TOP 10 Best Hybrid Mattresses September 2022

Hybrid mattresses offer consumers with the best of both words, foam and coils. Below you can find the best hybrid mattresses in 2022

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How to Choose the Best Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattress among the latest developments in the mattress industry. A quick search of hybrid mattress reviews online will show you that these beds are speedily taking the center stage- and that’s a sign that they are ticking the right boxes for most people. So, what is a hybrid mattress? Should you consider a Hybrid mattress in a box? Let’s find out in this complete hybrid mattress buyers guide.

Hybrid Mattress: Defined

As the name implies, a hybrid mattress is a bed with different construction materials. This approach aims at merging the positive qualities of two or more mattress construction technologies into a single bed. The result is a mattress that is rich in features that offer comfort, support, and durability and has reduced negative attributes.

Innerspring mattresses reborn

A typical hybrid mattress features a system of coils for the support layer and several blocks of foam at the top. Actually, you could consider “hybrid” as a fancy name for an innerspring mattress with a thick layer of foam at the top. However, the major improvement is that unlike a traditional innerspring bed, the best hybrid mattress does not use hourglass-shaped Bonnell springs. Instead, these mattresses utilize individually pocketed springs that create localized support and minimize motion transfer.

Hybrid memory foam mattress

In recommendations of the best hybrid mattress 2022, you’ll realize that most of these beds combine encased coils and memory foam. It’s common to find some models that use latex or poly foam. However, memory foam tends to offer a sweet spot between relative affordability, comfort, and durability making it the most popular. The main concept behind combining foam and coils remains the same regardless of the type of foam used, though. Generally, a hybrid mattress lets you enjoy the body-hugging comfort and pressure relief benefits of foam plus the bounce and responsiveness of a spring bed.

Hybrid Mattress Pros and Cons


1. Enjoy the best of both worlds A hybrid mattress is an excellent alternative to innerspring bed diehards who want to try out memory foam.

2. Neutralized potential downsides The best hybrid mattresses to buy lets you reap the benefits of different mattress technologies, while worrying less about their common drawbacks. For instance, in a hybrid vs. foam mattress comparison, a hybrid wins in that it conforms closely to relief pressure points and has excellent motion isolation. Importantly, a hybrid bed has excellent edge support and bounce and it’s more breathable.


1. Relatively pricey While there are some cheaper models, most hybrid mattresses have a relatively higher price point due to the technologies involved.

2. Heavy to move around alone Once you set it up, a hybrid mattress can be weirdly heavy to move around owing to its steel springs and foam construction.

Who Will Benefit From a Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses boast a wide acceptance since they combine two of the most popular bed technologies. Here are the types of sleepers who tend to benefit from these mattresses most: Memory foam and innerspring lovers- if you can’t choose hybrid vs. memory foam mattress, this bed will make an excellent choice because it combines the strengths of these 2 technologies.

Hot sleepers - if you love memory foam but tend to sleep hot, you’ll appreciate the breathability of a hybrid bed. Lightweight to heavy individuals- petite sleepers will benefit from the comfort layers while heavy folks will like the sturdy support core of hybrid mattresses.

Couples - the best hybrid mattresses 2022 offer excellent motion isolation and a significant amount of bounce, making them a favorite among couples.

Side, stomach, and back sleepers - these mattresses have an impressive mix of body contouring, pressure relief, and responsiveness that make them perfect for all sleeping positions.

Important Tips When Choosing the Best Hybrid Mattress to Buy

If you’re planning to purchase a hybrid mattress online, here are some expert tips to help you get a mattress that will meet your sleep needs;

i) Consider the construction materials- to enjoy the full benefits of a hybrid mattress, consider a bed that uses individually encased coils and memory foam or latex. Avoid poly foam comfort layers as they disintegrate fast.

ii) Pay attention to the firmness level- luckily, hybrid mattresses are available in different firmness feels. If you’re not sure, go for a medium-firm bed.

iii) Do you sleep hot? If yes, consider a mattress that employs temperature regulating technologies, such as gel-infusion and a breathable cover.

iv) Hybrid mattresses can get really expensive. Be sure to go for a manufacturer with a good reputation and reasonable trial period, return policy, and warranty deals.

Final words- Are Hybrid Mattresses Any Good?

Yes. Hybrid mattresses offer the best of both worlds for people who love innerspring but would like to try out a foam mattress too. It’s true that most of these mattresses tend to be relatively pricey, but you’ll still find some low-cost models. While price isn’t always a reliable pointer of the best hybrid mattresses in the market, we recommend saving enough money for a high-quality bed.

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