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Level Sleep Mattress Review

Updated April 2024
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Dr. Ifran Saddique
Medically reviewed by
Caitlin Goodwin, Nurse Practitioner
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  • The Level Sleep has an exceptional motion isolation capability, which makes it ideal for co-sleepers who need little to no disruptions while sleeping.
  • Made in the USA with non-toxic materials, the Level Sleep Mattress is a sturdy product that’s expected to last for six to seven years.
  • The Level Sleep mattress provides decent edge support with some sinkage along the perimeter.
  • With its all-foam design, the Level Sleep Mattress is exceedingly silent and the right option for co-sleepers and couples.
  • Level Sleep provides a lifetime warranty on this mattress.
  • The Level Sleep mattress comes with a 365-night sleep trial with shipping and returns to provide you with a hassle-free sleep.

Firmness & Feel

The Level Sleep mattress is made entirely out of foam that features zoned poly foam. The mattress has three different firmness levels that are tailored for each area of your body. The top of the mattress (where your head and shoulder would lay) is firm. The middle of the mattress is soft, so it can adequately contour to your torso and aid in spinal alignment. The end of the mattress, where your hip and legs would rest, is a medium firmness. The three zones of the level mattress makes it unique. Over all, Level Mattress reviews suggest that this mattress falls slightly less firm than other competitors.


The Level mattress is one-of-a-kind due to its unique firmness zoning. However, knowing how it performs in other categories is important. It rates well in almost every area, including motion isolation, temperature control, edge support, and sex. Despite these average ratings, the Level mattress doesn’t seem to perform exceptionally well in any category aside from pressure relief.

The Level mattress is made entirely out of poly foam. This material doesn’t provide the same motion isolation as memory foam. However, it does provide some motion absorption while still offering a decent amount of bounce. This creates a good surface for sexual performance. 

Level reviews explain that this mattress retains some heat. It still offers some impressive cooling technology that will keep the average sleeper cool. 

One category that Level excels in is pressure relief. The zones are specifically designed to provide the support that each area of the body requires. This results in a firm portion to support your neck and head. The zone for the body offers the body-hugging contour that side sleepers require. 

Construction & Design

The construction and design of the Level Sleep mattress is what sets it apart from competitors. There are three specially-designed zones. The first zone is soft to absorb pressure from your shoulder. As you move down the mattress, you’ll find that the middle zone is formed to provide the spinal alignment and support that your back and torso require. Lastly, the final zone is medium in firmness to contour your hips. 

The Level mattress is made with premium materials. It has a CertiPUR-US foam that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. This will keep you and your family safe as you sleep. 

This bed is 11 inches thick and conveniently ships in a box. It has Energex foam, which is known for being adaptive and temperature-responsive. On top of the mattress is a removable and washable cover that will keep your mattress hygienic. 

Sleeping Positions

The three-zone design of the Level Sleep mattress has made it a good fit for just about anyone! There is enough pressure-relieving support for the shoulders and adequate body contouring to minimize aches and pains throughout the torso. Because the Level mattress is made out of poly foam, it does a good job isolating motion. This makes it a good fit for light sleepers that share a bed with partners or pets.  

Value for your Money

The Level Sleep mattress is extremely affordable, especially considering that it will improve sleep quality. Because of the patented TriSupport design, this bed offers unique benefits that other competitors can’t. This bed can be purchased between $599 and $1199 deciding on the size you want. Overall, this mattress has good value for money. You’ll get a one-of-a-kind mattress that acts as good support while offering impressive contouring. 


Level joins other competitors with a 365-night home trial. Over the span of a year, you can test out this mattress before deciding whether you want to commit to it. There is also a Forever Warranty that will cover manufacturers defects. 


Our Mattress Verdict

The Level Sleep mattress is a good fit for those who struggle to sleep. With its TriSupport Layer and excellent pressure point contouring, it’s the perfect pick to increase sleep satisfaction, reduce fatigue and improve daytime performance.

  • Gives maximum support to the lumbar area
  • Sleeps cool
  • Might be helpful to people with back pain
  • Doesn’t provide that classic memory foam feel
  • Not for heavy weight sleepers
Dr. Ifran Saddique

Dr. Ifran Saddique


Dr. Saddique completed his Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from the Combined Military Hospital Medical and Dental College between 2012 and 2017. His rigorous medical training has provided him with a solid foundation in medical sciences and clinical practice. He has held the position of Medical Doctor at St. Bartholomew Hospital, Barts NHS Trust since May 2023, where he has been actively involved in delivering high-quality healthcare services. Prior to that, he served as the Deputy Medical Superintendent at Children Hospital. Moreover, Dr. Irfan specializes in medical content writing and has provided his knowledge and expertise on many blogs and articles on health and fitness, behavioral health, and medical issues.

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