TOP 10 Best Affordable Mattresses September 2022

Make a better choice with a lower budget. The best cheap & afforable mattresses

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What is the best affordable mattress today? Below you can find our best cheap mattresses

How to Choose the Best Cheap Mattress?

mattress is among the most important investments you can make in your lifetime. Having a comfortable and supportive mattress means that you get restorative sleep, which helps your mind and body recharge.

It's hard to put a price tag on the rejuvenating effects of sleep. Likewise, we can't put a price on the best mattress for your needs. That's why it's advisable to identify what features matter the most to you, then go for the best mattress within your budget.

Let's take you through a few key considerations to make when choosing an affordable mattress in 2022.

Mattress Type

Innerspring - these mattresses are among the most affordable. While they are made of inexpensive materials, hence their affordability, they also tend to be quite durable. When shopping for an innerspring mattress, consider the comfort section's thickness as thin foam makes them less comfortable.

Poly foam - these mattresses are way cheaper than their  memory foam alternatives. They offer most of the memory foam qualities, including pressure relief, motion isolation, and noise reduction. Moreover, they don't get warmer faster like memory foam (an advantage for hot sleepers). They sag a little faster, though, but this might not be a problem if the bed will be used occasionally, for instance, in a guests’ room. 

Memory foam - these mattresses used to cost a top dollar a few years back. Their prices have gone down significantly in the recent past as more manufacturers enter the market. Although memory foam mattresses still suffer heat retention, manufacturers have come up with ways to combat this issue, such as the use of gel, graphite, and copper.

Latex - mattresses made of latex tend to be a little pricier than innerspring and foam beds. But they are worth saving up for, especially if you're eyeing the best natural mattress. Although pricier, latex mattresses pay for themselves with their unbeatable durability, bounciness, and temperature management.

Hybrid mattresses - these mattresses marry an innerspring support system with a foam comfort section to create a bed that's balanced in comfort and support. Like memory foam, the price of most hybrid mattress brands (for instance, Dreamcloud) has gone down by a bigger margin to make them relatively affordable.

Mattress Thickness

The height of a mattress is dependent on the number of materials used for its construction. Most luxurious foam and hybrid mattresses start at 12". They are relatively more comfortable but pricey. If you want to balance affordability with comfort, consider a mattress in the range of 8-11 inches.

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