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The best mattresses come in all sizes, from full & twin to queen & king. Below you can find the best mattress with the dimensions you need

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How to Choose the Right Bed Size?

Understanding standard mattress sizes and mattress dimensions is just as important as choosing the right mattress material. The queen mattress size is the most popular bed. But that doesn’t make it the only mattress size for everyone. 

In this mattress sizes comparison guide, we’ll illustrate all types of standard mattress sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. We’ll tell you how big they are, who they are best for and the minimum room size recommendations for each. 

By the end of this mattress size guide, you should know what mattress size to buy for your bedroom space and the ultimate goal of a mattress- getting a good night’s sleep. 

Standard Mattress Dimensions and Sizes Comparison Guide

Note that the figures in this guide are estimates. Actual mattress sizes may vary slightly between mattress manufacturers and countries. 

Twin Mattress Size (US Dimensions- 38” by 75”) 

Minimum room size recommendation: 7’ by 9’

The standard twin mattress size in the US is 38” by 75”. These dimensions make it the smallest of the six standard mattresses. It’s called a twin mattress because it’s meant to be one of a pair of beds in a sleeping room. It’s common for most people to refer to it as a single mattress because it’s designed for single occupancy. 

A twin size mattress is a good option for children upgrading from a crib to a toddler bed. Additionally, a twin bed is an excellent choice for single sleepers with tight spaces like a studio apartment or a tight budget. 

A twin size mattress is good for:

  • Kids beds

  • Single sleepers under 6ft tall 

  • Bunk beds 

  • Tight quarters 

  • Adults on a budget 

Twin XL Mattress Size (US Dimensions- 38” by 80”)  

Minimum room size recommendation: 9’6” by 10’6”

A twin xl mattress is a slightly longer version of a twin mattress. The twin xl mattress size in the US is five inches longer than a twin at 38” by 80”. This five-inch difference makes the twin xl mattress particularly popular with teenagers, college students and adults taller than 6ft. 

When buying a mattress for their kids’ bedroom, most parents choose a twin xl size mattress over a twin, so they don’t overgrow it fast. 

On this note, it’s important to realize that your pillow cuts the available sleeping surface on your mattress by three to five inches lengthwise. That’s to say the full sleeping length on a twin mattress is around 70 inches. This is one major reason most adults and teenagers are better off with a twin xl mattress over a twin or single bed. 

A twin xl mattress is good for:

  • Narrow bedrooms 

  • Single sleepers taller than 6ft 

  • Students dorm rooms 

  • Guest rooms 

Full Mattress Size (US Dimensions- 54” by 75”)

Minimum room size recommendation: 9’6” by 10’6”

A full size mattress is a bed measuring 54” in width and 75” in length. In other words, a full size mattress, also called a double, has 16 inches of additional sleeping surface compared to a twin or single bed. 

Despite the additional space, a full size mattress is ideal for a single sleeper. Compared to a traditional twin bed, a full size mattress has enough space to let most solo sleepers sleep comfortably and turn as they wish without the fear of rolling off the bed. 

Full size mattresses are common among young graduates and adults who have just started living on their own. A full size mattress may also be suitable for an active teenager who likes sprawling out. It will also make an excellent choice for a guest’s room. 

Will a couple fit on a full size mattress? Well, a full size mattress may accommodate two people sleeping together, but we doubt there will be enough personal space to promote a comfortable sleep. The reason is in the numbers. At 54” in width, a full size mattress offers each person 27” of sleeping surface, which is 11” short of what a twin or twin xl offers. This limited space may lead to longer nights if you share the bed with a person who moves a lot at night. 

That said, there are instances when a full size mattress may make sense for couples. For instance, a full size mattress is relatively cheaper than a queen or king. Hence, it’s a good compromise for a couple on a tight budget. Secondly, the small size of a full bed allows it to fit nicely in spaces a queen or king may not fit. So, consider the available space when deciding between a full and a queen or king. 

A full size mattress is good for:

  • Young adults (single sleepers)

  • Guest rooms 

  • Couples (who love cuddling/on a tight budget/with limited space)

Queen Mattress Size (US Dimensions- 60” by 80”)

Minimum room size recommendation: 10’ by 10’

Queen size mattresses are 60” wide and 80” long. This size makes it six inches wider and six inches longer than a full size mattress. However, a queen size mattress is sixteen inches narrower than a king size bed. Thanks to these dimensions, the queen size mattress is the most popular of all mattress sizes because it balances affordability, comfort and space-saving needs. 

The queen bed is the gold standard mattress size for couples, meaning it’s very common in master bedrooms. It’s a popular choice for couples who want a mattress that offers enough sleeping surface without making the room feel congested. Compared to a full size bed, a queen size mattress will also interest single sleepers who prefer having tons of extra space to stretch out in bed. 

Owing to its popularity, most mattress companies also offer the option of a split queen size mattress. A split queen bed has two separate mattresses, each measuring 30” by 80”. This design enables a couple to get a bed that caters to different mattress preferences in terms of support and firmness. 

A queen size mattress is best for:

  • Couples 

  • Single sleepers sharing their bed with their pet

  • Single sleepers who prefer lots of sleeping surface

  • Guest room 

King Mattress Size (US Dimensions- 76” by 80”)

Minimum room size recommendation: 12’ by 12’

At 76” in width and 80” in length, a king size mattress is wider than a queen bed but equally long. A king size bed adds 16 inches to a queen mattress. This additional width makes king size beds the perfect option for couples who like sleeping in luxury. With the ability to accommodate a couple and two kids without causing a squeezing, a king size mattress is also just right for a family that prefers co-sleeping. 

Most king size mattress brands also offer a split option. A split king size mattress is essentially two twin xl mattresses. This style means that each person gets a side that’s customized to work for them. Split king mattresses also make the perfect choice for split king adjustable bed frames. 

A king mattress size bed is best for:

  • Couples who prefer more sleeping space 

  • Large bedrooms 

  • Individuals who share their bed with kids and pets 

Cal King/California King Size Mattress (US Dimensions- 72” by 84”)

Minimum room size recommendation: 12’ by 12’

The dimensions of a California king size mattress are about 72 inches in width and 84 inches in length. This size technically makes it the longest of all standard mattress sizes. Compared to a traditional King size mattress, a Cal king mattress is 4” inches longer but 4” narrower.

Thus, California king size mattresses make the best beds for taller-than-average sleepers who would appreciate additional legroom. California king size beds have enough space to accommodate a couple and even a kid. The additional legroom may also be enough for a sizable pet. 

The good news is that California king and traditional king size mattresses cost almost the same. So, you can get a wider bed or one with more legroom without hurting your budget. 

Because California king size mattresses are not popular, keep in mind that you won’t have a lot of options. Another drawback to Cal king beds is their accessories (adjustable frames, bed sheets and mattress protectors) which aren’t always easy to find. Wherever you find them, chances are that they will cost a pretty penny. 

A California king size mattress is best for:

  • Couples who prefer more legroom 

  • Taller-than-average individuals 

  • People who share their legroom with pets 

Final Words: What Mattress Size Should You Get?

In most cases, choosing the correct mattress size comes down to these three things: the intended user, the available space in your bedroom and your budget.

Unless you are starting from scratch or making some changes to your bedroom, your existing bed frame is a good indicator of the right mattress size. Simply measure the dimensions of your bed frame and use those figures to shop for the best mattress. If you’re buying the bed frame and mattress from different manufacturers, double-check the sizes to ensure the two are a good fit. 

To that end, a twin size mattress is an excellent choice for toddlers graduating to a ‘big kid’ bed, while a twin xl will fit the bill for college dorm rooms and young adults on a tight budget. While a full size mattress is a budget-friendly option, queen size is the best for couples. However, if you’re constantly fighting for space with your partner, a king size mattress will offer you all the extra room you need.

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