its steel coil system, multi-layer design, and strong handles make this bed an exceptionally sturdy option. In addition, at 85 lbs. in the queen size and up to 107 lbs. in king-size models, you won't have trouble feeling supported or rotating your mattress as there's no flipping needed with these beds.

Cover: The Dreamcloud bed features a soft-to-the-touch cashmere blend cover quilted with 1.5" foam for ultimate comfort, while its cloud-like pattern adds extra breathability. Perfectly designed to support heavy people without sacrificing softness, sheets should protect this non-removable cover, so sweat and oils don't accumulate over time, ensuring the mattress will stay fresh for years.

Comfort Section: Memory foam provides a unique level of comfort, molding itself to your body shape and weight for customized relaxation. For heavy people, this CertiPur-US certified gel-infused memory foam layer beneath the quilted cover will contour itself around each part of your body. 

Transition Section: With two inches of Dynamic foam, this mattress provides the balance between comfort and support. Its design ensures you sink in "just right," alleviating any sense of being trapped or weighed down by coils - especially beneficial for heavier individuals. In addition, the quilted cover works harmoniously with its transition layer to create a sleeping experience that's worth the price. 

Support Section: The DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress offers superior support for heavy people. Hundreds of 8.5" pocketed steel coils provide firmness and bounce while remaining independent from each other's movements to offer optimal support across your body as you rest deeply throughout the night. Additionally, reinforced thicker perimeter coils give excellent edge-to-edge protection so that even when sleeping right on the edge, there is no fear of sagging or a dangerous roll-off. 

Base Layer: For those who prefer firmer support, this mattress has an inch of CertiPur-US certified standard foam, forming a base for individual coils that provide deep contouring and superior comfort. Perfect for anyone looking to ensure their sleep won't be disturbed by motion transfer or partner disturbance, making it the best mattress for heavy couples.

Best Features

Its plush cashmere blend cover, gel-infused comfort layer, durable edge perimeter and individually wrapped coils provide both contouring support and superior cooling temperatures - which is why we consider it to be the best hybrid mattress for heavy couples. 

Durable - Highly durable due to its design & chosen materials, this mattress is sure to outlast most standard mattresses; however, remember that you'll need deep pocket sheets as opposed to standard ones due to their elevated height. 

Firmness and Comfort: Rated as medium-firm, the Dreamcloud mattress provides optimal support and is firm enough to prevent sinkage but still provide a comfortable surface. 

Sizes available: The mattress is available in several sizes, including King and California King which provide ample space for plus-sized sleepers. 

Who it’s best for

For back sleepers of any size, the DreamCloud offers a combination of comfort and support, making it one of the best mattresses for heavy back sleepers. Its quilted cover, supportive transition layer, and reinforced coil system are designed to help keep your spine correctly aligned - something significant for those with bigger body types who also suffer from back pain. 

The DreamCloud is also a great match for stomach sleepers who need extra support: providing comfortable rest without your hips bowing and pulling your spine out of alignment. 

Side sleepers typically will want a softer firmness for their mattress that will contour to their hips, shoulder and waist. However with a medium firm feel and layers of memory foam, the Dreamcloud could be considered the best mattress for heavy side sleepers because it strikes a good balance between allowing “give” and support for side sleepers who weigh more than 230 lbs. 

It's also ideal for any sleeper who tends to run hot, which many heavy sleepers complain of. This mattress is designed with advanced cooling technology to help keep you at a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Why we picked it

For plus sized people looking for top mattresses for heavy people with comfort and support, the DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress is a great option due to its construction which creates a durable and supportive base while its medium feel firmness creates a cushion that is comfortable and supports your pressure points. This luxury hybrid mattress offers pressure relief from five layers of luxury foam enhanced by its individually pocketed coils. Additionally, if you are worried about not liking the mattress, you can rest easy knowing the bed comes with a 365-night home trial and a lifetime warranty.

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#2 Saatva

  • 365-night home trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free white glove delivery
IconFree Shipping& Returns
IconTrial Period365-Night Trial
saatva mattress on beach
Saatva Mattress
Memorial Day Sale | Up to $600 OFF

What it’s made of

The Saatva HD stands for Saatva Heavy Duty. It was designed specifically for heavier individuals and is constructed with additional support features to ensure a comfortable and durable sleep surface. The mattress is designed to support individuals weighing between 300 and 500 pounds and is made with high-density foam, durable coils, and an extra-tall comfort layer to provide both support and pressure relief. The Saatva HD is a popular choice for those looking for a durable and supportive mattress that can handle heavier weights.

Saatva Mattress is designed with five layers of support and comfort with a sturdy build and high density foam layers. The coil-on-coil construction helps distribute weight evenly allowing for the relief of pressure points and decreasing the risk of sagging or sinking. Also, the innerspring coils are designed to be extra durable for extra support making the Saatva the best innerspring mattress for heavy person.

Plush and breathable sleep surface: It features a 3” Euro pillow top designed to provide extra comfort. Plus, Guardin botanical antimicrobial treatment ensures that the surface is sanitized from bacteria or mold growth, so you can rest assured in its hygienic environment especially if you run hot while you sleep and tend to sweat. 

Lumbar Zone Active Spinal Wire: The Lumbar Zone Active Spinal Wire mattress provides relief for those with aching joints and back pain. Its second tier of high-density memory foam, certified by CertiPUR-US, offers maximum support. 

884 Lumbar Zone Pocketed Coils: For those heavier in the hip and back areas, 884 Lumbar Zone Pocketed Coils provide extra joint and muscle support with recycled steel coils to reduce motion transfer for a more restful sleep.

High-density foam rails: This mattress has an extra fourth layer for added support - its raised foam rails ensure heavier sleepers get a good night's rest, thanks to the firm and stable edges it provides.

Base coil unit: This base coil unit offers superior shape retention and durability, engineered with a dual-coil design on its fifth layer. Not only that, but the construction of these coils also helps ensure maximum breathability so heavier individuals can sleep comfortably without worrying about excessive heat build-up.

Best features

Durable - Designed with tempered steel coils that are stronger than the industry standard, Saatva HD is a luxury mattress with high-quality construction which provides strong support, reducing the risk of sagging and sinking over time. 

Cooling - The Saatva HD is strategically layered with breathable organic cotton, 100% natural latex, and open coils to promote easy air flow that will keep heavier bodies cool during the night. 

Saatva is one of the best mattress for heavy person with back pain - Coupled with the high-density foam layer, this mattress provides comfort and pressure relief, while also promoting spinal alignment. Targeted Lumbar Zone technology focuses its design on providing a supportive surface for those suffering from back and body pain. 

Who it’s best for

The Saatva HD mattress comes in one firmness level, which is considered a medium-firm feel. This firmness level is designed to provide a balance of comfort and support for individuals weighing between 300 and 500 pounds. The mattress is constructed with a combination of high-density foam and durable coils to provide a supportive surface that can help to alleviate pressure points and promote better spinal alignment. 

Keep in mind that the Saatva mattress is delivered as is and not in a box. If you are looking for a mattress in a box, check out our best mattresses in a box.

Why we picked it

The Saatva Mattress is a smart choice for those looking for the best luxury mattress for heavy people. It’s not surprising that it's America's top-selling online innerspring mattress thanks to its well-thought out construction and the use of premium materials which offer maximum support for heavier individuals. Not to mention, you'll get 365 nights to test it out and guaranteed free white glove delivery. Plus, with the lifetime warranty, you can rest easy knowing your mattress will last for years even after wear and tear.

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#3 Nectar

  • Isolates motion well
  • 365-Night home trial
  • Free shipping
IconFree Shipping& Returns
IconTrial Period365-Night Trial
nectar premier mattress on bed
Nectar Premier
Memorial Day Sale! Up To 40% OFF Mattresses

What it’s made of

Although not taking the top spot, the Nectar Premier has made a name for itself as being the best memory foam mattress for heavy person as well as being the best value mattress for plus sized individuals. 

A five-layer construction that combines traditional and gel-infused foam, these are the layers that make up the Nectar mattress: 

Breathable Cooling Cover: Carefully crafted with innovative technology and heat-absorbent fibers, this breathable quilted fabric helps reduce body temperature to ensure your body keeps - perfect for heavier bodies who tend to overheat while sleeping. All foam mattresses are not known for their cooling abilities, but the Nectar’s technology does a great job of addressing this issue. 

Pressure Relieving, Gel-Infused Memory Foam with ActiveCool HD: It contours to your body's curves, while the Phase Change Material helps you stay comfortable no matter what temperature it is outside. A sturdy base layer made of high-density foam that provides stability and support, especially if you're a heavier individual.

Dynamic Response Layer: This responsive foam layer of the Dynamic Response Layer provides ultimate comfort and support with its three inches of CertiPUR-US® Certified conventional foam, allowing for improved airflow while simultaneously providing crucial bounceback to help promote better spinal alignment - especially beneficial for those looking for a good mattress for heavy people with back pain.

Stability Base Layer: Its memory foam construction allows for advanced motion isolation making the Nectar our second choice for best mattress for heavy couples. With seven inches of premium, CertiPUR-US® Certified foam providing a balance of strength and stability, the Stability Base Layer is designed to minimize motion transfer and is a great option for anyone who causes a significant amount of movement on the bed. 

Best features

The Nectar Premier is a good choice of mattress for plus size couples or pet owners who share their beds, as mattress reviews say it offers unbeatable motion isolation. It also supports heavier people with its gel-infused memory foam construction, allowing them to sleep soundlessly regardless of any disturbance on the surface. 

A unique fabric cover that promotes breathable freshness and gel infusion to keep the surface temperature cool - perfect for those who tend to sleep hot. The mattress features reinforced edges, which provide extra support and stability for individuals who sleep closer to the edges. Lastly, due to its durable construction and high quality materials, the mattress will maintain its shape and support over time. 

Who it’s best for

This mattress is specifically designed to provide additional support and cushioning to people of all weights but is especially beneficial to heavier people. 

Built with a combination of materials, including breathable foam and comfortable quilting, this uniquely tailored mattress offers superior contouring support that evenly distributes body weight and helps keep you from sinking in too far. 

The Premier mattress also features cooling gel memory foam that helps reduce heat build-up for a more restful night’s sleep. With its exceptional level of comfort, support, and quality construction, the Nectar Premier Mattress is ideal for anyone looking for an extra-supportive mattress that supports their specific needs.

Why we picked it

Utilizing an internal cooling layer and breathable Tencel fabric-infused cover, this mattress offers unprecedented temperature regulation to help achieve your ideal sleep conditions - especially when considering this is an all foam mattress. 

In addition, enhanced motion isolation properties help keep the disruptive movement from affecting partner sleep - perfect for heavy couples. 

Lastly, the Nectar price! Nectar is one of the best budget mattress for heavy person because of its low cost and high-quality construction making it a value mattress at its price. Additionally, Nectar Sleep has superior customer policies so remember that you get a full 365-night home trial to test the mattress yourself before making your final decision. Plus, they offer free shipping!

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#4 Helix

  • Customizable firmness options
  • Free shipping
  • 100 night trial
IconFree Shipping USA
IconTrial Period100-Night Trial
IconWarranty10 Years
helix mattress on bed
Helix Midnight Mattress
Memorial Day Sale! 25% OFF SITEWIDE + 2 Pillows

What’s it made of

The Helix Plus is Helix Sleep’s line specifically made for larger people. Although it’s generally recommended that heavier individuals use a firmer mattress, the Helix Plus is considered on the softer side according to plus size mattress reviews. So if you’re looking for the best soft mattress for heavy people, this might be a good choice for you. 

The Helix Plus mattress offers superior support and a comforting medium-firm feel for those bigger individuals. In addition, the 12.5" hybrid design features an additional supportive layer of high-density foam that provides long-lasting comfort. This foam is denser than typical foam, which provides additional support and durability to the mattress. 

Supportive coils in the Helix Plus are designed to provide durability, particularly in the center of the mattress where heavier individuals put the most pressure. In general, the high-functioning materials used in the Helix Plus are built to withstand weight and will maintain their shape and support over time. 

Best features

The Helix Plus is a custom-made mattress so its best features will depend on the sleeper's preferences and needs but that's why one of the best features of this mattress is just that: customization that allows you to cater to your preferences, sleeping habits and yes, body type. 

The Helix Plus also provides targeted support with a denser than usual foam and supportive coils designed to accommodate heavier individuals while relieving pressure points. 

The Helix Plus’s pocketed coils allow a good amount of airflow inside the mattress which means that its cooling abilities are one of its best features. This could be good for couples, who might overheat while sharing a bed, however keep in mind that the coils also allow greater motion transfer so if you’re easily disturbed by your partner you might want to look at memory foam mattresses. 

Who it’s best for

The Helix Plus mattress is specifically designed as a mattress for a heavy person. Made with dual-layer TEMPUR foam combined with Prima ComfortSense Gel, the bed caters to heavier people by offering a perfect combination to distribute pressure and hold up against greater weights. 

Additionally, this mattress provides two hypoallergenic cover options for staying cool each night. You also have the option of upgrading to the GlacioTex Cooling Cover which makes it even easier to keep a chill in any sleeping environment. 

Why we picked it

The Helix Plus was designed specifically with plus-sized individuals in mind which is why it was essential to make our list. Coupled with great options of customization and its construction which provide long-lasting support and durability. Helix Mattresses are covered by its own 10-15 year warranty, so whatever you pick won't let you down in terms of quality. With the 100 Night Sleep Trial, you can begin your sleep journey without stress or anxiety about committing to it.


#5 Nolah

  • Pressure relief for back pain
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 120-night home trial
IconFree Shipping& Returns
IconTrial Period120-Nights
nolah mattress on bed
Nolah Evolution Mattress
Sleep Week Sale! 35% off + FREE Pillows

What it’s made of

The HTC Cooling Quilted Euro Topper is crafted from 2” foam combined with high thermal conductivity quilting, which draws excess body heat away keeping you cool during the night. The 2” AirBreath border gusset, allows air to flow freely and provides cooling relief throughout the night. This two-inch layer features graphite-infused foam to provide pressure relief, making it an ideal choice for those with heavier body types. 

The Nolah Mattress is perfect for those seeking extra support. Its high-density transition foam helps provide a comfortable night's sleep, especially for heavier individuals needing additional cushioning and firmness.

Reinforced edges and HDMax Tri-Zone coils have given the Nolah Mattress superior edge support - in fact they’ve added 25" more than traditional coil systems. 

Plus, Nolah Mattress offers a revolutionary foundation layer crafted from recycled plant fibers – an eco-friendly option for sleepers who want to make green choices. 

Best features

If you’re looking for a good mattress for motion transfer, the Nolah Evolution mattress is the perfect choice for couples and pets who won't be disturbed by movement throughout the night. With a top layer that absorbs motion, it also ensures plus size people get ample support while sleeping - making this hybrid mattress one of the highest-rated mattresses in motion isolation.

In mattress reviews, the ArcticTex cooling cover is rated highly from plus size sleepers claiming it helped them stay chill all night through. The Nolah Evolution 15" mattress is known for its comfort and pressure relief, thanks to its combination of memory foam and air foam. It also offers good support, durability, and cooling, thanks to its high-density foam base and breathable cover. Additionally, the mattress has a long trial period and comes with a lifetime warranty, which is a testament to its quality.

Who it’s best for

If you're a side sleeper, you should experience exceptional pressure relief with either the plush or luxury firm options. Those who prefer sleeping on their stomachs and backs can get optimal support from the firmer options - plus size people rejoice as it's designed to give them additional comfort too.

For those of us who find ourselves sleeping hot, the innovative cooling technologies and breathable material, this mattress ensures cool comfort no matter your size. Don't just take our word for it; countless mattress reviews have commended its effectiveness in helping them stay cooler while they rest. 

If you sleep as a couple and one of you has a bad case of restless jitters, the Nolah takes care of this problem with its crafted motion isolation. It ranks high in our best mattress for heavy couples for that reason. 

Why we picked it

We picked the Nolah mattress due to its construction that keeps your spine aligned and provides a cool sleeping experience. If as a heavy person you suffer from back pain that has been keeping you up at night, this pressure-relieving mattress could be exactly what you need — plus, it comes backed by an incredible lifetime warranty and 120 nights of in-home trial for complete peace of mind.


#6 Cocoon by Sealy

  • Multiple firmness options
  • Cooling cover
  • Free shipping
IconFree ShippingUSA
IconTrial Period100-Night Trial
IconWarranty10 Years
cocoon mattress on bed
Cocoon Mattress
Save 35% + Free Sealy® Sleep Bundle

What it’s made of 

Cooling Cover: Cocoon Mattress offers the "Chill Hybrid" mattress designed with a cooling cover to provide unbeatable comfort - it absorbs and dissipates heat for an instantly cool-to-the-touch surface ideal for heavier individuals who run hot during sleep. 

Constructed from Perfect Fit Memory Foam, it molds effortlessly around you and adapts precisely to your body size, shape & sleep position. High-density foam in the support layer with a comfortable foam layer top helps distribute weight evenly across the mattress and prevents sagging/sinking. 

The Cocoon Mattress is a good mattress for heavy couples who want to rest comfortably without interruption. Its cushioning foam support absorbs motion transfer. 

The Cocoon Mattress offers optimal comfort and support for heavier individuals, thanks to its Active Support Technology Coil Layer. This layer combines fabric-encased coils with a reinforced perimeter explicitly designed for targeted body support. That means the bed is responsive while still retaining that memory foam feeling. The Cocoon is a good option for a mattress for heavy people who are looking for a responsive, but comfortable mattress. 

Best features

Sealy Cocoon mattresses are known for its combination of comfort and support, which makes it a great mattress for plus-sized sleepers. Some of its best features include high-density foam which provides a durable and supportive foundation that prevents sagging and sinking. The Premium foam contours to the shape of the body which allows for a deep and supportive sleep, it also provides relief for pressure points and evenly distributes the weight across the mattress. 

Additionally, the Cocoon mattress is well known for its cooling technology found in the comfort layer, it helps to regulate the temperature throughout the night for hot sleepers. 

Who it’s best for

With memory foam layers adapting to your body contours while giving firmer support than standard foam, it's easy to find the position that brings ideal comfort and keeps your spine in proper alignment. 

This mattress is great for anyone that tends to sleep towards the side of the bed, with reinforced edge support, the mattress will help keep you away from rolling off the edges. 

The Cocoon mattress is also ideal for hot sleepers due to its temperature control that keeps the mattress and your body cool. 

Why we picked it

Boasting 8,000+ 5-star reviews and backed by a 10-year warranty, the Cocoon has been tried and tested by sleepers and you’ll see that in the cocoon mattress reviews. 

With its combination of durable construction and top of the market cooling system, this could be a good mattress for heavy sleepers. Plus, shipping is always free, and you get a 100-night risk-free trial.

MORE ON Cocoon by Sealy

#7 Awara

  • Premium natural materials
  • Organic cotton cover
  • 365-Night home trial
IconFree Shipping& Returns
IconTrial Period365-Night Trial
awara mattress on bed
Awara Mattress
Winter Sale! Up to 50% OFF

What it’s made of 

Whether you are a heavy person or looking for a high quality organic mattress, the Awara mattress is worth looking at. It has superior support capabilities tailored to accommodate and provide extra comfort, specifically to heavy people due to its top layer of breathable cotton and natural Dunlop latex which ensures that there is no sagging or bunching under the weight of the sleeper. 

The mattress contains a base layer of individually pocketed coils, which provide support for target areas like hips and shoulders which allow for spinal alignment. The mattress is also surrounded by something called a "fabric encasement" which helps to reduce motion transfer. 

Best features

Constructed from natural materials such as Dunlop latex and organic wool, it offers a medium-firm feel for those who prefer firmer sleep surfaces yet with softness to the touch - making this mattress especially good for plus size sleepers seeking superior body contouring without sacrificing their moral commitment to reducing damaging emissions into our environment. 

The product contains no memory foam or chemical additives, crafted with high-quality natural materials. Instead, it features ethically sourced Dunlop latex from rubber trees in rainforests and 100% organic wool from sustainable New Zealand sheep farms - providing an eco-friendly solution that is gentle on your wallet and conscience. 

For all these reasons, Awara takes the award of best organic mattress for heavy people. 

Who it’s best for

Its latex and coil construction provides superior bounce and temperature regulation, making this a good mattress for overweight people and couples. Its pocketed coils and organic materials won't let you overheat - but don't worry, this mattress also provides exceptional comfort for plus-size sleepers. In addition, with its innerspring providing maximum airflow to wick away heat from your body, it guarantees a cool night of restful sleep.


#8 Layla

  • Sleeps cool
  • Cooling copper memory foam
  • 120-Night home trial
IconFree Shipping& Returns
IconTrial Period120-Night Trial
woman on layla mattress
Layla Mattress
Up to $200 Off + $1,100 Off Bundles

What it’s made of 

The Layla bed is the only flippable mattress for heavy person on our list which is one of the main reasons it got a place on our top 10 mattress for heavy people. It’s a hybrid mattress that can be flipped to fit any preference - one side is firm and perfect for heavier individuals, while the other feels softer if you prefer that “huggy” feeling. 

Featuring two sides of CertiPUR-US Certified memory foam and cooling plush covers filled with copper-gel for rapid temperature control, this mattress will keep you supported if you're a plus sized sleeper looking for a solid bed. 

With two support foam layers and construction that suggest it's designed to last, the Layla mattress is perfect for those looking for comfort. In addition, it offers superior cooling benefits and movement isolation, so you can rest easy knowing your sleep won't be disturbed by any outside factors.

Best features

Layla has revolutionized the way you sleep with their unique hybrid mattress - a flippable one, so no matter your sleeping style or weight preference, there's a side for everyone. With its four-seven firmness scale (some say five and a half to seven and a half), it offers customizable comfort levels on either side for both stomach/back-sleepers and side-sleepers alike. 

Who it’s best for

The two-sided hybrid option is a good mattress for heavy side sleepers as its soft surface contours fit your body's needs. In addition, the pressure relief it provides in sensitive areas such as shoulders and knees makes this one of the most comfortable beds. 

The Layla Mattress can also be ideal for heavy people who need extra support while they sleep. Its flippable hybrid design offers a firm side perfect for stomach and back sleepers, providing superior cushioning to alleviate discomfort associated with chronic lower back pain.

Why we picked it

The customizable option of the flippable design offers two sides of comfort and provides an ideal solution for plus size individuals. Also you can try it out risk-free for 120 nights; if you're not satisfied, they've got a lifetime warranty just in case.


#9 Brooklyn Bedding

  • Multiple firmness options
  • Cooling features
  • 120-Night home trial
IconFree Shipping& Returns
IconTrial Period120-Night Trial
IconWarranty10 Years
brooklyn bed
Brooklyn Bedding
Sale! 25% Off Sitewide

What it’s made of

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress is made for plus sized people in mind. It is equipped with an innovative cooling foam layer that absorbs excess body heat and releases it back to you as needed. It features innovative hybrid airflow technology by combining open cell foam layers and innerspring, this mattress ensures ultimate breathability and prevents heat retention—making it an ideal choice for heavy sleepers who run hot at night. 

Featuring GlacioTex™, a cool tech fabric that dissipates heat from the surface of your mattress to ensure optimum comfort and sleep temperature throughout the night. The Brooklyn Bedding mattress will ensure you and anyone sharing your bed will not overheat.

Best features

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Cooling Mattress has premium body contouring technology that provides tailored support with carefully selected foam layers and zoned coils. Its pressure-soothing springs are individually encased, allowing the mattress to cradle your body no matter how you like sleeping perfectly — plus size people should particularly feel its supportive effects.

Who it’s best for

This is a good mattress for heavy weight sleepers due to its durable construction and cooling features. The specialized cooling features come from gel-infused foam and superior breathability. In addition, the interior layers are designed for deep contouring support to minimize motion transfer. 

Why we picked it

Great cooling features and high-quality construction, Brooklyn Bedding is a respected player in the mattress industry. For plus-sized sleepers specifically, the risk of running hot during the night makes this a safe choice due to its premium cooling technology. Also, free shipping and returns, plus a 120-night trial period - gives you plenty of time to test it out.

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How to Choose the Best Mattress?

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Heavy People?

Mattresses for heavy people are available in various materials, including memory foam, latex, innerspring or a hybrid construction.

Finding the best mattress for heavy people can be quite a challenge. Thankfully, retailers now offer a wide variety of plus sized mattresses and accessories to ensure heavy people can get the best quality sleep. In addition, customers can choose from hybrid, memory foam, latex, or innerspring mattresses equipped with extra-durable components that provide superior comfort and support. This makes it much easier to find the best sleep solution for heavier individuals, no matter their sleeping needs. When shopping for the best mattress for plus size adults keep in mind these as the most important factors: 

Mattress Type

There’s no clear answer on what is the best type of mattress for a heavy person but we can confidently tell you that many would argue that it’s a toss up between hybrid mattresses and memory foam mattresses. It really depends on your preferences and needs. For instance, memory foam mattresses will provide you with pressure relieving support and minimal motion transfer. Hybrid mattresses will provide you the best of both worlds while providing more responsiveness and less of a “sinking” feeling. 


Again, all preferences on firmness are subjective, however it’s recommended that plus size sleepers steer away from overly soft mattresses that will sag and dip under their body weight. The best firm mattress for heavy people will support their body weight evenly across the mattress, without allowing sinkage that might cause body aches and misalignment. Also take into account what type of sleeper you are. If you sleep on your side, extra firm mattresses probably won’t provide enough give for your hips and shoulders. Back and stomach sleepers will enjoy a firmer mattress however. 

Construction and thickness

In general it’s best to find a mattress made from durable and strong materials, so pay extra attention to the design and materials used in its construction. Additionally check the thickness of the mattress. Something above 12” will be sufficient, but steer clear from overly thin mattresses that will sag over time and then you’ll feel like you’re sleeping directly on a hard surface. 

Temperature Regulation 

Heavier bodies have the tendency to overheat during the night which is why it’s so important to find a mattress that targets cooling with specific technology or features. Thankfully the mattress industry is on top of this. All of our top 10 mattresses for heavy people will feature some type of cooling technology that targets temperature relief. 

Support and Pressure Relief 

Heavier people may experience more back pain if their mattress is not supportive enough or if it does not provide enough pressure relief. A mattress that is too soft or lacks proper support can cause the spine to become misaligned, which can lead to pain and discomfort.

Ultimately, the best mattress for any individual, regardless of weight, is one that provides adequate support and pressure relief for their unique body shape and sleeping position.

What is the best firmness for mattresses for heavy set people?

For the best mattress for heavy people, firmer mattresses are best suited because they provide the best support and prevent sagging, allowing your spine to stay in its natural alignment. However, you want a mattress to be firm enough as it can cause uncomfortable pressure points while sleeping. Fortunately, many mattresses come with different firmness levels, so you can easily adjust them to best suit your needs without breaking the bank. With proper research and careful consideration of your individual preferences and body type, you can select the perfect mattress that will best fit you and your sleep requirements. 

How much do plus size mattresses cost?

Purchasing the best mattress for a heavy person can be challenging, as these beds are more expensive than their regular counterparts. However, it is best to search and read plus size mattress reviews before purchasing to ensure that you are investing in a comfortable mattress and up to the task of providing proper support and durability. In addition, the best mattress for heavy people should withstand daily use without sagging or breaking down. With adequate information and knowledge, you will increase your chances of choosing the perfect mattress for yourself or a loved one.

Why a firmer mattress is better for heavy sleepers

Heavy sleepers often struggle with uncomfortable bedding, tossing and turning throughout the night. If you're searching for what is the best firm mattress for heavy people, a firmer bed is likely your best option. 

A firmer sleep surface provides optimal support since it helps maintain the spine's natural alignment, which is essential to reducing aches and pains caused by poor sleeping posture. 

Additionally, firmer mattresses are designed with tougher materials that won't sink and sag under heavier weights or pressure, keeping their shape and providing better overall comfort for those who are heavier. 

Finally, investing in a high-quality firm mattress can improve nighttime rest, leading to more energy during the day and improved overall health.

The ideal thickness for a heavy sleeper's mattress

Heavy sleepers need a mattress that can support their bodies and prevent sagging over time. For best results, the ideal thickness for a heavy sleeper's mattress is 12 inches or more. Beds with this much depth allow for extra layers of cushioning, such as memory foam, which helps alleviate pressure points and provide better support throughout the night. A firmer mattress may be best for heavier people because it keeps their spine correctly aligned while sleeping, but it may also help to choose one with soft comfort layers so they can remain comfortable. Careful research and consideration should be taken when selecting the best mattress for heavier people – once the right one is found, they'll enjoy years of quality sleep!

What to look for when shopping for plus sized sleepers?

When choosing one of the top rated mattresses for heavy people, there are a few key features to keep in mind. First and foremost, you want to ensure that the mattress is comfortable and spacious enough to accommodate your body size. Additionally, you'll want to look for mattresses with supportive features like firm padding and reinforced stitching. Finally, be sure to choose a design you love - after all, you'll spend a lot of time on it! 

Look for a plus sized mattress that has a comfortable fit.

Finding the right mattress for a heavier body type can be tricky. The bed must provide enough support yet offer a comfortable fit regardless of weight or size. Plus sized sleepers need to compare mattress options with features like memory foam layers, quality coils, and plenty of mattress layers for true comfort. In addition, different mattress types should be considered to ensure a perfect fit--such as latex, innerspring, hybrid, or airbed mattresses. Look for beds with detailed information for thorough mattress comparison of plus size mattresses for the specs with your own particular needs and sleeping habits. Finding the perfect mattress with the right combination of comfort and support is critical when buying a mattress online for plus sized sleepers.

Make sure the sleeper has enough support for your back and hips.

When you're a heavy sleeper, it's vital to compare mattresses for plus sized people and find one that provides optimal support for your back and hips, as these areas need more cushioning to maintain a healthy posture while you sleep. This means you should look for mattresses specifically designed with extra layers of cushioning that are evenly distributed no matter what position you're sleeping in. Some added benefits of specific mattresses for plus sized people are coils or core layers reinforced with steel or connected within a grid that works to offer even more support in all the right places. This is why it's so important to compare mattresses for plus sized people when selecting a new sleeping surface - the increased comfort will allow you to enjoy an uninterrupted night's sleep every time.

Choose a firm mattress to prevent sagging over time.

When looking for the best mattress for heavy people, the rule of thumb is to compare mattresses for heavy people with a firm support system. While it may feel more comfortable to opt for a softer mattress initially, this can cause more wear and tear over time than a firmer one. In addition, the pressure from heavier body weight can strain these softer materials and cause them to sag quickly - leading you down an expensive road of having to replace your mattress in no time. However, choose a motorized adjustable firmness mattress for extra support if needed; that way, you get the best combination of comfort and firmness that won't sag or wear over time - saving you money in the long run.

Pick a style that you like - there are many types of plus sized mattresses on the market.

From memory foam and pocket coil to hybrid and latex styles, plus sized beds offer many of the same comfort and support options as standard-sized mattresses. However, certain mattress types may be better suited for heavier people than others. For example, memory foam mattresses provide greater pressure point relief for someone carrying extra weight than a pocket coil mattress. Select one that provides an appropriate balance between cushioning and support is important to ensure comfortable sleep throughout the night.

The benefits of memory foam mattresses for heavy people.

Memory foam mattresses have become popular in recent years, attracting a variety of sleepers who benefit from the mattress's responsiveness and contouring capabilities. However, plus-sized people may gain significantly more from memory foam mattresses. A memory foam plus size mattress is especially well-suited for heavy individuals because it is much more supportive, allowing for even weight distribution to help reduce pressure points and pain. It also provides a cradling effect that reduces motion transfer, making for an extra restful sleep - enabling plus size people to wake up feeling refreshed and energized rather than sore and exhausted. The various benefits provided by memory foam mattresses make them an ideal choice for plus sized people looking for a comfortable night's sleep.

In Conclusion

When choosing the right plus size mattress for your weight and sleep style, it is essential to remember that one size does not fit all. Your decision should be based on individual preferences and needs. Choose a mattress that can adequately support your body's weight yet still provide the feel and comfort you need. Ask yourself what type of surface you sleep on most comfortable and look for something similar when shopping for a mattress. Consider the different firmness levels available in mattresses, such as soft, medium-firm, firm, or extra-firm. Also, consider how much space you need while sleeping in bed - a larger surface (and thicker) mattress may lead to better overall sleep quality. With these considerations in mind, the DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress is undoubtedly the best mattress for plus size people. Nearly fifteen inches thick, the bed is composed of a soft cashmere blend cover, a cooling comfort layer, and a coil support system that contours and provides consistent support throughout the night, making it ideal for heavy couples. In addition, its resilience and durability are unmatched compared to other mattresses, ensuring your investment will last many years. Stepping up your sheets game is also helpful -deep pockets are highly recommended, as standard sheets won't cut it with such an elevated height. With everything DreamCloud has to offer plus size sleepers, it remains one of the most coveted mattresses on the market today.

The Full Mattress Comparison

Dreamcloud Mattress
Saatva Mattress
Nectar Premier
Helix Midnight Mattress
Nolah Evolution Mattress
Cocoon Mattress
Awara Mattress
Layla Mattress
Brooklyn Bedding
Sleep Trial Warranty Free Shipping/ Returns White Glove Firmness Material
365-Nights Lifetime Both No 6.5/10 Hybrid
365-Nights Lifetime Both Yes Three firmness options Innerspring
365-Nights Lifetime Both No 6.5 Memory Foam
100-Nights 10-15 Years Shipping No Medium Feel Hybrid
120-Nights Lifetime Shipping No Three firmness options Hybrid
100-Nights 10 Shipping No Medium Hybrid and all-foam options
365-Nights Lifetime Both No Luxury Firm 7/10 Hybrid
120-Nights Lifetime Both No Flippable Firmness, softer and firmer Memory Foam
120-Nights 10 Years Both No Three firmness options Hybrid

Common Questions (FAQ)

When it comes to finding the best mattress for heavy people, size matters. If you're over 230 lbs, you need to find a bed to support your body weight. 

When you're in the market for a new plus size mattress, it is important to consider the weight limit. Specifically, look for a bed that can support your current and future body size. Mattresses with higher weight limits tend to be made of higher-quality materials that provide better support and more comfort over time. The heavier your body weight, the more firm, and supportive bed you need. 

There are many factors to consider when it comes to finding the best mattress heavy people love. One of the most important is firmness—too soft of a mattress can sag over time, causing uncomfortable lumps and an unpleasant night's sleep. While side-sleepers may prefer something a bit softer, research suggests that stomach and back sleepers should look for a mattress with a firm core. Memory foam mattresses for a heavy person are often rated as medium-firm and provide support with added comfort, but be sure to purchase one with high-quality foam; otherwise, it may not last long before sagging. Ultimately, do your research, test out any prospective mattress on display in stores, and remember that firmer is often better when choosing the right sleeping surface.

When choosing a mattress, it's essential to pick an option that provides the support necessary to prevent back pain. Firm mattresses typically offer this support and prevent people from sinking into them. Not only will firm support improve posture, but it will also ensure that your body is aligned correctly during sleep. Although firm mattresses may feel uncomfortable initially for some, they don't have to lack softness or comfort - look for one with a thicker top layer, as this will ensure you still feel comfortable without compromising on its beneficial properties. Ultimately, making the proper selection of the best mattress heavy people love can drastically reduce back discomfort and help people wake up feeling much more refreshed and energized after getting a good night's rest

An adjustable bed frame can be an invaluable addition to a bedroom for those who find it difficult to get in and out of bed. By providing a range of different sleeping positions and elevation levels, this kind of bedding solution can be adjusted to the exact requirements of each user. Whether you need support for getting in and out of a higher position or merely want to lounge in comfort at the press of a button, an adjustable bed frame will elevate your sleeping experience while providing relief from aches, pains, and fatigue. It's just what you need to start your day with some welcome feeling of relaxation. An adjustable frame in combination with the best mattress for heavy person flexibility will be your ideal sleep situation.

The best mattress for heavy person comfort should be firm while considering body composition and weight. It is important to take your time when shopping for a bed and ensure that it meets all your needs. If the design of the mattress doesn't work for you, don't buy it simply because it has good reviews; shop around until you find one that suits you best!

Plus sized mattresses are made to fit best and support heavier bodies. Different types of plus sized beds come in variations such as memory foam, latex, hybrid, and airbeds. Memory foam and hybrid mattresses are popular because they provide excellent comfort and support evenly distributed throughout the body. The best hybrid mattress for heavy people combines foam layers and an inner coil spring system that helps to provide superior back alignment with effective pressure relief, making them the best mattress for a heavy person. Although there is a variety of plus sized beds on the market, discovering which is best for you will take a bit of research into your individual needs.

 When it comes time to purchase a plus sized mattress, several things should be considered. First, it's important to take the time to do your research and learn about the range of options available on the market. Consider factors like the composition of the mattress – what type of support or firmness you need, as well as how comfortable it will be – and make sure you consider bed accessories such as pillows, sheets, and comforters that will help ensure comfort while sleeping. Reading online mattress reviews can be very helpful in gathering information on how well a particular model has fared with other consumers before making a final decision. 

A lot of people are wondering if their mattress has a weight limit. The answer may surprise you! Here's what you need to know about mattress weight limits.

A mattress is an investment often overlooked by people looking for a new bed. But, with the right mattress, sleepers of any size can get their best rest. The best mattresses are designed to accommodate a variety of sleepers, including those up to 250 pounds or more. Whether you love memory foam, innerspring coils, or hybrid foam/coil designs, there is the best plus size mattress out there that will give you the rest and relaxation you need for a productive day. Look for materials such as pocket springs and memory foams to ensure durability – these can provide excellent comfort and support throughout your entire sleep cycle. Make sure you choose the best plus size mattress that allows good ventilation, too - this will keep excess heat buildup away so you won't wake up feeling hot or uncomfortable. 

Finding the best mattresses for heavier people can be challenging. First, finding a bed designed for optimal support and comfort is crucial. However, if you are heavier, you likely need a mattress with a higher weight capacity. High-weight capacity mattresses offer significant levels of cushioning and a range of firmness choices so that everyone can find one that suits their needs. Additionally, higher-weight capacity mattresses often feature tougher build materials so that they won't break down as quickly under pressure. So if your body weighs more than 250 pounds, it's worth putting some time and effort into researching the perfect high-weight capacity bed.

Mattresses are a critical item of furniture for all people, but for those above 250 pounds, finding the best mattresses for plus size people is crucial. Companies have recognized this need and now specialize in mattresses for heavier individuals, offering a range of options to support your body needs. From extra-thick mattresses with enhanced contouring capabilities to pocketed coil inner springs to provide durable support and reduce movement disturbance, these mattresses can help ensure that larger bodies and those with medical conditions related to weight receive the quality sleep they require. With so much attention and focus on providing comfortable, supportive options specifically designed with them in mind, everyone will find something that fits their sleeping needs.

Before investing in a new mattress, you should always check the bed's weight limit. Different mattresses have different capabilities and weight limits, so it's essential to determine whether your size preference can support your and your partners' combined weight. A bed that is too weak may not provide the proper support and comfort you need; therefore, be diligent when searching for the right model. Because getting a good night's sleep is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle, make sure that you select one of the best mattresses for plus size people--be sure to check the weight limit!

Heavier people often experience different issues when finding the perfect mattress firmness. Usually, a mattress that is too soft will cause them to sink too far, making it difficult to get comfortable and causing joint pain. To find the perfect balance of comfort and support, heavier people should look for a medium-firm to firm mattress. This mattress will offer the right amount of give while providing plenty of support. 

Mattress firmness should be a major consideration for heavier people when shopping for a mattress. A mattress that is too soft can cause misalignment of the spine and joints and lead to aches and pains. On the other hand, if a heavier person chooses an excessively firm mattress, this can create pressure points which may cause discomfort. 

With so many mattresses available on the market, finding the best one is challenging. It's essential to consider your individual needs when deciding which mattress will work for you. Plus size mattresses have become increasingly popular as people have realized that their beds' comfort can impact their physical and mental health. Consider reading plus size mattress reviews online to get an idea of the various plus size mattress brands offer and what customers have had to say about their experience. This can help you make a more informed decision when choosing wisely from the different types of mattresses available today.

To find the perfect mattress fit for plus size sleepers, you'll need to explore a range of plush and firmer mattress types, as comfort can vary greatly between individuals. In addition, be sure that whichever mattress you choose provides ample support and contours to your body shape. Since plus size people tend to need help finding excellent support while sleeping on traditional mattress models, pay attention to plus size mattress reviews and priority considerations before making a purchase. Overall, make sure that any plus size mattress review you read factors in your unique needs when looking for specific plus size mattresses.

For heavier people, a firmer mattress can provide an array of benefits. Not only can it provide excellent support by evenly distributing weight across the entire surface area, but it can also help alleviate common aches and pains throughout the body. In addition, firm mattresses are designed to limit sinkage and reduce motion transfer when partners share the bed, which may help improve sleep quality overall, according to mattress reviews for heavy person needs. Additionally, since a firmer mattress takes longer to degrade, heavier people may enjoy a longer lifespan for their bedding purchase than if they chose an ultra-soft mattress. Therefore, firmer mattresses are often the ideal choice for heavier sleepers due to their numerous benefits.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a mattress, but deciding whether to buy online or in-store becomes even more important for heavy people. A few key factors can help make the decision easier, such as budget, time and accessibility constraints, and of course, comfort. 

Everyone enjoys the comfort and security of shopping from their home, which is true when buying a mattress. However, shopping for a mattress in-store can be challenging, as you must go from store to store looking for the perfect fit for your needs. With online shopping, however, you can quickly find what you're looking for without leaving your living room! Online stores also typically offer better prices than physical locations and often provide helpful information, such as customer reviews, so you can feel confident with your choice. So if convenience is important to you, you can read mattress reviews from heavy people, and then make your decision. 

There's no better way to invest in a new mattress than to research online first. Shopping around for the top mattresses for heavy people and comparing reviews are essential to ensure you get the right fit for your home sleeping environment. With so many beds available on the market today, taking advantage of mattress comparison websites and customer feedback can make all the difference in getting the perfect product. Purchasing a mattress online can save you time and money, avoiding busy stores and ensuring you have unbiased information to make an informed decision - an unbeatable combo when choosing the ideal mattress!

Assuming you don't have a warranty and your mattress is around 7-10 years old, it's time to start looking for a new one. Plus size mattresses generally need to be replaced more often than average-sized mattresses due to the extra weight they have to support. Before making your final decision, look for any signs of wear and tear, such as sagging or lumpiness. Your sleeping habits may also play a role in how often you need to replace your mattress; if you sleep on your side or stomach, you may need to replace it more often than someone who sleeps mainly on their back. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide when it's time for a new mattress, but following these guidelines should help narrow down the timeline.

Replacing your mattress every 5-7 years is the key to getting a good night's sleep, especially if it's a plus size mattress. With an old bed, you won't be able to enjoy a full range of motion or comfort and will likely end up with aches and pains as well as poor quality of sleep. Plus size mattresses provide generous support that helps distribute weight evenly and keeps you comfortable during sleep; however, they can start to sag and lose their elasticity if they need to be replaced sooner. Therefore, it's important to keep track of your plus size mattress's age and ensure it stays in optimal condition by replacing it after 5-7 years.

Mattresses are vital to a good night's sleep, but finding the right one can be a challenge, especially for heavier people. However, there are a few things to remember when mattress shopping if you're over 230 lbs. 

Many mattresses for heavy people are too soft, resulting in a poor night's sleep.

Having a restful sleep is essential for one's well-being, but finding the right mattress can be difficult if you are a heavier person. Unfortunately, many mattresses designed to support heavier weight don't quite get the job done, leaving individuals feeling unsatisfied and unrested no matter how many hours they have been in bed. The problem is that these mattresses are often too soft, which causes inadequate support for one's body weight.  It is best to find a firm mattress that offers proper support regardless of size or weight to combat this challenge and protect your mental and physical health.

Many mattresses for heavy people lack support in the middle, causing back and neck pain.

It's no secret that a lack of proper support can lead to back and neck pain, and those struggling with extra weight on their beds know this all too well - many mattresses for heavy people simply don't offer enough reinforcement in the middle. This can be incredibly uncomfortable, even forcing some people out of bed due to sharp pain in the spine or upper body. Therefore, those with higher body mass need to find a mattress that offers comprehensive support from head to toe, preferably with high-density cushioning so that the sleeper's spine remains properly aligned throughout the night. In addition, investing in a quality mattress is essential for relieving any potential pain experienced by heavier sleepers.

Some mattresses for heavy people are made with inferior materials that break down quickly.

Many heavier individuals struggle to find a mattress that can provide comfort and sustain itself over time. Unfortunately, many mattress companies use inferior materials in their beds for larger people, so the mattresses break down prematurely. This leaves the heavier sleeper feeling unsupported and uncomfortable. 

Most mattresses for heavy people are much more expensive than regular mattresses.

Mattresses for heavy people can pack a punch regarding the price tag. However, with more mattress makers recognizing the need for improved sleep solutions for larger frames, we hope to see available choices become wider and prices more competitive.

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