TOP 10 Best Memory Foam Mattresses November 2022

Memory foam mattresses offer consumers with a great hugging feel at an affordable price. Below you can find the best memory foam mattresses in 2022.

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How to Choose the Best Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam is the most sought-after material in the mattress world today- and for good reasons. Here is a short and precise brief on all you need to know about this material if you're thinking of investing in a top memory foam mattress. Hopefully after reading the below and using the table above, you can choose the best memory foam mattress for you.

What is memory foam

Memory foam (also known as visco-elastic foam) is a polyurethane material that responds to body heat and pressure (weight) to mold to your natural curves. This material is called memory foam because of its delayed responsiveness. When you get up from the lie-down position, the best memory foam mattress will 'remember' your body's shape for a few seconds before slowly springing back to its original condition. Memory foam was first developed for use by NASA to cushion astronauts during takeoffs and landings. It was released for the public domain in the 80s. Although this material has improved significantly over the years, it's still used for the same primary reasons it was engineered.

Benefits of memory foam

1. Body-hugging comfort By responding to your body heat and weight, memory foam is able to contour and mold to your natural curves. Consequently, the mattress holds your body in a near-natural alignment, which is healthy for your spine and lumbar.

2. Excellent pressure relieve Another benefit of the best memory foam mattresses is their ability to prevent and reduce pressure buildup. This material contours around your shoulders, hips, and lower back for optimum support. However, unlike innerspring, memory foam is soothing and does not push excessively to cause pressure buildup.

3. Great for back and neck pain If you're struggling with neck pain and back issues, the best firm memory foam mattress might help. This material will offer exceptional contouring and support, all while being comfortable to allow full relaxation and healing.

4. Personalized support and comfort In most memory foam mattress reviews, you'll realize that these beds are very popular with couples and people who share a bed. That's because each side of the mattress reacts differently to each individual's weight and body heat for personalized comfort. As such, memory foam technically puts an end to the ever-raging fight of the best mattress for couples.

5. Unbeatable motion isolation The other major advantage of the best memory foam mattress 2022 is its ability to localize movement energy to one side of the bed. This minimizes disturbances that a sleeping partner may cause when flopping, turning, or getting in and out of bed at night.

6. Hypoallergenic Memory foam also makes a perfect choice if you're looking for the best mattress for allergies. This material resists common allergens, such as dust mites, mold, and mildew, to offer relief when sleeping.

Disadvantages of memory foam

1. Off-gassing Memory foam is made by combining several chemicals. As such, even the best memory foam mattress 2022 will have a chemical smell after setting it up. To be on the safer side, consider Certipur-US certified memory foam beds as they don't contain mercury, lead, PBDEs, ozone depleters, and more.

2. Heat retention One of the main disadvantages of memory foam is its tendency to sleep hot. This may be an issue, especially for hot sleepers. However, manufacturers have devised ways to curb this issue. The best memory foam mattresses for hot sleepers now include cooling technologies, such as copper- and gel-infusion. Also, experts at agree that plant-based memory foam is more breathable and helps with heat retention problems.

Types of memory foam

There are 4 major types of memory foam:

Traditional memory foam

This is classic memory foam, which is very close to what was used in the 1980s. It's made of petroleum products, and it's way more affordable than other types of memory foam. However, since its manufacturing is still very close to the original processes, this material is plagued by heat retention and the feeling of being stuck in bed.

Gel-infused and Copper-infused memory foam

The best memory foam mattresses to buy today now feature copper and gel infusion technologies. Copper and gel work in a similar way to absorb and dissipate heat, leaving you with a slightly cooler sleeping surface.

Plant-based memory foam

In these mattresses, the manufacturer replaces a portion of the petroleum chemicals with plant products, such as coconut fiber, flax, hemp, and soy. The chief advantage of plant-based memory foam is its reduced carbon footprint, which means a lot to eco-conscious individuals. Additionally, memory foam mattresses infused with plant materials are more breathable, which helps manage heat buildup.

Proprietary memory foam

Memory foam technology is continually changing. Different mattress manufacturers are in a race to engineer a material that offers the pressure-relieving attributes of traditional memory foam, but with a more responsive feel and reduced heat retention issues. While there's still a lot that needs to be done, most manufacturers have made a tremendous improvement in these 2 areas.

How to Choose a Memory Foam mattress?

Thickness- memory foam mattresses come in all height profiles ranging from 6" to 14". The height of the mattress does not affect its support and comfort levels a lot, so this is often an issue of personal preference and budget. However, keep in mind that a thin mattress won't last as long as a thick one. To point out, 9" -12" height range tends to be the best for a memory foam mattress.

Density- mattress density mainly determines the firmness feel and the support level of the bed. Also, it affects the cost, breathability and durability.

i) Low-density memory foam is soft and cheap. But it sags fast and suffers from heat retention and minimal support.

ii) High-density memory foam is expensive and it feels firm and stiff. But it's more supportive and has excellent durability and breathability.

iii) Lastly, medium-density foam offers a happy medium in terms support, comfort, breathability, and durability. That said, it's not surprising that medium-density memory foam mattresses are the most popular.

Final words 

As we conclude this memory foam mattress buying guide, remember that most of these mattresses come in a bed-in-a-box style. This means that they are shipped compressed and packed in a portable box. As such, it's critical to consider how much time the manufacturer allows you to try the mattress to determine whether it's good for your needs. The trial period is crucial to determine what's the best memory foam mattress for you. Also, understand everything about the return process beforehand. For instance, are the returns free? Will the manufacturer arrange for pickups?

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