TOP 10 Mattresses & Back Pain September 2021

A good mattress can certainly help deal with back pain & lower back pain. Research shows that the ideal mattress for most people with back pain is a medium-firm mattress. Below you can find the ones we believe you should try

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How to Choose the Best Mattress for Back Pain?

A good mattress is the number one remedy for upper and lower back pain. However, sleeping on the wrong mattress may also trigger these pains or exacerbate existing ones. This makes sense when you consider that you spend 7-9 hours in bed. There are 4 critical components that you should be looking for when buying the best mattress for back pain: comfort, pressure point relief, spine alignment, and adequate support.

All of these aspects boil down to the firmness of the mattress. Go for a medium-firm bed Some years back, chiropractors mostly suggested firm mattresses when addressing lower back problems. However, this advice has changed in the recent past. Experts now recommend medium-firm mattresses citing their ability to accommodate and promote the natural curves of the spine. A medium-firm mattress supports the three natural curves of your spine thanks to its excellent conformability.

These mattresses have a little bit more give than firm beds. Thus, they allow the heavy sections of your body, namely the shoulders and lumbar region, to sink slightly, leading to proper spine alignment.

Does mattress type matter?

Of course. Different mattresses have different characteristics. This means that not all will be the best for your back pain. Innerspring- traditional spring beds offer the best support and are the most breathable. However, they are the poorest performers in terms of conformity. A mattress that does not conform to your natural body shape is likely to leave some parts unsupported. This may throw the spine out of whack, making your situation even worse.

Hybrid & Memory foam mattresses - these are considered the best mattresses for relieving back pains. These mattresses are viscous-elastic and will react to your weight and body heat to conform to your body’s curves and natural lines. Their biggest drawback is heat retention. Fortunately, modern memory foam mattresses have several technologies to combat this issue, including gel and graphite infusion, cooling covers, and open-cell foam structures.

Latex- latex competes favorably with memory foam in alleviating upper and lower back pains. Actually, this material outperforms memory foam by being more responsive and breathable. Be prepared to cough up more dollars, though, especially if you’re eyeing a natural latex bed.

Hybrid- this category also offers some of the best mattresses for people with back pain issues. Hybrid mattresses combine at least 2 different materials to create an almost flawless bed. The best of these employ individually pocketed springs and memory foam or latex. These mattresses tend to offer just the right combination of comfort and support in a bed that is not overly bouncy. The list above contains the mattresses we found to be the ones you should consider. All the best in your shopping!

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