TOP 10 Best Mattresses for Couples - September 2022

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Best Mattress for Couples - Buying Guide

Buying a mattress online that meets your specific sleep needs can be tricky. But it’s even more challenging when selecting a mattress for couples. While you probably have a lot in common with your partner, it’s normal not to like all the same things, including the mattress. 

Depending on your weight, sleeping position, body shape and lifestyle, you may prefer a firm-as-a-rock bed. On the other hand, your significant other may prefer a plush mattress with thick cushioning and a full-body hug. So, how do you arrive at a mattress that appeals to both of you? In this buyer’s guide, we share tips for choosing the best bed in a box for couples. 

Tips and Considerations When Buying a Mattress for Couples 

Type of Mattress

This is the first thing you’ll want to agree on when shopping for a good mattress for couples. Is foam, latex, innerspring, hybrid or airbed mattress better? No mattress type works for all couples. Therefore, it’s crucial for sleep partners to understand the pros and cons of each technology and how they relate to their sleep needs and budget. 

Foam Mattresses for Couples 

Foam mattresses- led by memory foam- appeal to most couples with their ability to isolate motion. Memory foam’s pressure-relieving hug also makes it an intriguing choice for sleep partners with back and joint pain. Compared to coil-based beds, foam mattresses have a quiet sleeping surface that makes them an incredible choice for sex. Their major weakness is that they tend to trap heat. However, some memory foam models successfully reduce this sensation by incorporating cooling technologies, such as gel, copper and graphite. 

Latex Mattresses for Couples

Latex mattresses perform nearly as well as memory foam in pressure relief and support. On the plus side, latex does not sleep as hot as other foam mattresses, particularly if it has a higher proportion of natural latex. This breathability, coupled with nearly instant responsiveness and bounce, makes latex one of the best mattresses for sex. On the downside, some couples may experience motion transfer, leading to disturbance. Also, although durable, natural latex mattresses are several-fold costlier.  

Innerspring Mattresses for Couples 

Innerspring beds are comparably more affordable, which makes them the best mattresses for couples on a budget. Also, they are cooling, responsive and bouncy- just the perfect combination for a good mattress for nighttime activities. Their biggest drawback is motion transfer, which makes them less ideal for sleep partners who are easily disturbed. 

Hybrid Mattresses for Couples 

Hybrid mattresses add the bounce and responsiveness of innerspring to the cradling hug of foam. The use of thick comfort layers helps with motion isolation and noise reduction- two of the most important considerations when shopping for a good mattress for active couples. By cradling the strengths of foam and innerspring beds, hybrid mattresses make an excellent choice for sleep partners who can’t agree on the best type of mattress for couples.   

Motion Isolation

In mattress jargon, motion isolation measures how well a mattress deadens movement. When sleeping on a mattress with excellent motion isolation, your partner’s movements, such as turning or getting on and off the bed, won’t disturb your sleep. 

On the other hand, a mattress that moves all over the place with the slightest movements will make it very difficult for a light sleeper to enjoy a good amount of deep sleep each night. 

That said, no mattress can isolate 100% of your partner’s movements. However, memory foam, latex and hybrid mattresses (in that order) are excellent performers when absorbing movements to minimize impact. That leaves innerspring beds as the worst mattresses for motion isolation. 

Mattress Size Vs. Comfort Vs. Available Space

When determining the right bed size for couples, you want to consider your comfort needs, sleeping style (do you like cuddling?) and bedroom size. If your kids and pets enjoy joining you in bed, factor in that too. 

Measuring 54” (W) by 75” (L), a full size mattress is the smallest bed available for couples. This mattress leaves roughly 27” of sleeping surface for each of you. The physical closeness of this mattress mostly appeals to couples who like cuddling or spooning. A full size bed also makes sense when trying to balance affordability, space and comfort. 

However, most people agree that a queen size mattress is the standard bed size for couples. A queen mattress measures 60” (W) by 80” (L), meaning it offers you a little bit more space to spread out without occupying a lot of space in your bedroom. On the other hand, a king bed may be a better contender for large couples and sleep partners who prefer loads of room. But measuring 76” (W) by 80” (L), keep in mind that a king size mattress is ideal for master bedrooms with a minimum of 224 square footage. 

Ideal Firmness and Feel When Buying a Mattress for Couples

Firmness is among the top reasons couples disagree on the ideal mattress. This problem emanates from the fact that each sleep partner has unique traits and general preferences that determine the best mattress firmness level for their sleep needs. For instance, lightweight individuals will prefer a relatively softer mattress, while heavier folks will want a firmer bed with strong stability and support. 

In terms of sleeping position, most strict side sleepers tend to benefit from medium-soft to medium mattresses. Most back sleepers tend to enjoy medium to medium-firm mattresses, while stomach sleepers often prefer firmer mattresses. 

Luckily, there are a few options for folks who can’t agree on the best mattress firmness for couples:

Choose a mattress in the medium-firm range- these mattresses have enough support and cushioning to accommodate various sleeping positions. 

If you’re going for a queen or king size bed, consider a split mattress. With a split queen mattress, you get two separate twin size mattresses, each with a different firmness level. 

Another tip when buying the best mattress for couples is to get a mattress with a long sleep trial and an easy return policy. A long sleep trial (3 months or more) allows each of you enough time to adjust to the new mattress. A return policy guarantees you’ll get your money back if the mattress doesn’t work for both of you.

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