TOP 10 Best Twin Size Mattresses September 2022

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How to Choose the Best Twin Size Mattress?

Twin mattresses are by far the most popular mattress size thanks to their numerous applications and (at times) affordability. But there seems to be a lot of grey areas, especially in their sizes. 

Most people also ask whether twin mattresses available in the market are the same as double or full. If this is you, consider this a quick buying guide on everything you need to know before buying a twin mattress today. 

What is a Twin Mattress? 

A twin mattress is the smallest of all mattress sizes. Twin mattresses are available in 3 sizes or types: Youth (33” wide by 66” long), standard (38” wide by 75” long), and Twin XL (38” wide by 80” long).

Yes, a twin mattress is the same as a single. However, a twin size mattress is not the same as a double (also known as a full). With a width of 53”, a full size mattress is around 15” wider than a standard twin. 

Types of Twin Mattresses and their Uses 

Youth Size

A youth size mattress is the smallest of twin mattresses. Youth twin mattresses are 33” wide and 66” long, making them just a few inches bigger than baby crib mattresses that are mostly 27.5” wide and 52” long. Owing to the little extra sleeping surface that they offer compared to a crib, youth size twin mattresses are not popular. Most parents prefer getting a standard twin instead. 

Common uses: a natural choice for still-growing young children. 

Standard Size 

Standard twin mattresses (also commonly called single mattresses) are the most popular for obvious reasons. They are compact but not quickly outgrown compared to youth size twin mattresses. A standard size twin mattress is 38” wide and 75” long. 

Common uses: kids bedrooms when they are transitioning from a crib, teen bedrooms, day beds, hideaways, and trundle beds. 

Twin XL Size 

These are extra-long versions of twin mattresses. At 38”, a twin XL mattress has the same width as a standard size twin. However, a twin XL is 5 inches longer than a standard twin at 80”. 

Thanks to this extra length, the best twin xl mattresses will accommodate a growing teen, so you won’t need to replace it as you’d do with a standard size mattress. Additionally, this extra length makes twin xl mattresses more comfortable for taller-than-average adults. 

Common uses of a twin mattress: two twin xl mattresses are combined to make a split-king mattress. Also, twin size mattresses are commonly preferred for guest bedrooms and boarding school and college dorms.

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