TOP 10 Best Mattresses for Sex September 2022

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Best Mattress for Sex - Buying Guide

The best mattress for sex lets you unleash your A-game each time.But a poor mattress affects your performance, forcing you to look for alternative albeit unfavorable sex spots. 

This guide looks at what to consider when choosing the best mattress for sexually active couples. We also give you our view of sex on popular types of mattresses- hybrid, memory foam, latex and innerspring mattresses. 

Considerations When Buying the Best Mattress for Sex 

Bounce Factor

Bounce refers to how the mattress responds to your movements when you compress it during amorous activities. A mattress with a good bounce gives back some of the energy you pump into it. This makes it easy to create and maintain a consistent rhythm, which is crucial for sexual satisfaction. 

Another benefit of a bouncy mattress is its ability to reshape quickly. A more responsive mattress generally allows you to move and change positions easily without feeling stuck. 

A trade-off of a bouncy mattress is motion transfer. Typically speaking, the bounciest mattresses (innerspring in this case) tend to be the worst at motion isolation. On the other hand, the best mattresses for motion isolation (think of memory foam) have the least bounce. That’s where hybrid mattresses come in.

Hybrid mattresses are the best for sex because they balance bounce with motion isolation. Likewise, latex mattresses are also rated highly in this regard because they are inherently responsive and supportive. 

Temperature Regulation 

With hot sex comes a spike in body temperature, which causes you to sweat. Sweating can be a welcome aphrodisiac because it generates pheromones- chemicals that cause arousal. However, some sex partners say excessive dripping dampens the sheets and their moods. So, although sweating in the bed is normal, getting a mattress that doesn’t make it worse may be necessary. 

Hot sleepers looking for the best mattress for making love should opt for innerspring or hybrid mattresses. By employing a system of coils, these beds are far more breathable than all-foam mattresses. 

Memory foam mattresses retain most of your body heat when sleeping. This issue gets amplified during sex and is even worse among folks who sleep hot. However, memory foam manufacturers have made tremendous improvements on this issue in recent years. Advanced memory foam mattresses employ gel, copper and graphite, among other cooling technologies that have been proven to work. 

Latex feels a lot cooler than memory foam. Unlike memory foam, latex has an open-cell structure as well as pin-holes that allow air to circulate.

Noise Control 

Bed noises may or may not be something to worry so much about when choosing a mattress for your sexually active life. For instance, a mattress that squeaks with every thrust isn’t an issue for couples who live alone in an isolated house. However, these noises can foil a would-be sizzling sex session, mainly if you live with roomates or kids in a thin-walled apartment. 

The headboard, boxspring and frame are often the first culprits in a squeaky bed. However, some mattresses are to blame for some of these unwanted noises. Innerspring mattresses are the worst performers in this regard. Hybrid mattresses also tend to make squeaking noises as they get old. But the noise is relatively less loud compared to innerspring mattresses, thanks to the thick memory foam or latex comfort layer. 

Memory foam and latex mattresses are the best mattress types for sex in this case. If you hear squeaking or other unwanted noises when using an all-foam mattress, the chances are they are from other sources, not the mattress. 

Edge Support 

Edge support is generally a good feature to have on any mattress. But it’s much more useful among sexually active couples. Depending on how adventurous you are when making love, you might need to utilize the entire sleeping surface on the mattress.

A mattress with strong edge support allows for more possibilities. On the other hand, poor edge support means limiting yourselves to “safer” styles. 

Again, in terms of edge support, innerspring and hybrid mattresses take the lead as the best mattresses for sex. Their coil systems generally offer a sturdier perimeter than all-foam mattresses. Some innerspring and hybrid models have dedicated perimeter reinforcement for enhanced edge-to-edge support. 

Latex is better than memory foam if you’re looking for an all-foam mattress with better edge support.


Size is another crucial consideration when choosing the best mattress for sex to buy online. The queen bed is the most popular mattress size for couples today. This mattress measures 60” by 80” and is generally considered big enough for most sexually active couples. 

The beauty of a queen-size mattress among couples is that it saves space without compromising comfort. And if you’re planning on remaining with your significant other for the foreseeable future, this is a mattress you can move around easily compared to a king-size mattress. 

Measuring 76” by 80”, a king-size mattress offers each couple an additional 8” of sleeping surface compared to a queen bed. If you have the budget for a larger bed frame and enough space in your bedroom, this will be a good option, particularly if you enjoy a little more room to yourself when snoozing. 

On the other hand, a full bed, typically 53” by 75”, often appeals to couples who like to cuddle. Also known as a double, a full-size bed also provides a solution to sexually active partners with limited budget and space because it’s smaller and less expensive than a queen. 

Trial Period

A mattress will be good for sex only if it’s suitable for each of you at the individual level. Besides all the features of a good mattress for sex, you also want to ensure that it meets all your individual sleep needs depending on your weight, sleeping style and body type. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell for sure whether a mattress will work for you until it has arrived and you’ve assembled it. 

When comparing the best mattresses for sex online, narrow down to brands that offer at least a 90-day trial period and a transparent return process.

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