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Cloverlane Mattress Review 2024

Updated April 2024
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Dr. Ifran Saddique
Caitlin Goodwin, Nurse Practitioner


Cloverlane Mattress
About Cloverlane:

Cloverlane, a new luxury mattress brand from Resident (known for Nectar, Dreamcloud, Awara), aims to serve all sleepers with affordability. It enhances sleep quality with standout offers like free white glove delivery, a 365-night trial, and a Forever warranty. This Cloverlane Hybrid mattress review will determine if it's the right fit for your sleep preferences.

  • Design Overview:
    The Cloverlane is a premium Euro-top mattress available in hybrid and all-foam designs. We’ll be covering the hybrid version in this Cloverlane mattress review.
  • Height:
    This mattress has a height of 15”, which qualifies it as a luxury mattress. It’s the second tallest mattress by Resident after the Dreamcloud Premier Rest.
  • Construction:
    The Cloverland hybrid mattress boasts seven meticulously arranged layers. Its construction features gel-infused memory foam, latex, and conventional polyfoam technologies.
  • Sizes:
    You can get the Cloverlane in these six mattress sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.
  • Firmness:
    You can choose from three firmness levels with this mattress: Plush, Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm.
  • Cooling:
    The Cloverlane hybrid mattress has average cooling capabilities that most people will find sufficient. However, hot sleepers may choose extra-cooling for advanced heat-wicking tech.
  • Value:
    The Cloverlane hybrid mattress is great for its excellent build quality, reasonable pricing, and generous warranty and trial period.
  • Shipping and Warranty:
    The Cloverlane hybrid is not a bed-in-a-box mattress. It comes with free in-room delivery, a 365-night trial, and a Forever warranty.

Quick Overview

The Cloverlane is a new addition to the limited number of luxury options from online brands. It offers high quality materials, gel infused memory foam, a customized support layer with a breathable and cooling euro top. The mattress is a great choice for those looking to invest more and get a luxury hotel like feeling from a top quality mattress.
SPRING SALE - Up to 50% OFF Mattresses
Trial 365-Night Trial
Warranty Lifetime
Shipping/Returns & Returns
Mattress Type Hybrid & Memory Foam
Firmness 7/10

Who is the Cloverlane Hybrid Mattress Best For?

The Cloverlane hybrid mattress offers an affordable alternative to the Saatva Classic. Its blend of different mattress technologies strikes an incredible balance of support and comfort likely to work for most people’s sleep needs. Combining a Euro pillow top, therapeutic gel-infused memory foam, latex, and pocketed coils, this bed scores high marks on crucial areas, such as edge support, temperature control, pressure relief, and durability.

However, what seals the deal for many people are the multiple firmness options. With the Cloverlane hybrid mattress, it’s possible to get the right bed regardless of one’s weight and sleeping style.

Ideal For:

  • Sleepers across all weight ranges, as there are three firmness options

  • Couples who prefer a mattress with adequate motion isolation and edge support

  • Couples and sleep partners with varying sleeping preferences 

  • Hot sleepers as it employs several cooling technologies

  • Sleepers with back problems 

  • Those who want a luxury mattress at a reasonable price

Cloverlane Hybrid Mattress Firmness

Let’s talk about the Cloverlane Hybrid mattress firmness and feel. Firmness is an important consideration when buying a mattress online because it affects how it performs for different people. Mattress firmness impacts your sleep quality, which consequently affects your overall health. 

We like reminding our readers that mattress firmness is subjective. Your weight, build, and personal preference will dictate your perception of mattress feel.

To help illuminate mattress firmness, the team at MattressVerdict uses a 10-point scale where one is extra-soft, 5 is medium, and 10 is extra-firm.

The Cloverlane Hybrid offers three firmness options: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. Let’s review each of these firmness options to give you a clearer idea of who they might fit best.

Cloverlane Plush Soft

With a score of 4 on the firmness scale, the Plush Soft is the softest of the three Cloverlane hybrid versions. This mattress has plush comfort layers that conform closely to the body to create a hugging sensation that may help relieve pressure. 

The Cloverlane Plush Soft mattress works best for individuals under 130 lbs. It mainly offers best results to lightweight side sleepers as they prefer a bed with more cushioning. 

Cloverlane Luxury Firm

The Cloverlane Luxury Firm mattress sits in the middle of the firmness scale, offering the best of both worlds. Our team rated it 6.5 out of 10, although some might initially find it a bit firmer (around 7). 

This model has less sinkage than the Plush Soft bed. However, it still has a noticeable level of contour, which may help with pressure relief. 

The Cloverlane Luxury Firm mattress is a good option for sleepers who weigh 130 to 230 pounds. This is the most popular Cloverlane Hybrid mattress because most people fall in this weight range. 

Cloverlane Firm

If you’re after the firmest and most supportive Cloverlane mattress, this model is it. With a firmness score of 8 out of 10, the Cloverlane Firm is all about providing an even surface and a solid push-back. These two factors are necessary for limiting sinking in the midsection and promoting proper spinal alignment among heavyweight individuals. 

The Cloverlane Firm is ideal for stomach sleepers, heavyweight folks, and those who enjoy sleeping on “top” of the mattress rather than “sinking” in it.

Construction & Design

Most Cloverlane mattress reviews affirm that this mattress looks more premium than standard hybrid beds. This 15” tall luxury mattress features 7 layers, some of which have been handcrafted to achieve the desired level of luxury and performance. 

Here’s what the Cloverlane hybrid mattress is made of from the top cover downwards: 

Ache alleviation euro top

The Cloverlane hybrid mattress typically starts with a tufted European pillow top that gives it its premium look. The euro top features a breathable cooling cover and a 1.75” layer of soft foam quilted into it. The cooling cover has heat-wicking technology that dispels heat away for a comfortable sleep experience. Because the euro top is flush with the mattress edge, it offers better edge support, motion isolation, and overall durability. 

For an additional $199, hot sleepers can upgrade to the Extra Cooling cover when placing their order. 

Therapeutic gel memory foam

Below the euro pillow top is a 2-inch layer of gel-infused memory foam, which acts as the main comfort layer. This layer’s firmness level varies across the three firmness levels. It conforms closely to the body to help reduce pressure, potentially alleviating joint pain and arthritis symptoms. The gel infusion technology in this layer helps disperse heat, creating a cooler sleep surface. 

Lumbar relief latex

The fourth layer is a 0.5” slab of latex. It runs across the hip zone of the mattress to promote targeted back support and spinal alignment, which can help reduce back pain. Latex is naturally antimicrobial and breathable. This layer has been perforated to enhance its airflow. 

Transitional support foam

Next up is a 2.5-inch layer of conventional polyurethane foam. This layer adds extra cushioning besides functioning as a buffer between the softer comfort section and the sturdy support core. For couples and people who share the bed, this layer absorbs movement energy, thus minimizing disturbance if one of the sleepers moves during the night. 

Customized support layer 

The support core of the Cloverlane hybrid mattress is an 8” section of pocketed coils. These coils are wrapped individually, allowing them to react independently to your body’s contours. This design promotes customized support for your body shape and weight. Pocketed coils also minimize motion transfer, allowing for a more relaxed sleeping experience compared to traditional coil mattresses. 

Lower cover

The lower cover is shift-resistant to ensure your mattress doesn’t slip or slide on the foundation. Another great feature of this cover is the four sturdy handles on the sides that make moving the mattress a breeze. The lower cover also has 16 hand-installed brass air vents that enhance airflow inside the mattress for comfortable sleep.

Cloverlane Mattress
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Is Cloverlane Hybrid a Good Mattress?

The Cloverlane hybrid mattress has a lot worth going for in terms of quality construction and overall design. However, at MattressVerdict, the hallmark of any mattress is its performance in key areas that affect sleep quality and quality of life. These areas include back pain relief, motion isolation, cooling, edge support, and off-gassing.

Cloverlane Hybrid Back Pain

If back pain relief is your top choice, the Cloverlane hybrid is a logical choice for multiple reasons. The chiropractor-approved Cloverlane hybrid mattress was engineered as a solution for people with back pain. This mattress has a dedicated spinal support system that runs from the top cover through the coil system. The top comfort layers create a cushioned sleep surface while the pocketed coils prevent discomforting sinkage. The three firmness options also mean a mattress best suited to your weight, body shape, and sleeping position.

Cloverlane Hybrid Cooling

The Cloverlane hybrid mattress sleeps temperature-neutral. While it employs several layers of foam, its construction also includes several cooling technologies and designs that make it less prone to trapping heat. For instance, the top cover is breathable and has heat-wicking technology for improved cooling. The memory foam comfort layer has gel infusion, which is known to help dissipate heat. The major contributor to a cooler sleeping experience, however, is the open design of the coil support system. Air circulates freely through the spaces between the coils, helping regulate the temperature within the foam layers. 

The Cloverlane Firm mattress is likely to sleep cooler than the softer versions. It does not hug the body as closely, so it’s likely to trap the least heat.


Cloverlane Hybrid Mattress Motion Isolation

Motion transfer is a big aspect if you share the bed with a restless partner or pet. It refers to how much energy is felt on your side when your partner tosses and turns. 

Hybrid mattresses generally have a notable level of motion transfer because of the coils used. However, the degree of energy transfer is greatly reduced because pocketed coils respond to movement independently. Secondly, the foam layers on top absorb most of the energy. 

Regarding the Cloverlane Hybrid, you’ll definitely feel some motion transfer. However, we doubt it’s enough to startle you from sleep. This mattress performs fairly well on this front thanks to its multiple foam layers and euro top cover.

Low Motion Isolation
High Motion Isolation

Cloverlane Edge Support

Edge support is another important aspect we consider when recommending the best mattresses for couples. Edge support reflects how much resistance you get when sitting around the edge of the mattress. This is a good indicator of a quality mattress, especially if you are a heavier individual, share the bed with a partner, or love hugging mattress edges while sleeping. 

Edge support is one of Cloverlane’s top strengths. We credit this performance to its pocketed spring system, edge support foam, and euro pillow top design. It’s important to note that firmer mattresses generally have better edge support than softer models. Because the Plush Soft Cloverlane Hybrid is a bit softer, you’ll experience more sinkage around the edges.


Cloverlane Hybrid for Sex

Couples looking for the best mattress for sex will be quite happy with the Cloverlane Hybrid for obvious reasons. Its good balance of comfort and bounce is likely to do wonders for your sex life because bounce makes it easy to establish a rhythm during intimacy. The foam layers in this mattress’ comfort section also add a significant amount of responsiveness. A responsive mattress contours your sharp points, allowing you to enjoy your bedroom activities without hurting your knees, elbows, and other pressure points. Couples who enjoy exploring various intimacy styles will want to leverage Cloverlane’s excellent edge support. Lastly, Cloverlane’s breathability and noise-free performance will also promote the mood for a great night


Cloverlane Hybrid & Sleeping Positions

The Cloverlane Hybrid is a good mattress for all sleeping positions since it offers three firmness options. The question, therefore, is, “Which firmness level should you go for when buying the Cloverlane Hybrid mattress online?”

Back, side, and stomach sleepers have varying mattress firmness needs.

Cloverlane for Side Sleepers

Side sleepers put more pressure on their hips and shoulders. The best mattress for side sleepers, therefore, should be more contouring to cushion these points. The mattress also needs to offer adequate support to keep the spine aligned.  

Cloverlane Hybrid side sleepers weighing below 130 lbs should consider the Plush Soft model. The Luxury Firm version will be more appropriate for side sleepers between 130 and 230 lbs. Side sleepers weighing more than 230 lbs will want to gravitate towards the Cloverlane Hybrid Firm. However, we recommend a mattress designed from scratch for heavyweight sleepers.

Cloverlane for back sleepers

Back sleepers want the most support of all sleeping positions to ensure they don’t wake up with sore backs. The Cloverlane Luxury Firm and Firm versions are the best options for back sleepers as they can support the heavier parts of their body, thus keeping their spines adequately aligned. 

Cloverlane back sleepers weighing 130 to 230 lbs should consider the Luxury Firm model. It provides enough support while ensuring maximum comfort. The Firm model is the recommended route for heavyweight back sleepers above 230 lbs.

Cloverlane for Stomach Sleepers

The three firmness levels of the Cloverlane Hybrid will accommodate stomach sleepers. However, it’s crucial to match your weight to the ideal firmness to ensure the mattress is neither too firm to cause discomfort nor too soft to cause spine misalignment. 

Cloverlane Hybrid mattress stomach sleepers weighing below 130 lbs should be happy with the Plush Soft or Luxury Firm setting. It will come down to personal preference. The Luxury Firm version will be a solid choice for stomach sleepers weighing 130-230 lbs. Lastly, Cloverlane Hybrid heavyweight stomach sleepers may enjoy the Firm model the most.

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Cloverlane Hybrid Mattress Prices and Sizes

As previously mentioned, the Cloverlane Hybrid puts itself as an affordable alternative to the Saatva Classic. However, while it’s significantly cheaper, the Cloverlane Hybrid still comes at a premium compared to your average hybrid mattress. But it pays for itself in various ways, including customizable firmness, free in-room delivery, and free mattress removal. The 365-night trial, free shipping, and returns make it a worry-free investment. 

Cloverlane hybrid mattress is available in only one height profile:

  • 15”

And all six standard mattress sizes:

  • Twin

  • Twin xl

  • Full

  • Queen 

  • King 

  • Cal King

To check the full Cloverlane pricing Click Here

Cloverlane Hybrid Customer Service

Mattress brands by Resident are known for their above-average policies. The Cloverlane Hybrid is not any different. 

Cloverlane Free Shipping and Returns

When you buy the Cloverlane Hybrid mattress online, you get free shipping and returns. In other words, there are no hidden charges to incur when bringing your Cloverlane home or returning it. Unfortunately, Cloverlane mattresses are not available for delivery in Alaska and Hawaii, but plans for that are underway.

Cloverlane Delivery

With the Cloverlane, you’ll also be getting complimentary white glove delivery. Cloverlane mattresses take 1-2 weeks to ship after placing your order. Cloverlane’s concierge will contact you to determine your preferred delivery date. On the delivery date, a team from Cloverlane will hand deliver the mattress to your room of choice and even set it up for you. Plus, there’s an option to have your old mattress removed free of charge. 

Cloverlane Trial 

After delivery and setup, you have 365 days to try the Cloverlane Hybrid mattress. The break-in period for a new hybrid mattress is 30-90 days. Cloverlane’s 365-night trial period gives you enough time to test how the mattress performs in all four seasons before committing. 

Cloverlane Returns

If you decide that the Cloverlane Hybrid mattress is not for you (for any reason), you can return it for a full refund. 

Cloverlane Warranty

The Cloverlane Hybrid mattress is covered by a limited Forever Warranty. “Limited” means that it only covers the original buyer. Plus, it only covers the defects indicated in the policy, including; 

  • Deterioration causing visible indentation greater than 1.5.”

  • Physical flaws causing the foam to degrade, split, or crack

  • Manufacturing defects in the mattress cover

Our Mattress Verdict

Now it’s time for the big question of this Cloverlane Hybrid review: is the Cloverlane worth it? In one word- YES. We found the Cloverlane Hybrid to offer exceptionally good value in terms of comfort, support, aesthetics, and durability. The Cloverland Hybrid is an investment compared to typical hybrid mattresses. But it’s worth it if you’re focused on a high-quality and comfortable mattress engineered with achy joints and sore backs in mind.

  • Choose from three firmness levels
  • It offers a pleasant mix of comfort and support
  • It comes with free white glove delivery, a 365-night trial, and a forever warranty
  • Above-average breathability for a cool night of sleep
  • It has a premium price tag compared to typical hybrid beds
  • Side sleepers may prefer a plusher mattress

Common Questions (FAQ)

The Cloverlane Hybrid mattress comes in three firmness levels, making it ideal for all sleeping positions.

Because it comes already inflated, the Cloverlane emits little to no “new mattress smell.”

The Cloverlane Hybrid is not designed to be flipped, but it may be rotated for even wearing.
The Cloverlane Hybrid is not a bed in a box.
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Dr. Ifran Saddique

Dr. Ifran Saddique


Dr. Saddique completed his Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from the Combined Military Hospital Medical and Dental College between 2012 and 2017. His rigorous medical training has provided him with a solid foundation in medical sciences and clinical practice. He has held the position of Medical Doctor at St. Bartholomew Hospital, Barts NHS Trust since May 2023, where he has been actively involved in delivering high-quality healthcare services. Prior to that, he served as the Deputy Medical Superintendent at Children Hospital. Moreover, Dr. Irfan specializes in medical content writing and has provided his knowledge and expertise on many blogs and articles on health and fitness, behavioral health, and medical issues.

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